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By Andrew D

June 24, 2022

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It’s always interesting to get other opinions and points of view in life.

Even if they’re clearly wrong…

Our interest in all things NBA has led us to some fascinating websites over the years.

There are polished, professional-level sites that prove an excellent resource for information and general meandering and time-wasting. Then there are the fun, amateurish sites that bring us the most joy. To call them amateur is not to decry them. For entertainment purposes, they don’t need to be bright and shiny.

They just need to grab our attention and give us something to get our teeth into.

That might be a detailed analysis of some aspect of an NBA game that we hadn’t considered before. Or it could be a flippant, sideways look at basketball culture and sillier aspects of the season. We’re down for it all.

A lot of free NBA resources and discussions come in the form of blogs and forums. Here is a selection of some of our favorite efforts.


The Covers NBA Betting Forum is one place we find ourselves dropping by constantly.

To say that the selection of topics here is random would be to do a disservice to the meaning of the word. But that’s what makes it endlessly fascinating.

Come for an hour and get lost for the night.

Right now there are discussions about how many points people are expecting to see in the NBA Playoffs and conspiracy theories about player form. There are threads of people asking for, and offering betting tips and advice on betting odds and strategy. Free picks and

Ostensibly, the forum is designed for people to discuss sports betting and NBA games and odds but it very seldom stays on course.

There are threads that do nothing but abuse teams and players that under-perform and the comments can be everything from hilarious to rather disturbing.

If the NBA is not your thing (what are you doing here?) then there are forums for sports takes on other, lesser competitions. There’s even one for soccer…

In essence, this part of the website is a sounding board for people to test and question ideas, or just rage into the void. It is addictive to see what madness turns up each day. Each hour actually.

Check it out and tell us we’re wrong…

Another place we like to browse regularly is:


Here we find a ton of NBA betting tips and articles on all aspects of the NBA.

We come here just to mooch around and see what new articles have dropped. But also to see what thoughts they have on the latest matchup that has caught our eye and might be worth a cheeky wager.

Is it technically an NBA betting blog?

Probably not but who are we? The blog police?

Check it out for some useful content and insightful articles.


Action Network has a huge wealth of information and useful articles.

Every aspect of the league is covered one way or another. You can investigate the latest parlay bets (why would you want to?) or traditional betting lines and get unbiased tips and opinions.

We really like the clear, concise way they approach the basics of betting.

There is a convenient “Betting 101” section that gives a brief description of each betting style. But the real value here is in the analytical articles and hot takes on all kinds of interesting subjects.

Take a look – we always find ourselves spending longer here than expected.


Although it is not the most intuitive or visually appealing of the sites listed here, we love knupsports anyway. They provide articles and news that is worth a regular look. Another interesting idea was to recommend physical books (remember those?) about how to win betting on sports. We particularly like their sports betting calendar. Great idea for those who want to extend the boundaries of their sports betting beyond the NBA.

We wish we’d thought of that and will now shamelessly steal the idea.

Jeez – we’re promoting their site already, what more do you want?


Next, and a firm favorite among the team here, we have Sports Geek. The site is not limited to NBA or even sports betting. It covers online casinos and even slots too.

The site is easy and intuitive to navigate. It offers comprehensive advice about NBA betting in all its’ forms. There are betting tips and strategies to be had here too. All in all, this is a virtual one-stop shop when it comes to the gambling world.

If you want to find the best betting odds for a wager you have in mind or have one suggested for you then Sports Geek is a great place to start. And finish.

The Sports Geek website offers high-quality resources that will appeal to bettors no matter their experience or skillset. There are statistics and data trends to be analyzed. Articles on strategies and breaking news make sports betting as easy as it can be. In fact, it is a website after our own hearts.

Being a newcomer to the scene, we at The Jump Hub are always ready to learn from the best and grow and improve. We can think of few sites we would care to emulate more than and we hope that is seen as a high compliment.

Last, but certainly not least we have:


Come on now. You didn’t seriously think we would write an article about NBA resources and not include ourselves, did you?

It’s an American tradition to shamelessly blow one’s own trumpet and who are we to go against tradition?

In all seriousness, we recognize that we have a lot to learn here at TheJumpHub but we are trying our best. We are constantly striving to improve our services every day and immerse ourselves in the game we love so much. Actually, we consider ourselves very lucky to be able to do so on a daily basis and long may it continue!

We feel that we already play a small but proud part in the NBA scene and hope to continue to enhance that and increase our contribution.

The Jum Hub contains an ever-growing list of (trumpet to the ready) fascinating articles on any and all aspects of basketball culture. Our NBA tips are picked by two of the most experienced gambling experts that you are likely to find anywhere and backed up by statistics from a proud stat-nerd.

Our team is dedicated and hard-working. Most of all we are determined to be the next generation of hot, comprehensive NBA websites. We hope you will join us on this exciting journey and help spread the word.

We appreciate any and all feedback through our social media network and endeavor to answer all messages.


Whether you’re looking for a guide to locating the best NBA odds or just checking out the latest NBA news there is something here to suit you.

Sports bettors tend to be interested in their target sport beyond wanting to gain any positive advantage they can from being on top of all aspects of it.

Whether we are winning or losing here at The Jump Hub, our interest in the NBA goes way beyond making our bankroll profitable. We hope that you feel the same and that some of these site recommendations will be of interest to you.

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