Atlantic Division | Odds, Tips & Picks - Updated 29th March '23

By Andrew D

March 29, 2023

Last updated: 29th March 2023

Current NBA Atlantic Division betting odds:

Boston Celtics \\
Philadelphia 76ers \\
Brooklyn Nets \\
New York Knickerbockers \\
Toronto Raptors \\

Current standings

TeamRecordWin %Streak
Boston Celtics52-2369.33 wins
Philadelphia 76ers49-2665.33 losses
New York Knickerbockers43-3356.61 win
Brooklyn Nets40-3553.31 loss
Toronto Raptors37-3849.32 wins

Here we have a breakdown of all the teams in the running to win the NBA's Atlantic Division in the 2022/’23 NBA season. The winners will be awarded the Nat "Sweetwater" Clifton Trophy

At The Jump Hub, we have assessed their chances as we see them and will update this article regularly to see if we were right. We will post statistical updates and any breaking news or results as they come up.

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General update: 29th Mar 2023

So, with just 7 games remaining, make that 6, one of them has just finished as we write this (they lost 111:130 to the Washington Wizards) the Boston Celtics have all but clinched the Atlantic Division. Their place in the NBA Playoff series is already secured so we might forgive them this discrepancy. But they have not had things all their own way this season. A brief period at The end of February saw them go 1-4 in 5 games and slip away from the top of the NBA and the Atlantic Division at one point. 

Compare that with their nearest rivals in the Division, the Philadelphia 76ers. At one point, the 76ers were 9-1 after putting together an 8-game winning streak and usurped Boston at the top of the Atlantic Division. Then the wheels fell off and in their last 5 games, they are currently 1-4. So, the dream of winning the Division is probably gone but they have secured their berth in the Playoffs so they surely won’t be too disappointed. 

The scourge of deliberate tanking

Before we go any further, it saddens us to have to address the elephant in the room. Deliberate tanking is easily our least favourite aspect of the NBA and one that we wish we didn't have to think about. For those of you unaware of what it means, to put it very briefly, the way that the NBA is structured means that the worst-performing teams have a better chance of picking the best players in the following season's NBA Draft.

Sadly, we live in a cynical world where blatant cheating is tolerated and often even encouraged. If it cannot be proven and will result in an advantage then some teams clearly feel that it is worth the loss of integrity and dignity. That it is worth snubbing their nose to their own fans and admitting that they are too shitty to achieve anything without cheating. That they would rather field weakened sides and lose on purpose than accept the task ahead of them and get those same noses to the grindstone instead. Even with the, clearly inadequate measures that the NBA introduced and the new lottery system that makes it harder to guarantee an advantage, it still exists.

It is too complicated and depressing for us to try and figure out which teams are engaged in this lowest-of-the-low behaviour. It should be pretty obvious. We'll mention it for sure if it's beyond question. But, otherwise, we have decided to write these articles as though tanking didn't exist. As though we live in a world where winning through hard work and dedication is the only goal.

Pleasing the fans and doing your absolute best to represent them with honour at all times should be a given. Tanking is for scumbags and suckers. We hope franchises that deliberately set out to lose games wither and turn to dust.

However, for the purposes of these articles, we will assess the teams in front of us on their merits and pretend that there is still some integrity in professional sports.

The Nat "Sweetwater" Clifton Trophy

General update: 15th Mar 2023

After 5 straight wins and yet another loss for the Boston Celtics, the Philadelphia 76ers are now running a very close 2nd in the Atlantic Division. As the only 2 teams who can now realistically top the Division by the end of the regular season, their NBA Atlantic Division betting odds are:

  • @ 1.11 and @ 5.00 respectively

General update: 27th Jan 2023
  • Boston Celtics fall to a 3rd-straight loss for only the second time this season. This time at their home stadium, they fell to the Knickerbockers 120-117

  • The Celtics now lead the NBA over Denver by just 0.6%

  • With their 6th straight win, Philadelphia push up to 3rd in the NBA

General update: 25th Jan 2023
  • Boston lose their 2nd straight game, this time to the Miami Heat 98-95

  • The Atlantic Division becomes the only one to have all its teams with positive (+) points differentials

General update: 18th Jan 2023
  • Boston remain nailed-on favourites to take the Atlantic Division with betting odds @ 1.20

