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By Andrew D

June 18, 2022

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So if you’re like every member of The Jump Hub team then you are obsessed with all things basketball.

  • Wake up in the middle of the night and start thinking basketball? Check

  • Daydream about NBA conspiracies and their validity? Check

  • Seek out game recaps and NBA highlights with alarming regularity? Check

  • Have a top 5 list of favorite moments from NBA history that you can reel off at any time? Check

Anyone who recognizes any of this has undoubtedly sought out NBA content among the staggering amount of YouTube channels time and again.

There is no shortage of basketball YouTube channels and there should be something to appeal to every kind of basketball fan. We’ve trawled through a shocking number of them to find our favorites.

So here they are – the beast NBA channels on YouTube. As usual, there is simply no way we can agree on what order to list them in so they are in completely random order:



It has to be said that the NBA’s own official YouTube channel is a great place to start. You’ll find highlights and breakdowns of plays galore. There are videos on everything from player information and reactions to team stats and highlights.

The channel is obviously professionally run and is updated frequently. You will seldom be bored if you browse through the vast collection and, of course, all the highlights are of the highest quality. You get access to all the best, official angles and shots from NBA games and are unlikely to tire of their array of content anytime soon.

One of the best YouTube channels on the market. Certainly the most polished.



Since 2011 JxmyHighroller has been putting out insightful and well-researched videos.

He uses a lot of statistics and actual data to back up his claims and observations. The range of topics and angles is endlessly entertaining and as far as we’re concerned (yes, we’re actually unanimous about this) JxmyHighroller has one of the best basketball YouTube channels you will find.

Over 2 million subscribers now too!

Ding dong



Professor Live is a superb YouTube channel that features a ton of stunts and ankle breakers that keep us amused for longer than seems healthy.

There are also basketball training tutorials and tips to be f0und here.

The culture of the NBA just oozes out of this channel and it really is a shining example of how to think differently and produce genuinely interesting basketball content.



Mike Korzemba offers us a YouTube channel that goes wild on all kinds of odd aspects of the NBA. From conspiracy theories and speculations to all kinds of weird and wonderful historical moments from the darker recesses of NBA history.

Korzemba loves a hypothetical scenario or NBA comparison and throws up some doozies. It’s no wonder that the channel is growing and looks set to carry on doing so. People are drawn to the weird and wonderful and you’ll find all kinds of both of those here.

It’s not all shenanigans and madness. There is some genuinely insightful stuff here.



Ok, so it’s not all about skits and conspiracy theories you know.

THINCPRO is a seriously in-depth YouTube channel that teaches and demonstrates all kinds of useful basketball moves. It is a legitimate tool for any player looking to enhance and hone their skills.

From jumping higher and dunking to improving scoring and building confidence, this is a great channel for self-improvement.



If you’re looking to improve your basketball game in almost every area then here is another gem.

IlovebasketballTV is a treasure-trove of skills and basketball training ideas.

It features videos that show how to emulate the styles and moves of your favorite NBA players and is a must-watch for upcoming players.

The hosts have some deep insights and understanding of basketball and how to play the game more effectively.  There’s a focus on improving vertical jump height too which all players would do well to practice and perfect.

All in all a very informative and enjoyable watch.



King of the Fourth Quarter’s channel is mainly filled with videos where he simulates NBA scenarios using NBA 2K.

He makes interesting observations and comparisons that are outside what you might normally expect in their scope and angle.

Worth checking out



NBA on TNT has great production values and high-profile contributors. There is banter aplenty when the likes of Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley are in attendance. Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith help to discuss gameplay and commentate on events from NBA games and news. High quality and inciteful with some legendary names. Check it out.

Shaqtin’ a Fool is a weekly segment that follows the NBA on TNT show.  It’s a (mildly) humorous look at the worst and most ridiculous plays from the NBA and other leagues.  They do a fine job of finding new material on a daily basis so it’s worth a look. If there have been any comical mishaps and incidents then they’re sure to feature here.



Here we have another excellent channel of basketball YouTubers that offers superb insights and analysis. Content is uploaded frequently and focuses on the latest events and up-to-date league news.

There is a pleasing, logical approach to the details here that we like. No dive is too deep when it comes to the specifics of why a certain play happened the way it did or why a given player is struggling for form.

The host shows a genuine understanding and love for the game of basketball and keeps us coming back for more.


Are you looking for a glimpse inside the world of the NBA and how basketball players think and feel about the issues of the day and basketball culture in general? We have a solution for you.
There are lots of NBA players and former players who have their own YouTube channels these days:

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo

  • Carmelo Anthony

  • Karl-Anthony Towns

  • Gilbert Arenas

  • Chris Bosh

  • Jaylen Brown

  • Troy Brown Jr.

  • Jimmy Butler

  • Steph Curry

  • Troy Daniels

  • Matthew Dellavedova

  • Andre Drummond

  • Kevin Durant

  • Evan Fournier

  • De’Aaron Fox

  • Manu Ginobli

  • Josh Hart

  • Justin Holiday

  • Serge Ibaka

  • Kosta Koufos

  • Kyle Kuzma

  • Damian Lillard

  • Jeremy Lin

  • JaVale McGee

  • Khris Middleton

  • Steve Nash

  • Victor Oladipo

  • Nate Robinson

  • Dennis Rodman

  • Dennis Schröder

  • Matisse Thybulle

  • Dwayne Wade


Don’t forget – every NBA team also has its own official YouTube channel.

They’re all pretty much same same but different. Insider footage. News and player profiles.

You get the picture.

We’re not going to list the NBA teams here – pretty sure you can figure that out for yourselves.


Basketball YouTube channels and their content aren’t all just game highlights and critiques any longer. With the popularity of YouTube channels on a seemingly neverending upward trajectory, more and more are bound to appear. It’s like having basketball TV on tap 24 hours a day.

There is humor to be found.

Serious advice and practical tips on how to improve your skills and overall game.

Behind the scenes footage and gossip.

Basketball players’ vlogs.

Conspiracy theories and in-depth analysis.

NBA team news.

The list goes on.

And we’re here for them all.

Well, most of them anyway…

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