LA Lakers Odds, Tips for NBA Championship 2021/22

By Trent D

September 14, 2021

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The first of 7 Western Conference teams to be represented here. According to their NBA championship betting odds the number 2 team to watch this season are the Lakers, so let’s take a look at the LA Lakers odds.



Western Conference.  (NBA odds = 5.00, NBA Western Conference odds = 3.10)


After finishing 7th in The Western Conference last season and 9th overall in the NBA (the second-lowest position of any team here) we have to say we’re a little surprised to see the LA Lakers sitting so high at number 2 on this list according to their LA Lakers odds for the NBA. Let’s see if their numbers back that up.


Team stats

Last season the LA Lakers topped the stats in only 1 category.

  • Joint 1st for least number of points conceded per game (107).

That is certainly a significant category to dominate and one that any team would love to be able to emulate. Having said that, when looking at these numbers it becomes less and less clear what else the market sees to make the LA Lakers odds make them 2nd favourites for the NBA title.

They bottom out the list in quite a few key stats.

  • Last in terms of most points scored per game (11)


  • Joint lowest 3-pointers scored (11).


  • Joint lowest 3-point percentage (35%).


  • Worst free-throw success rate (74%)


  • Joint lowest offensive rebounds claimed (8).



Better than their opponents in:

  • PTS, FG, FG%, 2PA, 2P, 2P%, FTA, TRB, DRB, PF*


Worse than their opponents in:

  • 3PA, FT%, ORB,


Level with their opponents in:

  • FGA, 3P, 3P%, TOV, AST, STL, BLK



The LA Lakers did not have a single pick in the top 60 of this year’s Draft. Despite that, the LA Lakers odds are still low to win the title.


Existing players

No preview of the LA Lakers could ever be complete without mention of the legendary, talismanic colossus:


LeBron James (13.00 MVP odds)  #23 shooting guard/small forward


Again troubling the MVP betting even at the age of 36 is the machine that is LeBron James. If he were to win he would become the oldest ever MVP in NBA history. While that is probably unlikely to happen, his influence and power over the LA Lakers cannot be over-stated.

Right here is why the LA Lakers odds of 5.00 for this season are spot on. We take our hats off.



Whilst the NBA Championship betting odds the LA Lakers have been assigned do seem extremely short, they clearly still have a chance to impress this season.

If the Lakers can continue to keep their opponents to a low score but manage to up their own scoring then they will be a difficult proposition for any team to face.

Until that time we think the market is a little over-optimistic about their chances and do not expect them to win The Western Conference, let alone the NBA itself. We’re happy to be proven wrong.


Watch this space.


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G = games

MP = minutes played

FGA = field goals attempted

FG = field goals

FG% = field goal percentage

2PA = 2-pointers attempted

2P = 2-pointers

2P% = 2-pointer percentage

3PA = 3-pointers attempted

3P = 3-pointers

3P% = 3-pointer percentage

FTA = free-throws attempted

FT% = free-throw percentage

TRB = total rebounds

ORB = offensive rebounds

DRB = defensive rebounds

TOV = turnovers

AST = assists

STL = steals

BLK = blocks

PF = player fouls

PTS = points

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