  • Brooklyn's worst fears are realised and Kevin Durant is out with an injured right knee until mid-February at the earliest. They are 1-3 since he became injured. Their NBA Atlantic Division betting odds have lengthened to @ 8.00

NBA Boston Celtics Team Logo

Boston Celtics @ 1.11

NBA Atlantic Division betting odds progression:

@ 1.74 @ 2.15 @ 1.71 — @ 1.26 — @ 1.03 — @ 1.18 — @ 1.44

Jul 29th — Sep 22nd — Oct 31st — Nov 16th — Dec 11th — Dec 22nd — Jan 4th

@ 1.45 — @ 1.25 — @ 1.20 — @ 1.07 — @ 1.11 — @ 1.14 — @ 1.04

Jan 6th/8th — Jan 11th — Jan 18th — Jan 25th — Jan 27th — Jan 30th — Feb 13th

@ 1.03 — @ 1.11

Feb 27th — Mar 15th

NBA Eastern Conference betting odds: @ 2.50

NBA Championship betting odds: @ 4.00

  • Record: 47-22

  • Streak: 1 loss

  • 26-9 at home

  • 21-13 on the road

Current table positions:

  • Atlantic Division: 1st

  • Eastern Conference: 2nd

  • NBA: 2nd

Update: 17th Jan 2023

Boston have shaken off the disappointment of last season's NBA Finals and come out swinging again this season. They are hugely indebted to the efforts and performances of the singularly talented:

  • Jayson Tatum

2022/’23 averages per NBA game:

  • G: 42 \ GS:42 \ MP: 36.7 \ PTS: 30.6* \ FG%: 46.7 \ 3P%: 34.5 \ FT%: 86.2 \ TRB: 8.2* \ AST: 4.3 \ STL: 1.0 \ BLK: 0.8* \ TOV: 2.6 \ PF: 2.1

*Career high

In Tuesday's 130-118 win over the Charlotte Hornets, Tatum delivered:

  • 51 points, 9 rebounds, and 5 assists

He made:

  • 15-23 (65.3%) of all his attempted field goals

  • 7-12 (58.3%) of his 3-pointers

  • 14-14 (100%) of his free throws

There can have been few finer performances all season. And it's no fluke. He has 39 rebounds and 135 points across his last 4 games alone. Jayson Tatum is like a man possessed. He is very much in the running for the NBA Most Valuable Player of the Year award this season, with betting odds @ 6.50 at the time of writing.

Boston look to have excellent options in depth when it comes to rotating players and resting them. Marcus Smart is doing the bulk of the playmaking but there is some talent backing him up for the 10 minutes of each game when he is switched out. Tatum has proven very useful in this regard but NBA Sixth Man contender Malcolm Brogdon brings 3.8 to the court in just 23.7 minutes per game.

The Celtics are currently first in the Atlantic Division Eastern Conference, and the NBA overall.

So, what are Boston doing right?

Well for a start, they're scoring prolifically and restricting their opponents from doing the same. If we compare them with the leading teams from the other NBA Divisions in the Eastern Conference, the difference is startling.

Atlantic Division

  • Boston: 118.5 points per game (PPG)

  • Opponents: 112.3 PPG

Central Division

  • Milwaukee Bucks: 112.2

  • Opponents: 111.1

Southeastern Division

  • Miami Heat: 108.9

  • Opponents: 108.8

They're so much tighter. Each game is won by a much smaller margin, whereas Boston are killing it at both ends of the court. When you look across their stats, there's no immediately obvious reason for it. They are joint top with Indiana Pacers in the Eastern when it comes to the collective number of assists they give and they have been very good at keeping fouls to a minimum. Very nearly the best in the league in fact.

They are bested in the whole competition only by the Golden State Warriors for 3-pointers (the Curry effect is on display very clearly there)

But they are the living embodiment of what we have been saying since we started writing all this nonsense down.

It's ok not to be the best in every area as long as you shine in a couple and are solid across the board

Consistency is the key. In the NBA perhaps more than any other sport. That's probably not true. But it feels seismic here. If you can stay calm and just do everything reasonably well then it doesn't matter if some of your stats lag a little. Not too much mind you. But there is some leeway.

The Celtics already look virtually impossible to catch in the Atlantic Division. Hence their NBA Atlantic Division betting odds of @ 1.20

the same probably goes for the Eastern Conference where their odds are @ 2.00

Their record is as follows:

  • 18-6 at home

  • 17-9 on the road

Time will tell if they can go all the way again. Just one step further required this time...

