Golden State Odds, Tips for NBA Championship 2021/22

By Trent D

September 16, 2021

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4th on the list of favourites to succeed this season according to their NBA Championship betting odds are Golden State Warriors. Let’s have in depth look at the Golden State odds for the NBA 2021/22.



Western Conference. (NBA odds = 15.00, NBA Western Conference odds = 6.50)


Having finished 9th in The Western Conference and 14th overall in the NBA last season (the worst positions of any team represented in the top 10), the reasons for the NBA odds on The Golden State Warriors putting them in 4th place are clearly complex and not based on results alone. If we look at their numbers we might get more of an insight.



Based on their ‘per game’ averages, here’s how The Golden State Warriors stacked up.

They were essentially middle-of-the-road right across the board all season.

When it comes to topping the stats they only managed to do so in one category.


  • Most assists


That’s not a bad place to shine and shows that the team functions unselfishly, but is not likely to seriously affect any outcomes. Any other stats worthy of note were negative ones.


  • Worst number of player fouls (21)


Of course, that means they were also:


  • Worst in terms of allowing their opponents attempted free throws (26).


The troubles don’t end there.


  • Worst at losing out on defensive rebounds to opponents (37)


  • Joint worst at losing out on offensive rebounds to opponents (11)


  • Joint lowest number of offensive rebounds claimed (8)


The last 3 give pause for thought as they are inferior to their opponents when attempting to claim any kind of rebounds.

Clearly, they are lacking in either size or physical dominance on the court.



Better than their opponents in:

  • PTS, FG, FG%, 2P%, 3PA, 3P, 3P%, FT%, AST, BLK*


Worse than their opponents in:

  • FGA, 2PA, 2P, FTA, TRB, ORB, DRB, PF


Level with their opponents in:

  • TOV, STL,



The Golden State Warriors are the first team to Draft a player who reckons in the Rookie of the Year betting.


7th pick:

Jonathan Kuminga (small forward/power forward) Rookie of the Year betting odds = 34.00

Jonathan Kuminga is a powerful, aggressive, player who is incredibly disruptive on the defensive end of the court.

He is a consistent scorer who claims an impressive number of rebounds.

With discipline and some increased focus, we feel that Kuminga is poised to take off like a rocket in the NBA.


14th pick:

Moses Moody (shooting guard)


Moody has a well-rounded game and an excellent, instinctive feel for it overall.

He is one of those players who always seems to be in the right place at the right time and creates space for his teammates.

Doesn’t play explosively and defenders are able to stay in front of him so he struggles to create his own shots at times.



Particularly important for The Golden State Warriors and still making the top 5 in terms of MVP betting is the unstoppable:


Stephen Curry (8.50 MVP odds) #30 point guard


Curry started all 63 games he played and averaged a staggering 32 points per game last season (his 12th in the NBA)

In fact, he is one of the most solid players statistically right across the board. At 33 his experience and understanding of the game make him an incredibly important asset for The Golden State Warriors. Without Curry’s 32 points per game, they would have been in trouble.



It’s difficult to say. Statistically, there’s no reason why The Golden State Warriors can’t improve their numbers a little and progress beyond 14th place. They really need to address the problem of losing out in rebound situations so often.

As we know, the margins in the NBA are incredibly tight and that might be easier said than done.

The market lacks huge confidence in them (even as 4th favourites) and their NBA Championship betting odds are at 15.00


We shall just have to wait and see.


 MVP in the NBA 2022/23 season. Expert tips and analysis





G = games

MP = minutes played

FGA = field goals attempted

FG = field goals

FG% = field goal percentage

2PA = 2-pointers attempted

2P = 2-pointers

2P% = 2-pointer percentage

3PA = 3-pointers attempted

3P = 3-pointers

3P% = 3-pointer percentage

FTA = free-throws attempted

FT% = free-throw percentage

TRB = total rebounds

ORB = offensive rebounds

DRB = defensive rebounds

TOV = turnovers

AST = assists

STL = steals

BLK = blocks

PF = player fouls

PTS = points

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