LA Clippers Odds and Tips for NBA Championship 2021/22

By Trent D

September 19, 2021

The NBA Championship betting sees LA Clippers odds in contention for the Western Conference. Let’s take a more detailed look at their 2021/22 prospects.



Western Conference. (NBA odds = 21.00, NBA Western Conference odds = 6.50)

The LA Clippers ended the season 4th in The Western Conference and 6th in the NBA. That’s a pretty decent effort by anybody’s standards, but what do their numbers tell us about where they need to focus in order to push on to that next level?



Using ‘per game’ averages, here’s how The LA Clippers performed last season compared to the other teams in the top 10 (according to their NBA betting odds).

They topped the stats in a couple of interesting places:

  • Highest 3-point success percentage (41%)

  • Highest free throw percentage (84%)

That free throw stat is particularly impressive and is streets ahead of some of the other teams here.

Perhaps more significantly, The LA Clippers weren’t the worst performers in any of the categories represented here. They kept their opponents from excelling in any particular area too. Here’s our old friend consistency rearing its head again.



Better than their opponents in:

  • PTS, FGA, FG, 2PA, TRB, DRB, AST,*

Worse than their opponents in:

  • FG%, 2P, 2P%, 3PA, 3P, PF

Level with their opponents in:

  • 3P%, FTA, FT%, ORB, TOV, STL, BLK



The LA Clippers ended up with 3 picks in this years’ Draft but none of their choices featured in the Rookie of the Year betting odds.

21st pick:

Keon Johnson (shooting guard/small forward)

Johnson is a highly competitive and driven athlete. He displays superb defensive instincts and plays with impressive intensity and effort. Johnson shows incredible potential.

Whilst not overly versatile enough as a scorer, he has solid footwork and is not averse to making a spectacular play. At the moment, defenders will easily force him to show that he can hit jump shots. Needs to keep possession a little better, drop his turnovers, and be more disciplined as his fouls tend to ride a little high.

33rd pick:

Jason Preston (point guard)

Preston is a dominant player on the ball with good agility and creative and unselfish playmaking skills. His instinctive feel for the game, crafty passing, and overall basketball IQ make him stand out when watching him play live. A lack of speed is pretty evident when working defensively, as is a strength deficit. Can be turnover prone.

51st pick:

BJ Boston (shooting guard)

Boston is a new recruit who has a great deal of potential offensively. An athletic player with good body control who is comfortable shooting from deep or mid-range.

His thin frame and lack of overall strength means defenders can easily force him into the harder shots and that is cause for concern at this level. With NBA-standard coaching and guidance, it will only come down to how hard he is willing to work to succeed.



Although he didn’t trouble the MVP betting this year, a crucial player for The LA Clippers is:

Kawhi Leonard #2 shooting guard/small forward

Leonard is considered by some to be one of the best playoff performers ever.

Twice winner of the NBA, twice contender for MVP, twice voted defensive player of the year. The list goes on…



Without shining too brightly last season The LA Clippers managed to maintain excellent consistency and keep their opponents from bettering them in several key categories time and again. If they can recreate those levels and be persistently tough to play against again this season then there is no reason why they can’t push on to even greater success.

The market thinks they have a chance. Although their NBA odds are reasonably long their NBA conference odds actually have them as joint 2nd favourites to win.

Keep your eyes peeled.The LA Clippers odds may prove value in the long term.

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