The 6 Best NBA Betting Apps

By Andrew D

June 20, 2022

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For better or worse, sports betting in the modern world could not be more straightforward or accessible.

As with everything that seems to matter to most people these days, gambling is a cinch using a mobile betting app.

They are generally well-designed and easy to use. They have turned the act of placing a bet into something that can be done as quickly as sending a message to a friend.

In fact, some of them are so good that they genuinely enhance the overall NBA betting experience and probably make us return more often than we would otherwise.

Is that a good thing?

Well, it depends.

If you’re a mature, seasoned gambler who only places the bets they intend to and are not prone to spontaneous bouts of spending madness then sure!


It is now staggeringly easy to spend way more than you intended to or can afford in the blink of an eye.

Especially if you break one of our golden rules here at The Jump Hub:


No matter what your chosen method of taking yourself into an ‘altered’ mental state is, it’s probably not going to be conducive to informed, smart wagering.

Unless your method is meditation. Then you’re probably in a better state to do so than the rest of us…

There are some advantages to betting the NBA via a mobile app:

Apps are designed to be accessible and simple ot use. This works both for you and against you if you are weak.

It’s a handy thing to be able to access you account and place bets one-handed on the fly.

But it’s also a curse if you are an ill-disciplined muppet…

Because of the streamlined nature of the best NBA betting apps, all of the information you need is in one place. From the live scores, lines, stats, to articles and daily tips.

It’s all right there in the palm of your hand. It will even notify you if anything needs your immediate attention or there is an offer you might be interested in taking advantage of.

Phones are generally very secure and all of your details and preferences can be safely contained in one protected place.

We recommend Australian sportsbook PlayUp for all your NBA Betting. They have great offers and promotions, keen NBA odds, and a huge array of other sports to have a bet on. Read our full review of PlayUp.

18+ | You know the score | Stay in control | Gamble responsibly


After a quick straw poll of the members of our team, there are a few elements of a mobile betting app we all agree we want to see:

  • Fast loading pages

  • User-friendly interface

  • Intuitive design

  • Uncluttered pages

  • Large, clear text

  • Fair, competitive NBA betting odds

  • Enticing promotions and bonuses


As always there have been some disagreements here on the final list of best mobile betting apps. We are in agreement that these are all worthy of your attention and will endeavor to highlight any pros and cons.

But, like everything, sports betting is a very personal experience and some of the perks and foibles that we noticed might mean nothing to you.

In alphabetical order then, here are our recommended NBA betting apps:


With a recent makeover and almost total overhaul, The BetOnline sportsbook now really does the business. It looks good and is really easy to interact with.

This pleases us immensely as we agree that BetOnline has always been one of the stalwarts of the industry when it comes to offering good betting odds and enticing money line bets.

There is no shortage of NBA betting markets to keep you entertained here. One place that BetOnline seems to be ahead of the game (and its rivals) is in the NBA futures markets. They offer a deep well of options that you might struggle to find elsewhere. Their odds tend to come out sooner too.

A caveat that we need to add here is that this does not apply to the mobile app. That lacks the options for prop bets that the online site does.

This is, after all, an article about apps

There are options for those who prefer to bet on the NCAA or WNBA.

Leaving the best till last – BetOnline does a great job when it comes to catering to those of us who prefer to make lots of player prop bets. There are deals galore to be had and some interesting lines you might struggle to emulate elsewhere.

Last but not least, newcomers to the app can expect a welcome bonus. These are subject to change of course but tend to be very respectable and fair.

Good news

  • The new site is a significant improvement visually.

  • A user-friendly interface makes NBA wagers incredibly straightforward and satisfying.

  • Gameday prop bets are hugely varied and all-encompassing. They can be applied both to teams and players.

  • Some of the most highly competitive betting odds in the industry

  • A welcome bonus that is not to be sniffed at

Bad news

  • NBA games cannot be live-streamed

  • Prop bet options are reduced when using the mobile app


The BetUS mobile app offers up some very competitive NBA betting odds and runs very smoothly.

There are lots of lines to go at and, crucially, BetUS publishes its futures odds before other online sportsbooks and gives those hankering for NBA action in the offseason something to appease them.

BetUS has produced a high-quality app that offers very quick access to the most up-to-date news, stats, and tips. They’ll even offer you betting strategies to take advantage of and it is all done so effortlessly and intuitively.

There are some very tempting crypto deposit bonuses at the time of writing. If that’s your thing then this is probably the best NBA betting site for you.


  • One of the easier NBA betting apps to install and get to grips with

  • Many options for NBA live-betting. Also offers a great choice for pre-game and futures wagering.

  • Futures bets are available much earlier than other sites. It is even possible to bet on player ratings for the next season!

  • $2,500 crypto-currency deposit bonus (subject to change)

  • Stats, tips and updates are all easily accessible from the app.


  • No European League basketball betting options

  • Live streaming is not available


The Bovada sports betting app is a treasure trove of NBA betting markets and game lines. The options are extremely wide-ranging and comprehensive and extend to all aspects of NBA betting. That includes live online betting and player/team prop bets.

The Bovada app is one of the best-looking NBA betting sites on this list and boasts a streamlined layout and clear, intuitive user experience.

There are decent promotions and welcome bonuses to tempt new users and keep old ones happy.

It has to be said, however, that the chances of finding the best NBA odds in the business here are slim. Bovada never seems to be at the cutting edge of the competition in that regard and really lets itself down in terms of almost being a one-stop-shop.

High five

  • Efficient and fast-loading betting app. Straightforward and intuitive to use.

  • Versatility and variety of options. From NBA live-betting to futures bets and most things in between.

  • An excellent range of player and team prop bets is accessible.

