Highest Rebounds Average 2021/22 NBA Betting Odds

By Andrew D

October 17, 2021

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The Jump Hub team have analysed the list of players who take more rebounds on average than any in the NBA. Here is a brief preview of our findings based on the market favourites. We have also included players we feel worthy of mention based on their highest rebounds average odds and/or previous performances. 


Highest rebounds average odds = 2.10

#15 center for:


NBA Championship betting odds = 41.00, NBA Eastern Conference betting odds = 23.00

27-year-old, Swiss-born Clint Capela is the market’s favourite when it comes to the highest rebounds average odds this season.

He finished the 2020/21 season with a very impressive, table-topping 14.3 total rebounds per game on average. 4.7 of those were offensive rebounds and 9.6 were defensive ones. 

Heading into his 8th season in the NBA (and 2nd with the Atlanta Hawks) Capela is really turning up the heat on the competition in this field. He has improved his stats in this area year upon year and there is no reason to think he can’t do so again.  

Coming in at 2nd favourite we find Rudy Gobert.


Highest rebounds average odds = 3.60

#27 center for:


NBA Championship betting odds = 15.00, NBA Western Conference betting odds = 6.50

3-time Defensive Player of the Year (and in the running once again this season), two-time All-Star Rudy Gobert finished his 8th season in the NBA with another set of superb stats, particularly where average rebounds are concerned. With 13.5 in total (3.4 of them offensive, and 10.1 defensive) he does not fall far behind the favourite number-wise. The market is aware of that and it’s tight at the top. His highest rebounds average odds of 3.60 reflect just how tight. 

For those of you interested in a reasonable longer-shot we feel that the price on our next player is well worth mentioning:


Highest rebounds average odds = 21.00

#9 center guard for:


NBA Championship betting odds = 91.00, NBA Eastern Conference betting odds = 26.00

Two-time All-Star player Nikola Vučević is so consistent in terms of his rebounding skills that his total rebounds have been within 0.3 of each other for the last 3 seasons. He continues to come very close to his career-best 2018/19 total of 12 every season and as we’ve said many times before – consistency is the key to success in the NBA. 

Nikola Vučević has it in spades. 

To finish 3rd overall but still be attributed highest rebounds average odds of 21.00 strikes us as exceptionally generous.  

If you pushed the team here at The Jump Hub for a tip it would be this: 

It’s probably eventually going to come down to the race between Capela and Gobert in terms of rebounds this season. However, that does not account for form, unforeseen injuries, and the ever-present spectre of Covid and its associated restrictions. 

With such generous highest rebounds average odds – it’s certainly worth a look at Nikola Vučević as far as we’re concerned.

Update – current (Jan 22) leaders here

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