NBA Odds: Orlando Magic @ 501.00 Draft Jalen Suggs

By Trent D

August 11, 2021

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Jalen Suggs from Gonzaga (Rookie of the Year betting odds = 7.00)


Picked by – Orlando Magic (NBA Championship betting odds = 501.00)

Age: 19

Measurements: 6’ 4” (195cm), 205 lbs (93kg)

Position: Guard

Here is another pick that had us wrong-footed. We expected Suggs to go to The Raptors and Barnes to Orlando. That situation has been reversed, and The Magic are the lucky recipients of Jalen Suggs. Let’s look at what they stand to gain from his presence.



Suggs averaged a decent 14.4 points per game for the Bulldogs. He claimed 5.3 rebounds (the second-best of our top 5), 1.9 steals, and 4.5 assists.



Suggs is the shortest, and second lightest player from the top 5.

He makes up for any shortcomings with his sheer athleticism and terrific instincts, however.

He is the definition of a leader and is an excellent decision-maker, passer and playmaker. Continually pushing the pace with impressive intensity, Suggs keeps the engine room ticking and working hard.

As a true team player, he passes the ball selflessly. He is one of those invaluable players who tend to improve those around them.

Suggs transitions superbly and averages very few turnovers per game, despite a high level of possession.

He was the standout scorer for Gonzaga last season, but will not have things all his own way in the NBA.

As a solid shooter with superb jump mechanics, he can bamboozle defences and create chances out of nowhere. That goes a long way towards making him a very dangerous opponent.

His lack of size and stature might make him a target for uncompromising defences though.

Defensively he plays with great energy and is not afraid to do the hard work required. He defends cleverly off the ball too and is quick in all aspects of his game.

With a bit of tightening up in his shooting, this is one prospect who can really set the NBA on fire. We believe that Orlando have scooped up a real gem.

We’re not surprised that the market has betting odds on him being Rookie of the Year standing at 7.00. That puts him level with Mobley in 3rd place.



Along with Houston, The Magic had the dubious distinction of ranking in the bottom five in both offensive and defensive efficiency last season. Clearly, that is no way to win games in such a tight competition, and a 29% win rate was the inevitable result. That is simply not good enough.

Betting odds have them at 501.00 and that’s rather telling.

They will need to make serious improvements this season and Jalen Suggs might be just the catalyst they need.


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