The Unexpected Collapse of Golden State in the 2016 NBA Finals

By Max Bennett

November 28, 2023

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A Crushing Defeat: The Unexpected Collapse of Golden State in the 2016 NBA Finals

To call the 2016 NBA finals a heartbreaker would be an understatement for any die-hard Golden State Warriors fan. A season that had promised so much, a team that had delivered unparalleled brilliance, all came crashing down in a nerve-wracking showdown against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Not only did it crushed our dreams, but it also dug deep into the pockets of those who had faith in our warriors, particularly since they had impressive odds of 7.00 to win the championship.

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Golden State Warriors had walked their regular season like a colossus, achieving a record-breaking 73-9 outing. Basking in the afterglow of their 2015 championship victory and relying on the dazzling play of Stephen Curry, the Warriors looked set to rip their name through the annals of NBA history once more.

As expected, the team roared into a 3-1 lead, and the taste of consecutive championships seemed tantalisingly close. However, our warriors, in an unfathomable chain of events, seemed to lose their dazzling shine, resulting in one of the most exasperating collapses in NBA history.

Our warriors were pitted against two formidable foes in LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. Surely, the herculean task of overturning a 3-1 deficit was beyond even their prowess. However, against all logic and predictions, they rallied together and gave a performance worthy of legends.

Game 5 saw both these Cavaliers' marquee players simultaneously catch fire, garnering 41 points each and stunning our warriors to reduce the lead to 3-2. It wasn’t merely a loss; it was a wake-up call, a foreboding harbinger of what lay ahead.

Game 6 was essentially a LeBron James masterclass, with him scoring another 41 points. What was initially perceived as an assured victory now hung precariously at 3-3, setting the stage for an adrenaline-rushed Game 7.

If we’d hoped Game 7 would see our Warriors rise to the occasion, it only ended up adding salt to our wounds. Undeniably, the Warriors played hard, but the Cavaliers appeared to be on a divine mission. Irving delivered the coup de grace, hitting a three-pointer with less than a minute left.

That hope-draining shot, followed by “The Block” by James on Iguodala’s layup, sealed our fate. The buzzer finally put the dagger in our hearts, and against all odds, the Cavaliers lifted the NBA championship trophy. The unthinkable had happened; the Warriors had surrendered a 3-1 lead and our much-anticipated championship dream crumbled into dust.

If losing as defending champions wasn’t gut-wrenching enough, the hole left in the pocket by the lost bet on the Warriors certainly was. The 7.00 odds, which looked generous at the start, turned out to be a cruel joke.

The MVP crown rested on LeBron James’ head, but it was not just about his individual magnificence. It was about a team that rallied when the stakes were against them and drove a stake through the hearts of Warriors’ fans. In retrospect, the 2016 NBA Finals are a bleak reminder that even the greatest can falter and that the glory of victory is but a fragile dream, especially for those who backed their faith with big wagers.

2016 NBA Finals Betting Results:

Cleveland Cavaliers won the series 4-3

Game 1 (Jun 2): Cavs 89 - 104 Warriors (Odds: CLE 3.03, GSW 1.40)
Game 2 (Jun 5): Cavs 77 - 110 Warriors (Odds: CLE 3.09, GSW 1.39)
Game 3 (Jun 8): Warriors 90 - 120 Cavs (Odds: GSW 2.01, CLE 1.83)
Game 4 (Jun 10): Warriors 108 - 97 Cavs (Odds: GSW 2.19, CLE 1.71)
Game 5 (Jun 13): Cavs 112 - 97 Warriors (Odds: CLE 2.89, GSW 1.43)
Game 6 (Jun 16): Warriors 101 - 115 Cavs (Odds: GSW 2.09, CLE 1.77)
Game 7 (Jun 19): Cavs 93 - 89 Warriors (Odds: CLE 2.63, GSW 1.51)

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