NBA Brooklyn Nets Team Logo

Brooklyn Nets @ 501.00

NBA Atlantic Division betting odds progression:

@ 3.10 @ 2.85 — @ 21.00 — @ 2.90 — @ 3.25 — @ 5.00

Aug 23rd — Sep 23rd — Dec 14th — Jan 4th — Jan 6th/8th — Jan 11th/17th

@ 8.00 — @ 11.00 — @ 18.00 — @ 13.00 — @ 101.00 — @ 501.00

Jan 18th — Jan 25th — Jan 27th — Jan 30th — Feb 13th/27th — Mar 15th

NBA Eastern Conference betting odds: @ 101.00

NBA Championship betting odds: @ 176.00

  • Record: 39-30

  • Streak: 1 loss

  • 19-12 at home

  • 20-18 on the road

Current table positions:

  • Atlantic Division: 4th

  • Eastern Conference: 6th

  • NBA: 9th

Update: 17th Jan 2023

So how are the Nets getting on this season? Rather well it seems. 2nd in the Atlantic Division to the best team in the competition at this point. The same goes for the Eastern Conference. 4th in the NBA overall. The Brooklyn Nets are looking like the team to represent the 5 boroughs this season. Lording it over their rivals, the New York Knickerbockers.

What are they getting right?

Taking a closer look at their stats, the Nets are killing it in a few key areas.

They make the fewest field goal attempts of any team in the Atlantic Division but convert the most.

Averages per game:

  • 84.1 field goals attempted (FGA)

  • 42.8 field goals (FG)

  • 50.8% conversion rate (FG%)

Second only to Denver (by 0.1%) for the best rate in the whole NBA.

No matter what else you do as a team, if you're converting over 50% of the field goals you attempt then you're building on a solid foundation.If you can back that up with accuracy from distance then you're really cooking.

What's that? They're the 2nd most accurate team in the league from distance? Pipped by Denver again...

  • 31.4 attempted (3PA)

  • 12.2 scored (3P)

  • 38.8% conversion rate (3P%)

Bizarrely, that game-changing accuracy does not extend to the free throw line, where they are nothing special.

As the 3rd-oldest team in the league with an average age of 28.8, they are not lacking in experience on their roster. And that is a good thing because they are sporadic in terms of their box scores at times. They make:

  • More blocks (7) per game than any team in the NBA

  • Joint fewest offensive rebounds

  • 2nd-fewest total rebounds (TRB)

It seems that the crucial consistency we love to see might not be written in the stars for the Brooklyn Nets.

But there is no denying that they are holding their own near the top. They went on an incredible 12-game winning streak, only to lose 3 of their last 5 games.

Their record so far this season is as follows:

  • 13-8 at home

  • 16-11 on the road

Their key players include:

  • Kevin Durant

2022/’23 averages per NBA game:

  • G: 39 \ GS:39 \ MP: 36.0 \ PTS: 29.7 \ FG%: 55.9* \ 3P%: 37.6 \ FT%: 93.4* \ TRB: 6.7 \ AST: 5.3 \ STL: 0.8 \ BLK: 1.5* \ TOV: 3.5* \ PF: 2.4*

*Career high

You might need to take another look at that free throw percentage if you missed it the first time around.

A staggering 93.4% of all free throws were scored. And he hasn't just taken a small number to skew the stat. He has scored:

  • 96.9% (31 of the 32 he's taken so far in January alone)

  • 64 of 69 in October

  • 114 of 123 in November

  • 67 of 71 in December

Quite simply, Kevin Durant is a free-throwing phenomenon

Unfortunately for Nets' fans, Durant is out until at least mid-February with right knee trouble. This leaves them with Kyrie Irving as their highest points-taker. No bad thing, he is excellent and gets an average of 25.6 per game. He has stepped up when required and grabbed 29 and 24 points in his last 2 games respectively.

But strength in depth is not Brooklyn's forte when it comes to scoring points. Only 4 of their roster are able to average double-figures in each game. With 10.4 and 11.9 respectively, T.J. Warren and Nic Claxton are probably not going to be able to handle the workload without assistance. Especially having only had light minutes thus far this season.

Looking at the situation on paper, there is no good reason why the Brooklyn Nets cannot keep up this kind of form and go a long way into the Playoffs. They have enough playmakers and players snatching rebounds at both ends to go far.

