Highest Points Average 2021/22 NBA

By Andrew D

October 17, 2021

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At The Jump Hub, we’ve put our heads together and looked at the highest scorers in the NBA. Here is a brief preview of our findings based on some of the favourites and any players we feel are worthy of mention based on their highest points average odds and previous performances. 


Highest points average odds = 4.00

#3 shooting guard for:


NBA Championship betting odds = 101.00, NBA Eastern Conference betting odds = 51.00

3-time All-Star Bradley Beal is the market’s favourite when it comes to highest points average odds this season.

He finished the 2020/21 season with a, frankly astonishing, 31.3 points per game on average. 

Take a moment to think about that…

That’s over a quarter of all the points the average NBA team can expect to score per game. 

Heading into his 10th season in the NBA that puts Beal up in the rarified air that very few players get to breathe, shared only by the likes of Stephen Curry.

It comes as no great surprise then, to find the man himself as 2nd favourite.


Highest points average odds = 5.50

#30 point guard for:


NBA Championship betting odds = 15.00, NBA Western Conference betting odds = 6.50

7-time All-Star, 3-time NBA winner, twice MVP, twice scoring leader Stephen Curry is nothing short of a phenomenon. 

Curry was recently nominated for MVP again at the age of 33 in this, his 13th season. 

He topped the scoring at the close of play last season with a ridiculously high average of 32 points per game and has not scored less than 20 in any season since 2011. 

His free throw percentage is frighteningly good at 91.6% and it is clear that the man is a naturally gifted, unstoppable scoring machine. 

Fairly short though they may be, the highest points average odds that the market has attributed to him still seem like a reasonable deal. 

As a long-shot we feel that the price on our next player is particularly generous:


Highest points average odds = 26.00

#1 shooting guard for:


NBA Championship betting odds = 15.00, NBA Western Conference betting odds = 10.00

2-time All-Star Devin Booker has been a solidly high scorer throughout most of his 6 season career in the NBA thus far. He came in joint 7th in terms of points scored last season. While he is perhaps unlikely to make that leap to the top spot, we’re not quite as confident as the market that he can’t do so. 

He is a natural, prolific scorer who shows great consistency, and if there’s one thing that our obsession with stats and numbers here at The Jump Hub has taught us, it’s that consistency is the ultimate key to success in the NBA.   

For the team here at The Jump Hub, it’s dangerous and foolish to ever overlook the astonishing Stephen Curry, so we’re not about to start. That’s where our money would be heading. 

Update – current leaders (Jan 22) here

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