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By Max Bennett

October 16, 2022

With the NBA's 77th season just around the corner, it's time to look at the odds of the top 5 teams in the Championship Betting according to PlayUp, and who we here at The Jump Hub pick as our favourites. Max and DJ run through their thoughts on the top 5 in the betting. 

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NBA Championship - Top 5 in the Betting with PlayUp

Milwaukee Bucks6.50
Boston Celtics7.00
Golden State Warriors8.00
Los Angeles Clippers8.00
Brooklyn Nets10.00

Milwaukee Bucks (6.50)

Max Bennett:

If they manage to avoid injuries unlike last season with Kris Middleton's devastating knee injury, likely being the sole reason they lost to the Celtics, we could be looking at the most formidable team in the NBA at the moment. With Giannis Antetokounmpo at the peak of his career and a now back-on-his-feet Middleton, there should be no defeating the Bucks. Right?

DJ Arthurs:

The Bucks are a powerful unit, there is no doubting that. But 6.50 favourites? That's a bit of a stretch. Any team with Giannis and Middleton firing on all cylinders is in with a shot, but that super strength is also a potential weakness. Any injury to either and the Buck's backing band are simply not playing the same instruments as their leading men. Avoid.

Boston Celtics (7.00)

Max Bennett:

Despite, the Celtics' best defensive player, Robert Williams, undergoing knee surgery resulting in him being shelved for the start of the season, the Celtics impressive track record and having a real frontrunner for MVP with Jayson Tatum. Below the hosts of 'Celtics Beat' discuss the coach, Joe Mazzula's upcoming challenge - coaching some of the best players in the league - featuring Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated.

DJ Arthurs:

Confession time. I'm from Boston. I love the Celtics. I grew up watching the Celtics. I dream about the Celtics. And I have typed this mini pick out several times trying to remain objective, as nothing would please me more then tipping the Celtics. But - I can't. Not at odds of 7.00.

The Celtics have made some pretty bold moves in the off season, and may (hopefully won't) struggle to get the new squad gelling in time to mount a proper challenge this time out. For me, and many Celtics fans the plans in Boston are long term, building a dynasty to wrestle the power centre away from the west coast, and to that end, I see Boston winning in 23/24, 24/25, 25/26 and so on. I just don't see them winning the NBA Championship...yet.

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Golden State Warriors (8.00)

Max Bennett:

The return of the Warriors sees not only the return of key players such as Curry, Green and Thompson, but also a newer generation of players such as Jonathan Kuminga, James Wiseman, Jordan Poole and Moses Moody. With the accuracy of Curry starting to slip, and Thompson recovering from two surgeries, the fate of the Golden State Warriors this season lies in the hands of the newer players, for better or for worse.

DJ Arthurs:

It pains me to say, especially as a Celtics fan, but the Warriors are my 1 star pick for the NBA Championship. Why only 1 star? Because my 2 star pick isn't in PlayUp's top 5 that's why!

But with GSW we are looking at a team with power, depth and now that Poole and Draymond appear to have kissed and made up, I really fancy them to do the business.

Golden State Warriors are my 1 star pick for the NBA Championship with PlayUp at odds of 8.00 with PlayUp

LA Clippers (8.00)

Max Bennett:

Now we all know that the Clippers have seen their fair share of injuries recently, which, let's be honest, is likely to continue. However, with their massive roster of fantastic players, even their second five playing in place of their entire first team would be in with a good chance of coming out on top. And with Tyronn Lue, who led the Clippers to the conference finals in his first season as Head Coach, we're pretty sure he can take them a couple of steps further this time around.

Personally, I can't see past the Clippers going one better than last season and winning the NBA Championship, so they are my 2 star tip at decent odds of 8.00 with PlayUp

DJ Arthurs:

Rarely does this happen, but I generally agree with Max here. The Clippers have a phenomenal squad, with depth everywhere. But, where we diverge is how strong that first five is. It's strong. But is it as strong as Boston, or GSW? No, not in my opinion. Yes having a brilliant second five is great, but its largely your first five that win games and I just don't see LAC having that strength in the first five just yet.

Championship odds of 8.00 are just too short to justify picking the Clippers.

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Brooklyn Nets (10.00)

Max Bennett:

Despite being favourites last year, the Nets faced a disastrous season, with their team completely falling apart from the inside. They do still have Durant, Marks and Nash, Harris and Simmons ready to play once again and a few additions from the off-season, so on paper the Nets should be in with a chance. But no one would blame you for being wary of trusting them to win after the catastrophe last season.

DJ Arthurs:

If I could work out how to insert a crying laughing face emoji here I would, but I can't so words will have to suffice. Should you bet on the Nets to win the 2022/23 NBA Championship? No - you absolutely should not.

A shambles of a team last season, I can't see any moves they have made in the off season making that much of a difference. So avoid the Nets.

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