Brooklyn Nets Odds, Tips for NBA Championship 2021/22

By Trent D

September 14, 2021

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In this preview, we’ll take a closer look at the 10 favourites to top the NBA this season, according to their NBA odds. This article will focus on the Brooklyn Net odds.

We’ll try to discover what the market sees by analysing any relevant stats from last season. We’ll also mention what we see as any other determining factors such as Draft picks.

One of only 3 Eastern Conference teams that make it to the top 10 in terms of their NBA Championship betting odds; the number 1 team to beat this season turns out to be:


Eastern Conference.  (NBA odds = 3.50, NBA Eastern Conference odds = 2.10)

Having finished 2nd in The Eastern Conference and 4th in the NBA overall last season, the reasons for the shortest NBA odds being on The Brooklyn Nets are not immediately apparent.


Team stats

There are certainly no numbers here that scream ‘outright favourites’ to us, but, as we have learned elsewhere, the markets like stability and consistency over too many peaks and troughs.

The Brooklyn Nets didn’t set the world on fire in any particular category but remained solid and dependable right across the board last season.

  • 2nd in terms of points scored per game (119).


  • Joint last for points conceded per game (114).


  • Shared the highest 3-point percentage (39%) with 2 other teams and were also very solid from the free-throw line with an average 80% success rate.


We can highlight some areas where The Brooklyn Nets drifted away from the optimal path slightly, but they were not significant enough to cause major concern when it comes to their overall performance.


  • 1 of only 3 teams to have a worse average number of field goals attempted (FGA*) than their opponents (87 vs 91) but did hit more of them (49% vs 46%)


  • 1 of only 4 teams to let opponents attempt more 2-pointers (2PA) than they did (51 vs 55) but again hit more of their own (57% vs 52%) on average.



Better than their opponents in:

  • PTS, FG, FG%, 2P%, 3P, 3P%, FTA, FT%, TRB, DRB, TOV, AST*


Worse than their opponents in:

  • FGA, 2PA, ORB, STL


Level with their opponents in:

  • 2P, 3PA, BLK, PF



The consequence of such a successful season was that The Brooklyn Nets didn’t get their first Draft pick until the 27th round.

None of their newcomers is going to trouble Rookie of the Year betting, but let’s see what they might bring to the table.


27th pick:

Cameron Thomas (shooting guard)


A hard-wired scoring machine who breaks records and is looking to let it rip whenever he gets the ball. Thomas is not overly interested in passing and that makes him somewhat one-dimensional. Does little work defensively.


29th pick:

Day’Ron Sharpe (power forward/center)


Sharpe scoops up lots of rebounds with 7.6 per game as well as being a solid shot blocker.

Has good size, strength, and timing but doesn’t have great speed or score consistently with under ten points per game.


44th pick:

Kessler Edwards (power forward)


Solid, instinctive player with good awareness on and off the ball

Unselfish, but looks to finish plays more than to make them.

Lacks height but is physical profile and versatility defensively.


59th pick:

Raiquan Gray (power forward/center)


Gray has decent foot speed and ball-handling/passing skills for a player of his weight.

Never shies away from contact and not many opponents have the strength to box him out.

Defensively Gray plays with great energy and good conditioning despite his added weight



Kevin Durant (8.00 MVP odds) #7 forward

The 32-year-old 6’10” (2.03m) Durant came back from injury to hit an incredible average of 26.9 points last season (his 13th in the NBA) and is slugging it out in the MVP betting yet again.

Kevin Durant is a rock-solid performer right across the board, and might just be the added wow factor that The Brooklyn Nets need this season.



Yes, no, maybe.

It’s going to be tight again.

We feel they’ve recruited reasonably well and have the right calibre of players (see Durant, above) to make things happen.

If they can keep their consistency nice and high again there’s no reason why the Brooklyn Nets can’t go all the way this season.

The market agrees and their NBA Championship, and Brooklyn Nets odds sit at 3.50.


Time will tell.






G = games

MP = minutes played

FGA = field goals attempted

FG = field goals

FG% = field goal percentage

2PA = 2-pointers attempted

2P = 2-pointers

2P% = 2-pointer percentage

3PA = 3-pointers attempted

3P = 3-pointers

3P% = 3-pointer percentage

FTA = free-throws attempted

FT% = free-throw percentage

TRB = total rebounds

ORB = offensive rebounds

DRB = defensive rebounds

TOV = turnovers

AST = assists

STL = steals

BLK = blocks

PF = player fouls

PTS = points


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