Highest Assists Average 2021/22 NBA Betting Odds

By Andrew D

October 16, 2021

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At The Jump Hub, we love a good stat analysis. With that in mind, we’ve put together a brief preview of some of the favourites and any players we feel are worthy of mention based on their highest assists average odds and previous performances. 


Highest assists average odds = 2.25

#13 shooting guard for:


NBA Championship betting odds = 3.50, NBA Eastern conference betting odds = 2.10

James Harden is the runaway favourite when it comes to highest average assists odds this season. When we look at his numbers it’s not without good reason. 

The 32-year-old shooting/point guard has spent 7 straight seasons in the top 20 in terms of highest average assists. He finished first overall in the 2016/17 season with a superb average of 11.2 and was seriously close to that last season with 10.8. 

There is no reason to believe that the former MVP, 11-time NBA player of the month, 7-time All-Star, Olympic gold medalist (phew) cannot recreate that again this season. 

At The Jump Hub, we’re struggling to look much further than James Harden for the award this season, and feel his short highest assists average odds of 2.25 reflect that fairly well. 

If we do look just a little further then we find ourselves with the 2nd favourite:


Highest assists average odds = 4.33

#4 point guard for:


NBA Championship betting odds = 101.00, NBA Eastern Conference betting odds = 51.00

The 32-year-old, former MVP (2016/17) Westbrook hit a staggering average of 11.7 assists last season. That is no mean feat and was enough to put him top of the list overall. 

In fact, he annihilated the field with a clear and significant lead over the 2nd placed* Trae Young, who had 9.4 assists per game. 

That alone has to set alarm bells ringing when we’re looking at the highest assists average odds. 

Aside from an injury-hit 2019/20 season, Westbrook has scored more than 10 assists for 6-straight seasons and has been assists leader 3 times. 


We feel that his betting odds are, understandably, fairly short but not ridiculously so. 

*James Harden did not play the requisite 51 games to officially be placed 2nd.

6th favourite, with a significant lengthening of his betting odds, is:


Highest assists average odds = 21.00

#23 power/small forward for:


NBA Championship betting odds = 15.00, NBA Western Conference betting odds = 6.50

For a 3-time All-Star player that finished 4th overall last season in terms of his number of assists (8.9), we at The Jump Hub feel that Draymond Green’s highest assists average odds represent a very decent value at 21.00. 

Although his 2020/21 season’s assists average does represent a career pinnacle for the 31-year-old 2016/17 Defensive Player of the Year, there is still an outside chance he could recreate that this season. He might even improve upon it. 

3-time NBA champion Draymond Green remains an outside chance of course, and his highest assists average odds of 21.00 show that, but stranger things have happened…

If you insist on twisting our arm for a pick, then it’s a tough call, but at The Jump Hub, our money is going on Russell Westbrook. 

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