NBA Power Ranking Update - Week 4

By Max Bennett

November 08, 2022

NBA Power Ranking

With a week ahead packed with Eastern Conference v Western Conference games, and a full 3 weeks into the 2022/23 NBA Season, we can take a good hard look at the NBA Power Rankings, as reported by

A quick look at the top 10 sees the West dominating, with 7 of the 10 places, but and its a big but, East holds positions #1 and #2 with the Bucks and Cavs respectively. We expect the rankings to look quite different next week though, as week 4 sees 31 interconference games, which is as many as we had in the first 3 weeks combined.

The full breakdown, together with some superb analysis can be found over at

Ratings leaders and tail enders

Time to look at the monsters and the mice of the league for each of the major rating categories used by the NBA to generate the Power Rankings.


Monsters: Milwaukee Bucks: 9-0
Mice: Houston Rockets: 1-9

Offensive Rating (OffRtg)

Monsters: Dallas Mavericks: 117.5
Mice: Los Angeles Lakers: 102.7

Defensive Rating (DefRtg)

Monsters: Milwaukee Bucks: 100.6
Mice: Detroit Pistons: 118.1

Net Rating (NetRtg)

Monsters: Cleveland Cavaliers: +12.0
Mice: Detroit Pistons: -11.3


Monsters: Los Angeles Lakers: 103.7
Mice: Dallas Mavericks: 95.6

The importance and use for NBA Power Rankings

So why does this matter? Why does it matter that the Lakers top the Pace ratings, but are having an appalling season? Or that the Mavs have the lowest pace, but the highest offensive rating?

These stats are a great way to look, at a glance, at a team or a game and make some decisions about your bet. Whilst we are only 3 weeks into the season, these stats are actually starting to build some stability and consistency.

Looking at a game between two high scoring (OffRtg) teams, also look at their DefRtg, if they are "sub par" then look to take the Over bet. Thinking of a line (handicap) bet on a game, check out each team's Net Rating, it will tell you lot about about what you should bet on.

The Ratings used by the NBA for the Power Rankings, tell you an awful lot more about where to have that bet, than just scanning the record, and using your gut feel.

That being said...I'll always bet on the Bulls...obviously!

NBA Power Rankings - Week 4 summary

Position / TeamRecordOffRtgDefRtgNetRtgPaceWeek 4 Games
#1 Bucks9-0112.0 (16)100.6 (1)+11.5 (2)100.7 (13)@ATL, @OKC, @SAS
#2 Cavaliers8-1114.8 (6)102.9 (2)+12.0 (1)97.7 (27)@LAC, @SAC, @GSW, Vs MIN
#3 Suns7-2116.4 (3)105.1 (3)+11.3 (3)97.8 (26)@PHI, @MIN, @ORL
#4 Celtics6-3117.5 (2)113.7 (23)+3.8 (8)99.0 (21)@MEM, Vs DET, Vs DEN, @DET
#5 Jazz8-3114.1 (8)109.0 (8)+5.0 (6)100.4 (17)Vs LAL, @ATL, @WAS, @PHI
#6 Trail Blazers6-3110.3 (20)109.5 (11)+0.8 (14)98.5 (23)@MIA, @CHA, @NOP, @DAL
#7 Nuggets6-3115.3 (5)113.3 (20)+2.0 (9)100.9 (11)@SAS, @IND, @BOS, @CHI
#8 Mavericks5-3117.5 (1)111.1 (14)+6.4 (5)95.6 (30)Vs BKN, @ORL, @WAS, Vs POR
#9 Grizzlies7-3114.8 (7)113.6 (22)+1.2 (10)100.7 (14)Vs BOS, @SAS, Vs MIN, @WAS
#10 Pelicans5-4114.1 (9)109.4 (10)+4.7 (7)100.0 (19)@IND, @CHI, Vs POR, Vs HOU
#11 Raptors6-4116.0 (4)108.5 (6)+7.5 (4)97.8 (25)@CHI, @HOU, @OKC, @IND
#12 Hawks6-3113.2 (12)112.5 (16)+0.7 (15)101.6 (8)Vs MIL, Vs UTA, Vs PHI, @PHI
#13 Bulls5-6110.5 (18)109.6 (12)+0.9 (13)100.9 (12)Vs TOR, Vs NOP, Vs DEN
#14 Heat4-6109.3 (22)111.1 (15)-1.8 (21)98.6 (22)Vs POR, Vs CHA, Vs CHA
#15 Warriors3-7112.1 (15)116.6 (28)-4.5 (24)103.3 (3)Vs SAC, Vs CLE, @SAC
#16 Knicks4-5111.0 (17)112.8 (17)-1.8 (20)100.6 (15)@MIN, @BKN, Vs DET, Vs OKC
#17 76ers4-6114.0 (10)113.0 (19)+1.0 (12)96.5 (29)Vs PHX, @ATL, Vs ATL, Vs UTA
#18 Nets4-6113.0 (13)113.6 (21)-0.6 (16)98.4 (24)@DAL, Vs NYK, @LAC, @LAL
#19 Timberwolves5-5110.3 (19)109.2 (9)+1.1 (11)103.0 (4)Vs NYK, Vs PHX, @MEM, @CLE
#20 Clippers5-5103.0 (29)106.7 (4)-3.7 (22)99.6 (20)Vs CLE, Vs LAL, Vs BKN
#21 Spurs5-5109.8 (21)117.0 (29)-7.2 (28)103.4 (2)Vs DEN, Vs MEM, Vs MIL
#22 Thunder4-5107.0 (25)108.6 (7)-1.6 (19)101.9 (6)@DET, Vs MIL, Vs TOR, @NYK
#23 Wizards4-6108.2 (24)113.9 (25)-5.7 (27)97.6 (28)@CHA, Vs DAL, Vs UTA, Vs MEM
#24 Pacers4-5113.4 (11)115.0 (26)-1.6 (18)102.2 (5)Vs NOP, Vs DEN, Vs TOR
#25 Lakers2-7102.7 (30)108.2 (5)-5.6 (26)103.7 (1)@UTA, @LAC, Vs SAC, Vs BKN
#26 Kings3-5112.3 (14)113.9 (24)-1.5 (17)101.1 (10)@GSW, Vs CLE, @LAL, Vs GSW
#27 Magic2-8108.9 (23)112.9 (18)-4.0 (23)101.1 (18)Vs HOU, Vs DAL, Vs PHX
#28 Hornets3-7106.2 (27)110.7 (13)-4.6 (25)101.3 (9)Vs WAS, Vs POR, @MIA, @MIA
#29 Pistons2-8106.8 (26)118.1 (30)-11.3 (30)100.6 (16)Vs OKC, @BOS, @NYK, Vs BOS
#30 Rockets1-9106.0 (28)115.4 (27)-9.4 (29)101.7 (7)@ORL, @TOR, @NOP

OffRtg: Points scored per 100 possessions (League Rank)
DefRtg: Points allowed per 100 possessions (League Rank)
NetRtg: Point differential per 100 possessions (League Rank)
Pace: Possessions per 48 minutes (League Rank)

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