Phoenix Suns Odds, Tips for NBA Championship 2021/22

By Trent D

September 17, 2021

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Joint 4th favourites this season according to the NBA Championship betting, Phoenix Suns odds are:


Western Conference. (NBA odds = 15.00, NBA Western Conference odds = 10.00)

Finishing 2nd in The Western Conference and also in the NBA overall last season (losing out to The Utah Jazz both times), the Phoenix Suns were clearly a very serious unit indeed. At first glance then, it might seem unusual for them to only place 5th in terms of their NBA odds. Time to take a closer look at their stats to see if things become any clearer.



Based on their ‘per game’ averages, here’s how The Phoenix Suns performed last season.

They are the epitome of the thinking that rock-steady reliability is the key to success.

They only topped the numbers compared to the other teams in this list once:

  • Best 3-point percentage (35%)

Their free throw success rate was excellent too (83%), but not quite good enough to be the best here.

As for the bad news – well there really wasn’t any.

Certainly nothing that looks overly significant as far as we’re concerned.

  • Worst number of player fouls (21)

That’s it. The Phoenix Suns powered through the season with amazing consistency. They bettered their opponents in almost every category of note and matched them everywhere else. You can’t really ask much more of any side and at that point, other factors come into play like the luck of the draw and player injuries.



Better than their opponents in:

  • PTS, FGA, FG, FG%, 2P, 2P%, 3PA, 3P, 3P%, FT%, DRB, TOV, AST, BLK*

Worse than their opponents in:

  • PF

Level with their opponents in:




Perhaps unsurprisingly, The Phoenix Suns did not have any picks in the top 60 of this year’s Draft and therefore do not have any players who feature in the Rookie of the Year betting.



Devin Booker (shooting guard)

Devin Booker is the youngest player in NBA history to ever average greater than 26 points per game. He’s in some pretty classy company too, as the others are, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and James Harden. He is an exceptional outside scorer who has improved mid-range too. His playmaking skills are decent and overall he is an important player for The Phoenix Suns.

Chris Paul (point guard)

Rated by his peers as one of the most intelligent, game-reading basketball players ever, Chris Paul is an elite talent who can change the course of almost any game. In spite of recent wrist surgery (his 4th on his hand), Chris Paul looks set to remain a key player for The Phoenix Suns in his 2nd season with them.


Clearly, if the Phoenix Suns can replicate the unwavering levels of quality that they showed last season then they will be a force to be reckoned with once again.

The Phoenix Suns odds for the NBA Championship are at 15.00 and to us that represents a very good price for a team who finished 2nd in The Western Conference and overall.

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