The 9 Best Twitter Accounts to Follow When Betting on the NBA

By Andrew D

March 28, 2022

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If you’re going to take this ‘betting on the NBA malarkey seriously, then…


You need to be constantly up-to-date on things like injury reports, tips and tricks, transfer rumours. What are the news and headlines from the day?

  • Are there any specific stats about a player or team that reveal hidden secrets?

  • Who’s been scratched just before the game?

  • Who had a bust-up with his girlfriend and may not be on top form?

The lot. 

Now, that’s not to say that all of it will be accurate or valuable in any way. There will be mountains of purest nonsense to wade through. That’s your job to decipher it all and filter out the piffle and wild conjecture.

But nestled in there among all the wild theories and hysterical fan over-reaction you might find little nuggets of truth that can give you clues as to how your next betting strategy should look.


Let others do the grunt work and you do the analysis before you pull the trigger on any basketball bets. 

One modern tool for gleaning NBA gambling tips is the behemoth that is Twitter. 

Here are our top Twitter accounts to follow if, like us at The Jump Hub, you are obsessed with all things NBA. Oh, and you like having some skin in the game too…

So – log on, follow these Twitter accounts and suck every last drop of delicious information from them that you can. 

And don’t forget to turn on notifications so that you can instantly stop playing catch with your kid or discussing kitchen units with your partner the moment that new Tweets drop…

Priorities right?


(That’s a lie, the first one is our favourite)



Most sites covering the NBA will tend to offer little more than standard box scores when it comes to tracking stats. It’s nigh-on impossible to find more esoteric statistics.

Step up Synergy Basketball. The type of data that Synergy provides will really appeal to obsessive basketball fans and those bettors who want to cover every conceivable option. Welcome to our world. 

They take NBA stat tracking to another level altogether and we are so down for it. Some useful examples might be:

  • Comparable efficiencies of top scorers

  • The efficiency of shot-makers/off-ball shooters

  • FG % from around the rim 

The interface they use makes it all so easy to understand and absorb too. Flawless.

Find and follow now.



“Windy” Brian Windhorst is a two-time New York Times best selling author and an excellent resource for unearthing NBA information. Not just tittle-tattle and guff, but stuff that will actually help you to formulate strategies and pick betting lines moving forwards.

Brian’s longer articles are exceedingly well written and eminently readable. He covers a wide variety of topics and has genuine insight into the inner workings and trends of the NBA. Follow him now and pay attention for there is much wisdom to be gleaned. 



Self-described ‘ESPN senior NBA insider’ Adrian “Woj” Wojnarowski is arguably the most well-connected man in the NBA. His Twitter page is a source of almost constant information. Updates around the league are frequent and useful.

No time is wasted (ours or his) creating clever quips or observations. Adrian simply delivers up-to-date, accurate information about any and all aspects of the NBA. He is not interested in goading certain sections of his audience (as we have to admit we are sometimes wont to do here at The Jump Hub.)

He gets down to the business in hand and you would do well to pay attention to his Tweets if you are to progress as a sharp NBA bettor.



Kevin O’Connor is, perhaps, better known for his annual NBA Draft guide and podcasts on The Mismatch. O’Connor is an obvious NBA enthusiast who just loves talking about all things basketball.

The nice thing is that he knows what he’s talking about and can offer some genuine, knowledgeable insights and thoughts on the game.

Kevin uses interesting video clips and lesser-seen statistics to back up any observations he makes. His Twitter feed shows his experience and is easily accessible and fun to follow. Plus – he’s often right. Ignore his Tweets at your peril.



Zach Lowe is a highly-educated, brilliant writer that produces interesting, eloquently written articles time and again. His style and content are engaging to read and he is generally agreed to be one of the stalwart gurus of NBA analysis. 

Lowe’s work is serious and extremely deep analytically. You can expect longer-term predictions and comments on the state of the NBA in general. He writes the kind of prose that you sit down in a comfy chair and really soak up.

It isn’t really meant for a casual glance as you scroll past. Rather, it is the detailed and articulate work of someone who is a master of their craft.



Shams Charania is the king of the contract update. His insider knowledge of the inner workings of the system and the current statuses of NBA players and coaches is second to none. 

Charania lets you know when players get injured or cut. When they get signed or traded. All the details you need are forthcoming and in great time. If you are the kind of NBA bettor who follows the latest news and form of players (as you should) then Shams is an absolute must follow.

As a senior lead NBA insider, you know that all of his sources are reliable and cited. Credibility is everything in this game and Charania has it in spades. 



NBA betting is a great place to get legitimate NBA predictions that you can actually incorporate into your betting strategy and get dividends from. They focus on NBA team/player props but are good for all kinds of information and tips.

The picks are a cinch to spot and implement. Overall a very useful Twitter account to follow and one that has certainly reaped some rewards in our office since we stumbled across it. Check it out today.



MyBookie supplies all kinds of NBA content and, unsurprisingly, most of it is betting-related. If you never seem to have enough time in the day to scour the news and rumour mills then MyBookie takes the work out of it for you.

New NBA bets and markets are covered nicely and you can certainly learn some interesting, useful information if you follow them. You can expect multiple Tweets per day so feel like you are constantly in the loop. 



StatMuse is another account dedicated to throwing some light onto less accessible NBA stats and figures. They go way beyond what would be considered ‘standard’ basketball statistics and this really appeals to some bettors.

Especially those who take a comprehensive approach to their betting strategy and want to analyse every possible angle that they can of every move made. 

Or – the team here at The Jump Hub – in other words…

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