  • Parlay betting (who thinks that’s a good thing?)

  • A very respectable $750 deposit bonus during the NBA Playoffs

Left hanging

  • Not available for use in Las Vegas, NV

  • There are more competitive NBA odds to be found on other sites and mobile applications.


Another of the best NBA apps available on the market is EveryGame. This sportsbook does lag behind some of the competition in terms of options. But EveryGame is known to provide excellent odds for NBA futures bets, which is something the sportsbook prides itself on. On top of that, EveryGame also has markets open for WNBA basketball and tons of international basketball to keep you busy during the long offseason.

This new, updated NBA betting app is simple enough to install and navigate, gifts a $200 deposit bonus to newcomers, and EveryGame bonus codes tend to be quite rewarding, too.


  • Among the best odds of any online sportsbooks for NBA futures

  • Tempting promotions and offers during live betting

  • Parlay betting

  • A risk-free bet of $200 when you first sign up and install the app

  • Easy and intuitive to navigate

Ass kicked

  • Lacking game day options and variety

  • Visually uninteresting


MyBookie is a top choice among serious NBA bettors as it is almost guaranteed to have some of the best NBA odds. It is constantly able to be competitive with any of the online betting sites we’re talking about in this article.

One thing that the less technologically advanced among our team appreciated was how similar the mobile app is to the website. They are virtually identical and that is a huge relief to those who are easily confused.

Placing bets could not really be any simpler and the range of options and markets is huge and offers some interesting angles. This is even more relevant on game day itself so it bears regular checking to make sure you don’t miss any of the action.

It is not without good reason that MyBookie has become so popular. Everything is as you would expect/want it to be.

They have a very good array of promotions and NBA betting bonuses. Especially for newcomers who are eligible for an impressive $1,000 deposit bonus! Promotions are subject to change.


  • Lots of NBA betting lines. Especially good for future and live betting

  • Parlay bets are catered for (meh)

  • Reliable NBA betting app; updates by the minute

  • Good bonuses (subject to change) of $500 reload and $1,000 sign up


  • NBA live streaming is not possible through the mobile app


XBet has an excellent selection of NBA betting tips and picks. There are all kinds of pages offering advice and up-to-date assessments of NBA teams and players alike. There are blogs and detailed articles to trawl through and it generally seems as though XBet are doing their very utmost to give you the best chance of winning your bets.

Nothing is perfect and the same is true here. XBet really doesn’t have the deepest prop markets and cannot compete with some of the other titans here in that regard. There are usually a handful of options for each game and that’s enough for some people.

But not us

Overall, the site is clear and easy to navigate. It’s perfect for newcomers as it is really simple to make bets and has lots of decent offers.


  • User friendly and easy to navigate.

  • Player and team prop bets can be accessed via the mobile app.

  • NBA live betting and parlay bets available through the app.

  • Fair and generally competitive betting odds

  • Quality articles offer insights into aspects of the NBA and provide betting picks and tips.

  • A good welcome bonus ($500 at time of writing but subject to change)


  • Not as visually appealing as some of the others listed here.

So that’s our list of the best NBA online betting sites

Here are a few other angles we thought about:


The best online sportsbooks for NCAA college wagering are undoubtedly

  • MyBookie

  • BetUS

  • Bovada

  • BetOnline

They offer a rich and varied market of prop bets and have all the angles pretty well covered between them. They have a very competitive approach to offering odds and can always be relied upon to offer good bonuses and promotions.

There are plentiful futures bet options to be dabbled with and, when seasons are underway, they offer live betting on college games too.

Please note that while most states are opening up to sports betting, some still do not allow betting on college basketball teams from the state that you happen to find yourself in.

Please see our article – ‘What states allow sports betting‘ for a better understanding of the situation when it comes to legalized gambling in the USA.

No extra app or downloads are required and all of your European business can be done with your existing NBA betting app.


When it comes to betting on our European cousins then Bovada has it pretty well covered.

They offer the most competitive odds and cover the majority of betting options you would expect to have access to when betting on the NBA. This includes live betting for those of you who don’t sleep well through the night…

As with college basketball betting, you can access the European betting markets right through your NBA betting app.


None of the NBA betting apps we’ve discussed would have even made the list if it weren’t for a decent level of promotional and bonus offerings.

That being said, they do differ in their generosity and that is worthy of consideration.

Newcomers can expect the tastiest morsels. Scroll back to see what each site offers.

Here we will just add that BetUS is our team’s favorite app for promotional offerings.

Joining the loyalty program enters the customer into a tiered system that encourages returning and spending money to receive an ever-improving set of promotions and bonuses.

There is also the small (not so small) matter of that $2,500 deposit bonus.

Yes, it’s crypto-currency but that is becoming more and more mainstream by the day.

The other sites are all respectable in this area and there are sports bettors who have kick-started their careers on the back of a series of free bets and matched deposits.

Then there are those who have squandered them like us.

When the fun stops, stop


As long-term hobbyist sports bettors, betting on the NBA is part of who we are here at The Jump Hub.

Now that we can legally bet on the NBA in more and more parts of the USA it is great to see that more NBA betting options are appearing and improving constantly.

This list of the best NBA betting sites is not one that all readers will agree with. We can hopefully say with confidence that any app mentioned would be a good bet (pun intended).

As a final word – while we were unable to agree on our collective number one choice, we did manage to agree that BetOnline was as close to it as we were going to get.

With a really user-friendly interface, great variety of betting lines, and probably the best betting odds around, you could do a lot worse.

Time to go out there and try a few for yourself.

After all, the search for the best NBA betting app for you will inevitably lead you to lots of promotions and bonuses that you can take advantage of early in your gambling odyssey.

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