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By Andrew D

April 03, 2022

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When it comes to placing a few wagers on NBA games via online sports betting sites, the world is literally our oyster. There are so many that it can be overwhelming to try and pick out the best NBA betting sites without creating a spreadsheet and spending hours scrutinising them all.

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In this article, we will take a look at some sensible tactics to employ when it comes to your highly-successful, exhilarating gambling exploits.

In all seriousness – if you are not primarily gambling for entertainment purposes then you need to take a mental step outside the situation and evaluate if it is really the right thing for you.

There are some ‘sharp’ sports bettors who make a living using their skills and guile. They create betting strategies so complex and detailed that they would put military strategists to shame.


Sure, we’ve gotten giddy over the years, it’s fun and adds spice to any game.

We’ve put crazy futures bets and impossible parlay bets down for fun. We’ve hung out with friends and allowed them to goad us into making nonsensical bets on the fly.


Our mutual agreement here in The Jump Hub office is that partaking in live betting on the NBA is now banned. But that’s another story.

The point is this:

Everyone gets a bit carried away sometimes when they’re having a flutter and betting on the NBA. The excitement gets the better of us and we make rash decisions.


but when the reason to carry on betting more and more drifts from excitement towards compulsion it is time to take stock of the situation. There are rules, and the first of them is this:



Betting resources are often to be taken with a pinch of salt at first

We all know how much money there is to be made as a sportsbook. This has never been truer than right now, as the rules and regulations are relaxing all over (sorry Utah) the USA and giving millions of punters access to NBA betting markets that they could only previously dream of.


But we cannot afford to be naive. Like some kind of modern-day goldrush, the onslaught of online sportsbooks, tipsters, pundits, and moneyline pick experts has been quite something to witness. We have seemingly benevolent sports bettors who just want to share their incredible betting strategies with the world.

There are those who fall victim to the siren-like call of NBA basketball betting and find themselves with a gambling problem. They just want to share their experiences in order to warn others of the danger.

Can we trust any of them?

The amount of information available online, be it relevant, interesting, accurate or otherwise, is truly staggering.

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NBA betting resources are out there. There are some that will give you great insights and information you can actually use to win. But you have to:


Do any of them really have our best interests at heart?

Ask yourself what their motivation might be for sharing that information with you. If you’re following one of our recommended NBA betting Twitter experts then you should be able to fairly safely rely upon their motivations and observations.

But if the person you’re paying attention to is in the pocket of an NBA betting website then clearly their opinion is going to be skewed in some way.

Basketball betting sites are in it to make money just like everyone else and so you have to look closely before you hand any of yours over.

Look – we’re not here to make you paranoid.

But that doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you

Be sensible. Ask yourself if those deals seem just too good to be true.

Remember – there are only ever opportunities to find the tiniest margins and differences between the NBA betting odds offered by different sportsbooks.

It is certainly possible, and that is where most professional sports bettors live. In those tiny margins.

They can spot NBA spreads that haven’t caught up to the movement in the market, or reacted to injury news quickly enough. They pounce on those early chances and have a sixth sense for the best bets and when to make them before any line movement.

Those skills are not easily come by. Most sharp bettors take their jobs incredibly seriously. And it is a job for them. The ones that we have personally encountered put in countless hours of research into all the stats and trends they can absorb.


They study the starting lineups in advance and keep an eye on their phone for the latest news and updates. It’s like an obsession. But, and here is the key concept: It is an obsession that is borne of a desire to ‘beat the system’ and, of course, make a living. They do not allow themselves to become emotionally invested in one team or another so that their assessment of the two teams in question is skewed.

They don’t make spontaneous, irrational bets. Sure, there are those who make a killing taking live odds as the games are underway, but they are still sticking to a rigid system. Nothing is done by impulse.


There are no nonsensical parlay bets or other bet types where the chances of success are less than being hit by lightning. They prefer to strike with precision and high frequency. Making multiple bets is a given. As is accepting that they will lose around 40% of the bets that they make.

The primary goal is always to protect their bankroll

See our detailed article on How to Manage your Bankroll in NBA Betting for a much clearer idea of how this can be achieved. Suffice it to say that –


If you are planning to bet on the NBA with anything other than a casual attitude then it would serve you well to think about how professionals do it and the amount of dedication and restraint they exhibit.

They take into account excessive travel times and how many points a team scored in their previous outing. They look at every conceivable angle of every conceivable statistic.

How does it tend to affect the players of the Los Angeles Lakers towards the end of the regular season when they play the Milwaukee Bucks and have homecourt advantage?


There is no line movement too small, no starting lineup not worthy of scrutiny.

(Courtesy of Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries. UH

Here, we take a look at some of the Best Australian NBA Players currently playing, alongside significant players through the NBA's history.


Ok, so if you’ve read this far you can tell that we’re a little reticent to put too much faith in most NBA betting resources. It’s an attitude borne of many years of being the victim of sneaky tactics and taken NBA bets that really were too good to be true.


Look stuff up. If a tipster seems to have found a genuine edge for NBA bets then find out how and why he’s sharing it with you.

NBA games are incessantly frequent during the regular season. And then you’ve got the Playoffs and the NBA Finals!

There is no lack of opportunity to throw a few dollars the way of an NBA betting site. So take your time and stay alert.

The arrival of mobile apps has revolutionized how people approach sports betting in general. It has become mind-bogglingly convenient and easy to do. And the easier it becomes, the more tempting it is to do again and again. Live betting, in particular, is more dangerous now, as the adrenaline (and any other stimulants) flood the system and give a false sense of confidence.

Take our advice and do these things religiously

  • Enjoy the process of betting

  • Celebrate when you win betting. Don’t just let a win go by without acknowledgement because you are down overal.

  • Never bet under the influence

  • Avoid live betting unless you have a rock-solid strategy

  • Never bet more than you can afford to lose

  • Protect your bankroll and use a % system to set betting maximums

  • Read, listen, watch, think. Soak it all up. Somewhere in among all the madness, you might very well find some superb nuggets of information. You just have to do a lot of sifting

  • Create a system of recording your observations and analysis of NBA basketball stats and facts. Study them. Find patterns if you can. Think outside the box (awful phrase, good advice)

  • Avoid parlay / accumulator / multi bets

  • Player props bets offer some ‘exotic’ fun bets that can really keep you interested during even the most boring of NBA games

  • Assess the situation regularly

  • Recognize when things are getting out of hand

As far as we’re concerned…


It doesn’t really need to be spiced up with lots of skin in the game.

That’s just a nice little extra to add sometimes when you have a gut feeling about an element of the game.

If you want to take it more seriously then do just that:


Give it the same amount of effort that you would any other absorbing hobby. And it needs to be that – your hobby.

If it is a means to make desperately needed extra income then we beseech you to think of something else. The answer does not lie in pouring what little money you have into some NBA betting site in order to try and take more money out than you put in.

That way madness and destitution lie.

Now go out there and enjoy it. That’s the real bottom line. When you bet on the NBA it should feel like fun. Even if you lose. Sports betting is great when it is taken casually and the results don’t really make any difference to your life or overall mental health. It is also great if you get genuine pleasure out of it and become quite experienced at it. Creating betting strategies of your own and finding trends and patterns that might give you an edge that nobody else has spotted.

We’ve got both kinds of gamblers covered in the office here and all are happy with their attitude towards it and how it affects their life. We hope you can say the same. Good luck and send us any golden tips you come across 😉

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