Denver Nuggets Odds, Tips for NBA Championship 2021/22

By Trent D

September 18, 2021

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According to the NBA Championship betting, Denver Nugget odds look too big to ignore….


Western Conference. (NBA odds = 21.00, NBA Western Conference odds = 12.00)

 A quality season saw The Denver Nuggets finishing 3rd in The Western Conference and 5th in the NBA overall.

While The Denver Nuggets didn’t set the world on fire statistically in many categories they proved our theory that dogged determination and consistently decent numbers are the key to success. Often topping the stats in one category exposes weaknesses in other areas and the advantage is negated. The Denver Nuggets got their heads down and drove on – keeping their standards high all season. Here are some of their highlights and lowlights according to their ‘per game’ numbers:

  • Joint most offensive rebounds claimed (11)

That’s it. Everything else was straight down the middle. If they want to go that extra step they will need to keep that consistency but drive up a couple of those numbers. On the negative side:

  • Opponents had the joint-highest success rate at field goals (47%)

  • Opponents had the most attempts at 2-pointers (50)

Neither of those gives great cause for concern in terms of a change of focus being required moving forwards.



Better than their opponents in:

  • PTS, FGA, FG, FG%, 2PA, 2P, 3P%, FT%, TRB, ORB, DRB, AST,*

Worse than their opponents in:

  • 3PA, FTA,

Level with their opponents in:

  • 2P%, 3P, TOV, STL, BLK, PF



The Denver Nuggets only had 1 pick in this years’ Draft but he didn’t trouble the Rookie of the Year betting odds.

26th pick:

Nah’Shon Hyland (point guard/shooting guard)

Hyland is a prolific scorer who has a quick release and excellent accuracy. He has the potential to be a devastating ‘sniper’ in the NBA but also shows some promise with his creativity on the ball. Still displays a high number of poor decisions with the ball in hand and needs to up his athleticism to truly make an impact for The Denver Nuggets.


A key player for the Denver Nuggets and the NBA’s MVP (most valuable player) for this season is 26-year-old:

Nikola Jokić #15 center/power forward

The Serbian giant scores reasonably heavily and hits an impressive amount of the shots he takes.

He is important when it comes to regaining possession from the rebound and his height certainly gives him an advantage there. He makes a decent number of assists and overall is a highly versatile, valuable asset to The Denver Nuggets.



3rd place in the highly competitive Western Conference and 5th in the NBA overall is an impressive achievement.

The Denver Nuggets were solid and consistent right across the board last season.

They scored well and were extremely competitive defensively too.

As with many of the top teams here, it will likely come down to fine margins, injuries, and a bit of luck if they are to go one step further this season. Jokić will certainly be a part of that and we believe they have as good a chance as anyone of taking the top spot. Both their NBA odds and NBA conference odds look quite generous from where we’re sitting.

Prove us wrong.

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