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By Andrew D

May 09, 2022

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Ok. First things first:


At first glance, a podcast is an audio recording that is no different from one that you might expect to hear on a talk radio show.

People sit around in some kind of studio or suitable room and wax lyrical about any number of different subjects. Some tell stories. Others interview people and try to tease out previously unheard snippets of stories.

The difference is that podcasts are generally made by individuals without any particular responsibility to anybody other than themselves and their listeners.

Affiliations or sponsorships tend to come as a result of a podcast’s success rather than being the reason for its existence. This gives the hosts much greater freedom to talk openly and honestly about any subject they choose.


It often focuses on aspects of a subject that would never be supported by more mainstream media.

Podcasts are made periodically and are not bound to any timeline or schedule. Because they exist online as one-off entities, listeners can tune in whenever they want to and download them to devices to be consumed offline if necessary.

Podcasts have become an important way for all manner of people to reach new audiences and, in the case of NBA writers and pundits, supplement their other work.

When you listen to the relaxed, convivial atmosphere that some of them naturally exude, you might agree that these people just happen to love sitting around and talking. Especially on their (and our) favourite subject.



There are lots of ways to consume your favourite weekly NBA podcast these days. It’s somewhat of a personal choice really. I tend to use Spotify because it’s almost always open anyway playing some banging tunes.

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The podcast app that comes pre-loaded on an iPad or iPhone works perfectly well and I’m happy to recommend that also. A couple of the guys in The Jump Hub office swear by Stitcher and there’s even one super-flash geezer who pays for his podcast content via Luminary! Fancy

We were, as always, unable to come to a general consensus

In fact, we talked about the best NBA podcasts out there for much longer than any normal people would have done. We certainly agreed on most of them and you can rest assured that all of the ones mentioned here are worthy of at least one listen to see if they float your boat.

There are those who will prefer the more traditional ‘host-interviews-a-variety-of-guests’ style that can seem quite formal but be very entertaining and revealing nonetheless. Others will prefer the more haphazard, conversational approach of some of our other favourites.

In no particular order then, here are our favourite podcasts on the glorious, all-consuming topic of the NBA.



Unusually, the team here are unanimous in agreeing with this one. We all love The Lowe Post. It offers everything you could want from a modern NBA Podcast.

ESPN’s Zach Lowe is a superb NBA writer who clearly has a great love for his subject. He is knowledgeable and respectful of the topic and is, honestly, someone that we all turn to for insights regularly.

This enthusiasm and passion for all things basketball transfers very nicely to the podcast format. It is always a fun, interesting listen and, at around an hour a pop, usually the exact right length for our attention-deficit riddled minds.

Lowe is not prone to histrionics or excessive hyperbole

He discussed all aspects of the game in an analytical, balanced manner that is refreshing and addictive.

The format generally sees (hears?) Lowe and another NBA writer breaking down that week’s news and on-court action once or twice a week. There are occasional ‘deep-dives’ into a subject when the narrative naturally demands further attention. He also pops in extra episodes specifically for high-profile events like the NBA Draft Lottery etc…

Lowe offers a nuanced look at anything involving the NBA. He is excellent at giving a reasoned view of the most recent ‘hot-take’ arguments but is not afraid to offer opinions when he has them.

Conclusion – a must listen. One of the best NBA podcasts out there bar none

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Another ESPN stalwart, Brian Windhorst might have his finger nearer to the actual pulse of the NBA than anyone else alive. If he gives a hint that something might be in the works then prick your ears up. Brian leads the Hoop Collective (containing almost every ESPN reporter) through fun, banter-filled episodes that are seldom dull.

The focus here tends to be more on the internal movements and evil machinations of the league itself

Don’t expect too much analysis featuring detailed game breakdowns or comments about actual play and on-court tactics here.

Certainly, do give it a listen for the latest news and scoops. This podcast is particularly good during the offseason when there is no play to discuss but plenty of behind-the-scenes action that nobody knows more about than the host.