But, worryingly, they have lost 3 of their 4 games without Durant...

The betting markets give them a reasonably healthy 20% chance of taking the division with NBA Atlantic Division betting odds @ 5.00

NBA Philadelphia 76ers Team Logo

Philadelphia 76ers @ 5.00

NBA Atlantic Division betting odds progression:

@ 4.50 @ 6.00 @ 17.00 — @ 36.00 — @ 12.00 — @ 9.50

Aug 23rd — Oct 23rd — Nov 24th — Dec 15th — Dec 26th — Jan 4th/6th

@ 11.00 — @ 13.00 — @ 10.00 — @ 6.50@ 5.50@ 10.00

Jan 9th — Jan 11th/18th — Jan 25th — Jan 27th — Jan 30th — Feb 13th/16th

@ 13.00 — @ 5.00

Feb 27th — Mar 15th

NBA Eastern Conference betting odds: @ 6.50

NBA Championship betting odds: @ 15.00

  • Record: 45-22

  • Streak: 5 wins

  • 26-10 at home

  • 19-12 on the road

Current table positions:

  • Atlantic Division: 2nd

  • Eastern Conference: 3rd

  • NBA: 3rd

Update: 18th Jan 2023

The Philadelphia 76ers are looking pretty good. Thanks, in no small part to the superb:

  • Joel Embiid

2022/’23 averages per NBA game:

  • G: 32 \ GS:32 \ MP: 34.9 \ PTS: 33.4 \ FG%: 53.6* \ 3P%: 35.0 \ FT%: 85.5 \ TRB: 9.8 \ AST: 4.3* \ STL: 1.1 \ BLK: 1.7 \ TOV: 3.7 \ PF: 3.3

*Career high

An absolutely sensational season so far from Embiid. 2nd only to the freakishly talented Dončić for points per game and he gets them in fewer minutes. A full 11 points more per game than the nearest player to him on his own roster (James Harden)

  • He also leads the 76ers in rebounds, blocks and assists.

The assists are a technicality as Harden gets nearly 3 times as many (11.2) but has not played enough games to be considered eligible

  • Embiid also leads the charge in fouls and turnovers but we think they can forgive him that

Joel has started the new year in elite form and has managed double-doubles (rebounds and points) in 4 of his last 5 games. In the first 3 games of 2023, he took 31 free throws and did not miss a single one.

With only De'Anthony Melton out of contention at the time of writing, the 76ers are faring better than many teams in terms of injuries. Especially hitting the crucial mid-point of the season when many teams can have a tendency to slump and start losing players to injuries. And Melton is not even injured, he's just been sick and looks likely to play in tonight's matchup against the Clippers.

Let's take a look at what the 76ers do well

Philadelphia are a team that look solid across the board, as we often see in the more successful teams. Some highlights:

  • They attempt and score more 3-pointers than any other team in the Atlantic Division

  • Scoring strength in depth with 6 players averaging double-figures for points per game

  • Excellent rebounding capabilities with at least 5 players able to pull down a respectable number

  • Similar strength in playmaking

They are 7-3 in their last 10 games with a current winning streak of 2 games. And that came shortly after an 8 game streak in December. They will be hoping to make it 3 against the Clippers and there's no reason to think they can't. Fatigue might be a consideration as Wednesday's game will be their 3rd on the road with 2 more to follow before they get back home to Philadelphia.

Their record so far this season is as follows:

  • 18-7 at home

  • 13-9 on the road

Causes for concern?

There aren't many areas that cause us to wonder about the prospects of the 76ers continuing to thrive moving forwards. They are bang in the middle of the pack in the Atlantic but that makes them high up in the NBA because it is such a competitive, talent-filled Division. The betting markets give them a small chance (7.7%) of winning it with NBA Atlantic Division betting odds @ 13.00

Their roster is on the older end of the scale but, as we've said before, experience is a huge factor in sports. Mindset and attitude are everything, especially when getting through long runs of on-the-road games and remaining focused and driven.

They've got work to do if they're going to take the Division and, let's be honest, with the kind of form Boston are in, nobody is going to catch them. But they can look up and see the Nets sitting there, with just one less losing game on the record so far. Otherwise they look very evenly matched. And whaddya know? Their first game back at home just happens to be against the Brooklyn Nets (26th Jan)

How convenient! We're expecting to see a tight game where the sparks fly.

