NBA Odds: Toronto Raptors @ 126.00 Draft Scottie Barnes

By Trent D

August 09, 2021

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Scottie Barnes from Florida State

Picked by – Toronto Raptors (NBA Championship betting odds = 126.00)

Age: 21

Measurements: 6’ 8” (2.03m) 225 lbs (102kg)

Position: Forward

 Here we have a slight variation from our predictions. We thought the Toronto Raptors might go for Jalen Suggs instead, but Barnes has jumped 2 places to number 4. Let’s see why we think the Raptors have put their faith in the 21-year-old, and break down what we believe he brings to the party.



Barnes shot an average of 10.3 points (FG 50.3% 3P 27.5%), 4.0 rebounds, 4.1 assists, and 1.5 steals per game. His field goal (FG) percentage was the highest of any player above him in the draft, as were his number of assists.

That’s a very decent FG percentage, but on a tally of only 10.3 points, it’s less impressive. Barnes is not a power scorer, and his 3 point shots let him down last season.



An unfinished, but highly promising prospect. He has the build of a forward, but the skills of a point guard. He marshals the floor expertly and his playmaking skills are a cut above most others in this position. A defensively-minded big forward who can flourish in the NBA. That’s something any team can get behind.

It is rare to find a player of this size that handles the ball and reads defences this well. This may go a long way to explaining Toronto’s decision in passing up a couple of other sterling choices in favour of Scottie Barnes.

He also initiates the offence and pushes the pace. Something the Raptors desperately need. He is the consummate ‘team player’ and is only too happy to unselfishly create chances for teammates and hustle off the ball.

The potential for great improvement and long term rewards certainly outweighs the potential risk for the Raptors, and we feel it was an interesting, but savvy choice to bring him on board.



After seven straight seasons as a top-four seed in the Eastern Conference it was a somewhat shocking decline for them last season. With their first top 5 pick in the last ten years they have (some would argue) gambled a little and chosen Scottie Barnes. As we’ve outlined above, we’re of the opinion that this may turn out to be a very shrewd move, but only time will tell. The market odds on them are (odds)

They are a team that knows how to produce results. If they can turn last year’s results (37% win rate) into a blip and nothing more they have the potential to reach the heights again. The team here at The Jump Hub feel that Scottie Barnes can only add to their arsenal and improve their chances.


Update – actual Draft results here


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