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By Andrew D

June 26, 2022

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So – it’s come down to this.

You’ve abandoned your own NBA betting model (see how to create one that you subsequently abandon in our article ‘How to build an NBA betting model‘)

You’ve admitted defeat. You’re doomed to rely on the NBA predictions of strangers in a vain attempt to snatch back some money and dignity after a series of disastrous wagers.

Or, you just want to know what the ‘experts’ think

Actually, that’s a smart move. You don’t have to agree with their findings but, as we’ve banged on about time and again, information is key in this game.

Sites differ, as we’re about to discover. But if you can gain access to the thoughts and workings of someone who is making a living selling NBA picks then why wouldn’t you do so?

Here at The Jump Hub, we have good reason to trawl through the tips and advice that rival sites are offering.

We’d be lying if we said we had never taken some of those NBA betting picks and thrown a few dollars at them.

Here we have a breakdown and review of a few of our “go-to” sites for NBA tips. If nothing else, they can provide you with a good source of information to add to your own investigations and are often a convenient way to see how the live odds are looking.


Betting Expert offers free NBA betting tips and predictions.

Actually, they offer them for a range of sports, not just basketball. But for the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on that.

The site boasts a very full and comprehensive set of tips for upcoming matchups.

There are write-ups to explain and justify the picks, so it’s not just a matter of listing their favorites and that’s that.

There is also the opportunity to learn what it is their experts are focusing on and how they translate their findings and observations into solid tips.

The website does require you to sign up for free if you want access to advanced features. These include the ability to follow your favorite tipsters and be notified when they drop some new nuggets.

Finding the latest NBA betting tips on Betting Expert is really very straightforward

Sitting at the top of the NBA betting picks page are the day’s three most highly-tipped NBA games. These games display the number of NBA predictions that they have received.

To see those picks, just click on the game and its tips will appear.

There is also a daily NBA game schedule on the Betting Expert website. It features all games, including the NBA Playoffs.

Again, it is complete with the number of betting tips posted per matchup.

The full NBA schedule page shows the remaining games, with any tips attached, and also boasts live scores and results.

All in all, it is a rather impressive setup

Intuitive and straightforward to use.

All of the NBA betting tips that are displayed on the site provide the following information:

  • Teams

  • NBA game time and date

  • Name of the tipster and their rating/profit/yield

  • Bookmaker and current odds

  • Odds at the time the tip was published

  • Bet type and market

  • Prediction

  • Preview of the tip and analysis/explanation

That’s pretty impressive

It’s hard to think what else any sports betting aficionado could want when it comes to getting free NBA betting tips.

Having tipsters give a rationale for their choices is a boss move. It means we can analyze their deductions and retrospectively look back to see if they were right.

It all helps to form part of our own NBA betting strategy (read our article) and



Again we have a website that offers betting tips on a number of different sports.

That, of course, includes the latest free NBA betting picks.

A brief explanation for the pick will be provided as a drop-down menu but it is a lot more simplistic and does not give any indication as to the identity of the tipsters, nor their past records.

Overall, this site is not in the same league as Betting Expert.

Basketball tips are posted on weekdays at around 1 pm EST and this moves to around 11 am at weekends.

This gives tip-seekers plenty of time to take advantage of early lines and get in before the odds start moving and the value trickles away.

The tipsters at Free Super Tips put up the following NBA picks:


They proudly tout this as their most popular bet type. Not only that, but they say it is one of their most confident styles of prediction.

Now – far be it from us to be argumentative…

But how can a parlay be easier to predict than a straight bet or other lines that rely on one outcome only to be a winner?


Those of you who have been reading our rantings for a while may know that we have a vehement, rational dislike for parlays and accumulators.

It is the surest way to get rid of all your money and guarantee long-term failure. There’s a reason that the odds associated with parlay bets are so good.

Because the chances of them coming in are negligible

Use your noggin! That’s how this whole system works.

Of course, you can get lucky and hit a parlay win that pays out big-style.

But can you repeat that? Can you make it part of your NBA betting strategy?

No chance

We’re not here to promote fly-by-night charlatans that want to flog you a longshot. In fact, what are they even doing on this list?

Either they have some kind of deal with the bookies (unlikely given the quality of the site) or they have no idea what they’re doing.

Why would you proudly state that parlays are your best predictions?