Let's hope so...

NBA New York Knicks Team Logo

New York Knickerbockers @ 501.00

NBA Atlantic Division betting odds progression:

@ 26.00 @ 46.00 @ 61.00 — @ 361.00 — @ 101.00

Jul 28th — Oct 27th — Nov 6th — Dec 4th — Dec 20th

@ 151.00 — @ 41.00 — @ 51.00 — @ 41.00 — @ 201.00@ 276.00

Jan 4th Jan/6th — Jan 9th — Jan 11th — Jan 18th — Jan 27th — Jan 30th

@ 501.00

Feb 13th/27th

NBA Eastern Conference betting odds: @ 26.00

NBA Championship betting odds: @ 61.00

  • Record: 41-30

  • Streak: 2 wins

  • 19-16 at home

  • 22-14 on the road

Current table positions:

  • Atlantic Division: 3rd

  • Eastern Conference: 5th

  • NBA: 8th

The Knickerbockers are currently just avoiding the Play In tournament that looms at the end of the regular season for teams finishing in positions 7-10 in their respective conferences. But only by the skin of their teeth. 6th position looks shaky and they've got the best team in the Southeastern Division, Miami Heat, breathing down their necks.

  • New York are blessed in having no injuries to report at the time of writing.

A closer look at their betting odds and stats

The Knickerbockers are actually the 2nd-highest scoring team in the Atlantic Division (114.3 per game) but they have not converted those points into quite enough wins to be challenging the top teams in the Division. The betting markets agree and their NBA Atlantic Division betting odds are @ 41.00. Meaning they have a perceived 2.4% chance of winning it.

Positives and promising performances

  • The New York Knickerbockers are the youngest team in the Atlantic Division, with an average age of 24.7 years.

  • New York take easily the most rebounds (TRB) of any team in the division with an average of 47.5 per game

The Knickerbockers are not lacking in scoring talent with 5 players regularly making double-figures. Their highest scorer being:

  • Julius Randle

2022/’23 averages per NBA game:

  • G: 45 \ GS: 45 \ MP: 35.7 \ PTS: 24.4* \ FG%: 45.7 \ 3P%: 34.0 \ FT%: 75.1 \ TRB: 10.6 \ AST: 3.9 \ STL: 0.7 \ BLK: 0.4 \ TOV: 2.7 \ PF: 3.1

*Career high

Randle is also New York's leading rebound taker, averaging:

  • More than 15 per game over his last 5 games

  • 14.8 for January, 10.6 for the season

  • 42 points and 15 rebounds in their 11th straight win over the Detroit Pistons (15th Jan)

He had a slightly off game in Tuesday's frustrating (for them, for the rest of us it was hilarious) Overtime (OT) loss to Toronto. Although he still provided 21 points, Julius' conversion rates were all over the place. 35% field goal success. 16.7% from the 3-point range. However, he did continue to take rebounds (15) and provide more than his share of assists (8).

RJ Barrett almost came to the rescue, smashing his average of 20.0 and scoring 32 points but it was not to be enough.

Concerns and issues

Something that must concern Knickerbocker's fans greatly is their abysmal home record. They are currently:

  • 12-13 at home

  • 15-10 on the road

They might be sitting in 6th position in the Eastern Conference but if it was based on home record alone they would be 13th of 16.

They have the worst free throw success rate (77.7%) of any team in the Atlantic Division. They also have:

  • Least assists in the Atlantic Division

  • Lowest steals (STL) in the Atlantic Division.

  • Joint lowest steals in the NBA

  • Least blocks (BLK) in the Atlantic Division

To be honest, it might be that the Knickerbockers need to look over their shoulders for the Raptors coming at them rather than ahead of them in hope of catching Philadelphia.

This is especially true when we consider that they have a lowly 2-5 record against the other teams in the division.

Right now that doesn't seem likely...

In fact, their NBA Atlantic Division betting odds of @ 41.00 seem a little on the skinny side to us. Even giving them a 2.4% chance seems generous.

It is certainly possible that we are unfairly biased against our pantaloon-wearing ninny friends from New York but we don't see them holding on to a top 10 spot in the NBA for much longer. And if they're not down in the Play In spots by the end of the season, we'll eat all your hats.