Conclusion – another essential listen



There can be no doubting that Adrian Wojnarowski is one of the all-time top NBA reporters. Another ESPN guy with all the insider tips and scoops you could hope for. Alongside Brian Windhorst, this pair knows more about how the NBA really operates than just about anybody. For the most reliable source and breakdown of current (or near-future) events, there is nowhere better to go.

Woj interviews some interesting characters in the course of his podcasts.

From players and coaches to NBA executives

The NBA’s biggest stars and newsmakers regularly join Adrian for interviews. They offer fascinating analysis of all aspects of the NBA and some of the storytelling is unrivalled anywhere.

He clearly has the respect of a great many people in the industry and is a kind of confidant to some important people. He is excellent at squeezing juicy bits of information from his guests and knows literally everything there is to know about the sport we love.

Conclusion – don’t miss this one



Bill Simmons has a couple of podcasts that we find listenable. It has to be said that Bill does not restrict his subject matter purely to the NBA. If you’re looking for nothing but basketball then this probably isn’t the place for you. There is still plenty of NBA content to please most folks and Simmons’ interest in, and love for the sport are undeniable.

Sure, Bill goes a little overboard at times

He is not calm and analytical like Zach Lowe but is genuinely entertaining to listen to. He attracts some interesting guests and is a great conversationalist.

His second podcast – The Book of Basketball 2.0 – sees Bill trying to convert his book into a podcast. There are some nicely told anecdotes and memories about his experiences over years of NBA history. But it is the Bill Simmons Podcast where he really shines and is on his best form.

Conclusion – give it a chance and see



Howard Beck of the Bleacher Report brings his extraordinary level of experience in all things NBA to The Full 48. The scope and breadth of the topics discussed here are impressive and not found easily elsewhere.

The focus of each show depends largely on any guests and their particular involvement. We have always found it to be an entertaining and occasionally provocative listen. It is clearly the work of people who have a very close relationship with the NBA and have earned your attention.

Conclusion – listening to people who actually know what they’re talking about. What’s not to love?



This particular podcast is linked to the excellent publication – The Athletic. It represents a daily update of any key scores, betting lines of note, and general news from the previous day in the NBA.

The episodes are short (less than 25 mins) and are a superb way to just grab a quick synopsis of what’s been happening. They almost always appear a few hours after the end of the day’s final NBA game.

At time of writing, the Daily Ding is free but it hasn’t always been so.

During the NBA Playoff series in 2018/19 it was part of a subscription to the Athletic publication. Just check that out before you get too excited.

Conclusion – worth a go if it’s still free



Although the original host lineup has changed recently, this remains an excellent NBA-focussed podcast. The hosts have a likeable demeanour and good chemistry. They offer some brilliant insights into all the on-court action and are not afraid to address the politics around the NBA either.

Conclusion – entertaining and often insightful



Every Tuesday and Friday, Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor get together and argue. They both know a huge amount ab0ut the NBA and clearly love and respect the game completely. ~they just never agree on anything.

But that makes this a highly entertaining, amusing listen

Vernon always favours heart in his players. O’Connor looks at stats and the analytical side of number-crunching in a totally different way and is endlessly fascinating. He is, in fact, somewhat of an NBA analytics pioneer in my eyes.

He can give me an insight into a player that I know better than any other and make me rethink my whole attitude sometimes. The tone is like that of a passionate bar-debate between friends and it’s intoxicating.

Conclusion – like hanging out and arguing with friends. Superb



In a very similar vein to the Daily Ding. This podcast gives a brief (less than 25 mins) catchup of the previous nights’ action and any other relevant news. This is an offshoot of the wider Locked On podcast network. The same hosts will give summaries and analyses of everything you need to know quickly and concisely.

Conclusion – a no-brainer when you’re on the go



No Dunks is simply one of the funniest basketball podcasts you will come across. You probably know the hosts from NBA TV. They offer a light-hearted approach that blends topics in and around the NBA with modern pop culture.

