Rudy Gobert Odds and Tips. NBA DPOY 2021/22 picks

By Trent D

September 24, 2021

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According to the Defensive Player of the Year betting that the market has attributed to each player, there is a clear favourite to take the award this season. Let’s take a look at the Rudy Gobert odds;



Defensive Player of the Year betting odds = 4.50

If we look closely at the top 7 players (according to their DPOY betting odds) and compare them against each other we find some interesting results.

It is worth noting that the voting for DPOY is based on the individual’s personal criteria and preferences so this kind of assessment can only go so far towards predicting any outcome.

Clearly, these stats do not tell the whole story of a player.

They are more a guide to certain aspects of his game and where he excels or lacks focus.



Gobert is 6th from 7 when it comes to the total number of field goals (FG).

Gobert scored and he only made 8.2 attempts – less than half that of the top player (Antetokounmpo) who made 18 last season.

When he does shoot however he is easily the most accurate player on the list. With 68% overall field goal accuracy.

He is streets ahead of the next player (also the big Greek) who only has 57% overall.

Although it is not unusual for centers in the NBA to have low 3-point scoring stats, Gobert has none at all.

In the modern game, most teams have realised that there is a calculable long term value in distance shooting, but that is not an element of Gobert’s game as yet.

He sits in the middle of this small pack in terms of free throws taken and scored but is near the bottom percentage-wise (62%).

When it comes to claiming rebounds – now that’s where Rudy Gobert really starts to show his mettle. He tops the stats in all areas.

Being 7’1” (2.16m) clearly doesn’t hurt him there!

If we’re giving greater credence to any particular stats when it comes to being important defensively then maybe those are some of the ones that deserve it.

Not as many assists from the Frenchman as we might like to see.

He is a reasonable blocker but gets almost no steals.

Gobert holds the ball up well (low turnovers) and commits a fairly low (for this list) number of fouls (2.3).



As a decent scorer (14.3 per game) Rudy Gobert obviously gets all around the court and is a versatile, important attribute to the team.

But will that be enough to secure him the title of Defensive Player of The Year for a record-equalling 4th time?

At The Jump Hub, we are still a little surprised to see him come in as such a red-hot favourite in terms of his NBA Defensive Player of the Year betting odds.

When we look at the numbers alone he actually comes in 4th place despite the betting seeing Rudy Gobert odds as clear favourite.



Games Played (G) – 71

Field Goal Percentage (FG%) – 68%

2-Pointer Percentage (2P%) – 68%

Offensive Rebounds (ORB) – 3.4

Defensive Rebounds (DRB) – 10.1

Total Rebounds (TRB) – 13.5

Turnovers (TOV) – 1.7

Player Fouls (PF) – 2.3



Field Goals (FG) – 5.5

Field Goals Attempted (FGA) – 8.2

2-Pointers (2P) – 5.5

2-Pointers Attempted (2PA) – 8.2

Free Throw Percentage (2P%) – 62%

Assists (AST) – 1.3

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