NBA Toronto Raptors Team Logo

Toronto Raptors @ 501.00

NBA Atlantic Division betting odds progression:

@ 10.00 @ 12.00 @ 6.00— @ 29.00 — @ 201.00 — @ 151.00

Jul 29th — Oct 22nd — Nov 3rd — Dec 1st — Dec 15th — Jan 4th/6th

@ 126.00 — @ 426.00 — @ 501.00

Jan 9th — Jan 18th — Jan 25th/Feb 27th

NBA Eastern Conference betting odds: @ 101.00

NBA Championship betting odds: @ 176.00

  • Record: 33-36

  • Streak: 1 win

  • 21-13 at home

  • 12-23 on the road

Current table positions:

  • Atlantic Division: 5th

  • Eastern Conference: 9th

  • NBA: 19th

The Toronto Raptors are languishing at the bottom of the Atlantic Division but we feel that there might be more to them than meets the eye...

They are not lacking decent players, especially the excellent:

  • Pascal Siakam

2022/’23 averages per NBA game:

  • G: 34 \ GS: 34 \ MP: 37.4 \ PTS: 25.6* \ FG%: 47.5 \ 3P%: 32.6 \ FT%: 78.1 \ TRB: 8.2 \ AST: 6.5* \ STL: 0.8 \ BLK: 0.6 \ TOV: 2.6 \ PF: 3.4*

*Career high

Siakam is Toronto's go-to guy for:

  • Points, rebounds, and assists

Leading in all 3 categories. He looks reasonably consistent and is solid across the board. He could do with giving fewer turnovers and for someone who takes that many free throws, we'd like to see a higher success rate. But he is otherwise in good shape.

And he is by no means the only one with talent and potential on the Toronto roster. The Raptors have reasonable strength in depth when it comes to scoring. They have 5 players getting good double-figures per game and 2 more that would undoubtedly do so with more minutes.

Considering their position in the league, they actually have a reasonable record at home but are pretty overwhelmed on the road:

  • 15-12 at home

  • 7-15 on the road

What they do well

They are the only team in the bottom 9 of the NBA with a positive (+) points differential.

Toronto may not score the most points of any team in the NBA but they make it difficult for other teams to score against them. They currently average:

  • 112.0 vs 111.7

To put that into context, the next team above them who concedes fewer points per game than they do is the Los Angeles Clippers. A full 10 places above them in the NBA. They also boast:

  • 2nd-most offensive rebounds in the Atlantic Division (12.4)

  • Fewest turnovers in the whole NBA (12)

  • Most steals (STL) of any team in the NBA with 9.4 per game

Potential issues

Toronto have one more game on the road against Minnesota on Friday (20th Jan) then 2 at home. They then embark on a brutal series of 7 straight games on the road. We've already seen that they do not fare well when they travel and there is a solid chance that so many games on the road may break their spirit and kill this season for them.

They need some more playmaking in their game and don't make many 3-point shots but we're clutching at straws a little. The Raptors are another team where it is hard to pinpoint exactly why they aren't doing rather better than they are.

The Atlantic is an unforgiving division and we've already stated that we think they have a good chance of catching the Knickerbockers. But that's about as far as they can probably hope to go.

  • The bookmakers agree and their NBA Atlantic Division betting odds are @ 426.00 which represents a 0.2% chance.

However, they look a lot healthier betting-wise when it comes to their other goals. With odds of @41.00 to win the Eastern Conference and @ 51.00 to win the NBA Championship, the markets clearly fancy their chances in a playoff situation much more than they do of them making a comeback in the Atlantic Division.

And who are we to argue?

As their record is almost identical to that of the Chicago Bulls, who are directly above them in the Eastern Conference, it seems feasible to suggest that they might be able to push on and make it into the top 10. That will give them an NBA Play-In Tournament berth and from there anything can happen.

It looks virtually impossible for any of the teams below them to make a charge and pass them, and the Atlanta Hawks (Go Hawks!) are (hopefully) too far ahead for them to catch. But those Bulls? Ripe for slaughter if the Raptors can keep their talons and their focus sharp...

Time will tell

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Brooklyn Nets @ 3.30

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Philadelphia 76ers @ 9.50

*Key to terms:

G: Games \ PTS: Points \ FG%: Field goal percentage \ 

3P%: 3-point percentage \ FT%: Free throw percentage \ 

TRB: Total rebounds \ AST: Assists \ STL: Steals \ BLK: Blocks \ 

TOV: Turnovers \ PF: Personal fouls \

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