Don’t let this fool you into thinking that these guys are all fluff and have no substance though. In the hour or so of fresh content that they produce every week, there are insights and interesting thoughts aplenty. Just because you’re having fun, doesn’t mean they can’t teach you something too.

Conclusion – great fun, great content. Listen now



For those addicts like us looking for detailed information and breakdowns of the National Basketball Association, Dunc’d on basketball is like manna from heaven. No stone is left unturned. No subject taboo.

The hosts Nate Duncan and Danny Leroux have provided some of the most thorough, balanced, and fascinating breakdowns I’ve ever heard. From teams and tactics to trade deadlines, the politics of the NBA, and everything in between.

Their daily recaps and game breakdowns are entertaining and useful in equal measure. If you’re a newcomer to the NBA and are keen to learn all you can then look no further.

Conclusion – a huge favourite with us. Comprehensive and engaging



Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson are both former Los Angeles Clippers teammates, They also happen to be friends. Their conversations in this podcast are genuinely interesting and give a real view of what it must be like to be among the most highly-paid athletes on Earth.

They bring in guests that other podcasts might struggle to attract and the whole thing is highly entertaining.

Conclusion – there can be no finer glimpse into the lives of NBA players



Ethan Strauss is considered by many to be one of the leading NBA reporters. We tend to agree. He hosts this self-titled podcast professionally and it is always engaging and full of information.

Strauss speaks with some very thoughtful, balanced guests and the conversations often go much deeper than basketball. One for those looking for a wider view and more contemplative approach.

Conclusion – deep and wide



Another podcast that falls under the umbrella of The Athletic network. Back to Back features a series of shows that are released throughout the week. The most interesting factor is that the hosts appear in a kind of rotational system. Overall, the show has something to suit all tastes.

If you love to feel involved in a relaxed conversation, then ‘Basketball Buds’ might hit the spot. Those who prefer a more targeted look at numbers and statistics will enjoy ‘Nerder, she wrote’. It’s also our favourite title and makes us chuckle more than it should.

Conclusion – something for everyone

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Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson were Golden State Warrior teammates both known for their honesty throughout their playing careers in the NBA. Lucky for us then that they decided to start recording their conversations and let us in on their opinions.

No punches are pulled. No topics skirted around

These guys are straight-up ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ types and are refreshing and fascinating to listen to.

They obviously have a lot of unique viewpoints to share and have an inside view of what it’s like to play in the NBA. If they’re talking, we’re listening. The fact that they have some of the most riveting guests in to chat doesn’t hurt either. They have great interpersonal chemistry and that seems to rub off on their guests, who are often very revealing. Great stuff all around.

Conclusion – fascinating and moreish


Here are some of the also-ran NBA podcasts that we argued over here in The Jump Hub office but could never manage to agree on. There is a great mixture of styles and content providers here. Lots of former NBA players giving their opinions too and we’re all about that. Check them out for yourself and see what you think.

  • JJ Redick Podcas

  • The Crossover

  • The Habershow

  • Jalen & Jacoby

  • The Breakaway

  • Pull Up with CJ McCollum

  • Ledlow & Parker

  • The Jump

  • Winging It with Vince Carter

  • RealGM Radio with Danny Leroux

  • Hoops, Adjacent with David Aldridge and BIG Wos

  • Posted Up With Chris Haynes

  • Inside the Green Room with Danny Green


If you’re looking for a basketball podcast then we hope that represents a fairly decent selection we’ve offered you. We simply weren’t able to agree on the ultimate NBA fan podcast but take it from us that all of those are tried and tested.

There is something there for everyone

If you just need a brief daily NBA podcast to catch up on results and any news then there are a few good choices there.

That’s a great way to keep on top of any information you might need if you are in the process of creating your own betting model. See our in-depth article ‘How to create an NBA betting model‘ for some superb tips in that department.

Whether you prefer the most relevant NBA storylines or just like to kick back and listen to former NBA players reminiscing you can’t lose.


All of them it seems…​

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