Cavaliers and Warriors NBA Betting Rivalry

By Trent D

November 09, 2023

Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors NBA Betting Rivalry

Betting Through NBA History - Cavaliers vs. Warriors Showdown

As a dedicated Cleveland Cavaliers fan and bettor, the four consecutive NBA Finals from 2015-2018 with the Golden State Warriors were the epitome of rollercoaster betting experiences, vividly fuelling the thrill and heartbreak of sports gambling alongside fanhood.

The spectacle began in 2015, tossing a coin between the Warriors, led by the impeccable Stephen Curry, and our Cavaliers, playing through injuries yet marked by LeBron James' indomitable spirit. Although the injuries seemingly stacked the deck against us, I backed my team faithfully. It was a heart-wrenching loss for every bettor faithful to the Cavaliers, as Golden State won their first championship in 40 years.

Four consecutive finals have made this match up one of the biggest rivalries in the NBA - check out the latest odds and tips for the next Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors game.

2015 NBA Finals Betting Results:

Golden State Warriors won the series 4-2

Game 1 (Jun 4): Cavs 100 - 108 (OT) Warriors (Odds: CLE 3.02, GSW 1.41)
Game 2 (Jun 7): Cavs 95 - 93 (OT) Warriors (Odds: CLE 3.72, GSW 1.30)
Game 3 (Jun 8): Warriors 91 - 96 Cavs (Odds: GSW 1.78, CLE 2.09)
Game 4 (Jun 11): Warriors 103 - 82 Cavs (Odds: GSW 1.54, CLE 2.58)
Game 5 (Jun 14): Cavs 91 - 104 Warriors (Odds: CLE 4.64, GSW 1.21)
Game 6 (Jun 16): Warriors 105 - 97 Cavs (Odds: GSW 1.66, CLE 2.28)

2016 NBA Finals Betting Results:

Cleveland Cavaliers won the series 4-3

Game 1 (Jun 2): Cavs 89 - 104 Warriors (Odds: CLE 3.03, GSW 1.40)
Game 2 (Jun 5): Cavs 77 - 110 Warriors (Odds: CLE 3.09, GSW 1.39)
Game 3 (Jun 8): Warriors 90 - 120 Cavs (Odds: GSW 2.01, CLE 1.83)
Game 4 (Jun 10): Warriors 108 - 97 Cavs (Odds: GSW 2.19, CLE 1.71)
Game 5 (Jun 13): Cavs 112 - 97 Warriors (Odds: CLE 2.89, GSW 1.43)
Game 6 (Jun 16): Warriors 101 - 115 Cavs (Odds: GSW 2.09, CLE 1.77)
Game 7 (Jun 19): Cavs 93 - 89 Warriors (Odds: CLE 2.63, GSW 1.51)

The very next year, in 2016, confidence surged among the Cavaliers' bettors after overcoming all previous year's adversities. Entering the Finals, odds were again closely contested. Yet, when our Cavaliers were 3-1 down, many bettors admitted to losing hope. Despite the odds, those who stuck through were rewarded most splendidly, as our team made history by overcoming a 3-1 deficit, delivering us a long-awaited championship. Betting on King James that year brought unmatched joy and a healthy profit to those who believed.

2017 NBA Finals Betting Results:

Golden State Warriors won the series 4-1

Game 1 (Jun 1): Cavs 91 - 113 Warriors (Odds: CLE 3.65, GSW 1.31)
Game 2 (Jun 4): Cavs 113 - 132 Warriors (Odds: CLE 4.37, GSW 1.23)
Game 3 (Jun 7): Warriors 118 - 113 Cavs (Odds: GSW 1.63, CLE 2.36)
Game 4 (Jun 9): Warriors 116 - 137 Cavs (Odds: GSW 1.50 CLE 2.68)
Game 5 (Jun 12): Cavs 120 - 129 Warriors (Odds: CLE 4.16, GSW 1.25)

However, 2017 saw a different story unfold. Tensions, and stakes, were higher in the betting world as Warriors added Kevin Durant to their artillery. Even though the Cavaliers held the championship momentum, the balance tilted towards Golden State in the betting markets. My unwavering loyalty led me to back our Cavs again, yet Durant's offense, combined with Curry's excellence, saw Golden State reclaim the trophy and the bettors backing them the spoils.

2018 NBA Finals Betting Results:

Golden State Warriors won the series 4-0

Game 1 (May 31): Cavs 114 - 124 (OT) Warriors (Odds: CLE 2.41, GSW 1.60)
Game 2 (Jun 3): Cavs 103 - 122 Warriors (Odds: CLE 5.15, GSW 1.18)
Game 3 (Jun 6): Warriors 110 - 102 Cavs (Odds: GSW 1.66, CLE 2.27)
Game 4 (Jun 8): Warriors 108 - 85 Cavs (Odds: GSW 1.60, CLE 2.41)

Finally, 2018 was a high stakes repeat encounter, with the Warriors emerging as heavy favourites among bookmakers. Despite placing a bet on Cavaliers for a LeBron-led miracle, the Warriors' balanced offense led to the Cavaliers' downfall. LeBron's monumental performance in Game 1 was a victory for Cavs' fans, though not for those, including myself, who bet on their overall victory.

Looking back at those four Finals, the betting market saw profound fluctuations, often akin to rocketing heartbeats we fans experienced. Each bet was a testament of faith, a dash of calculations, and hope against the odds. While some bets translated into financial losses, others gave way to glorious victories.

Emphasizing on the thrill of sports betting, those four years were so much more than an exchange of chips. Each bet was a ride - nerve-wracking at times, exhilarating at others. Fans became investors, games turned into opportunities, and victories (or losses) were felt viscerally, both as a fan and as a bettor. As I reminisce about these Cavaliers vs. Warriors match-ups, I can only say, win or lose, what a bet it was to be part of arguably the greatest rivalry in modern-day NBA!

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