So, not the individual bets that make up the parlay? Just the combo?


It’s bugging me now so I’m going to move on.

They offer other tips but always lean towards some kind of accumulative action. Doubles and other forms of racking up the odds.

Whatever – this is a UK-based website that will be helpful to those of you living in Hobbiton. They have previews of all live NBA games that are shown on UK television.

That amounts to 170 NBA games on Sky Sports per season. More often than not they are the best games of the week so are worth checking out.

There is actually a decent bit of advice to be found here

Especially when they talk about supplementing their tips and picks with your own research.

In actuality, it should be the other way round. Looking at sites like this should be done as a part of the greater scheme of things.

If you find that the “experts” agree with you then you can pat yourself on the back.

But even they are only picking about 50% winners and that’s not enough to break even in sports betting.

Large pinches of salt are required at every step of the way here


Here we have a site that offers betting advice and tips on all the major US sports, including the NBA.

They also have information and tips on everything from UFC and soccer to tennis and golf.

For our part – there are some really well-researched and developed NBA predictions.

The levels of detail are genuinely impressive honestly.

Each of the site’s NBA picks is backed up by the opinions of the experts who made them and they don’t just offer a short synopsis of their thinking.

If you want detail then you’ve come to the right place

The NBA section of the site boasts a sprawling article about betting on the NBA and how different odds work etc…

Sports Tips provide individual links to each team. Those take you to in-depth articles about the history of that particular team. Their franchise details, main rivals. The lot.

They also talk about any recent picks that have included that particular team and we really loved that touch.

As we have all chosen to support worthless NBA teams (chosen? You never really have any choice in it do you?)

It is nice to be able to click the link and see picks that have included our teams, rather than having to trawl through the wider list to find our incompetent muppets.

The site is user-friendly and easy to navigate

The information and data seem well-researched and validated.


Certainly worth your time to check out what they have going on when you’re in the mood to lay a few bets. When it comes to free NBA picks, they’re up there with Betting Expert for our money.


The NBA predictions section of Play Picks is decent enough.
In a way, it is like a version of our own Jump Hub, except that everything seems to exist on one page.

They don’t have the depth and range of articles that we do here but there are some nice features for sure

We particularly liked the drop-down menu that offered us a choice of staff NBA predictions or computer-based ones if we preferred.

A nice touch that we haven’t come across elsewhere

There are those who would look down their noses at computerized predictions. If I turn my head less than 45 degrees in either direction I can see a selection of them.

But as with anything in this game, it is foolish and counter-productive to simply write something off because of a feeling of superiority or snobbery.

Online sportsbooks make huge use of computer programs and algorithms when setting their odds and creating betting lines for us to waste money on.

Isn’t it silly to ignore what computers can do for us?

When it comes to making NBA predictions, it’s fair to say that computers do a really good job provided they have huge amounts of inputted data.

They’re just another tool in our arsenal against the bookmakers at the end of the day.


The model that they are using is based on a team’s “raw power” score and is only applicable across a closed number of games. There are computer models on the other side that dwarf this entirely.

They input data from every conceivable angle of the National Basketball Association

Even the best NBA tipsters cannot compete with an army of data-gatherers feeding information into a computer that might well become sentient and destroy the human race in the not-too-distant future.

So don’t get too excited…


If you’re looking for the latest NBA tips then you could do a lot worse than to cast your eye over the sites we’ve listed here.

They will all offer you links to gambling sites screaming about free NBA betting and purport to have the best NBA prop bets of anyone on the planet.

You can take advantage of those offers if you like.

But we see these sites as more of a venue for collecting information.

They have some valuable insights into upcoming NBA basketball games

It simply cannot hurt to see what they’re spouting about on any given day.

As with every piece of advice you receive from a site that has vested interests you have to exercise caution. You can even be wary of that advice if you want.

If sites have an engaging NBA betting guide then read it. If you are in the market for a risk-free bet then fill your boots.


It is all too easy to get sucked into this madness and get whisked away.

If you think you might have a gambling problem then seek the advice and counsel of those who can help you to find out.

When the fun stops, stop

We have a few golden rules here at The Jump Hub but none are more important than these:

  1. Never bet more than you can afford to lose

  2. When the fun stops, stop

And with that, we bid you farewell. Good luck.


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