What is a double result bet in basketball?

By Andrew D

October 31, 2022

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In this article, we’ll give you a simple breakdown of the concept known as a ‘double result bet’ and when it might be advantageous to consider utilising them as part of your NBA betting strategy.

First things first, to put it as succinctly as possible, a double result bet is one where you predict two outcomes from within the same match but only risk one staked amount. 

Both results have to come in for your bet slip to be a winner

Those of you who have read some of our other articles might be aware of our less-than-favourable opinion of parlay betting.

If you want to read a good rant about them then head over to our article ‘ What is a parlay bet?’ - We don’t hold back.

In a way, a double result betting slip is similar to a parlay. The way that the stakes accumulate if the first part of the bet is successful is the same. It just happens that both of the wagers are contained within the same game.

But are they totally the same? No, not really.

A double results bet line can be laid on lots of different sports. Primarily those with two halves.

Sports where scores are lower, like soccer, are perhaps a touch easier to predict. 

If you can stay awake long enough...

Draws/ties are common and several happen in every round of games. In NBA basketball, scoring is much more rapid and predicting a draw/tie at halftime would be a trickier proposition. But that doesn’t mean you can’t employ some level of double result betting strategy as part of your wider model.

Let’s take a closer look at the mechanics of how double result bets work:

There are 3 potential outcomes to any half:

  • A wins

  • Draw/tie

  • B wins

If we look at the total number of potential outcomes that could happen, we find that there are 9 separate scenarios for any given match of two halves.

  1. A wins - A wins

  2. A wins - draw/tie

  3. A wins - B wins

  4. B wins - A wins

  5. B wins - draw/tie

  6. B wins - B wins

  7. Draw/tie - draw/tie

  8. Draw/tie - A wins

  9. Draw/tie - B wins

So, you could lay a bet on a half time tie, but predict that Team A will end up winning the second half easily. Thus taking the game in the end. You are clearly taking on more risk by making 2 predictions instead of one. 

Team A might very well take the lead in the first half and keep it until the end.

In that case, your bet is lost at half time and the final result is meaningless. 

But that’s why you win more money if it turns out you were right!

Double result betting in the NBA 

as it is a sport where you can bet on the outcomes of both halves.

Let’s take a look at an NBA example:

The Indiana Pacers are on the road to face Miami Heat.

The Heat are red-hot favourites @ -10 (1.40)

You’re pretty confident that this is accurate and that Miami will control the game.

But 10 points is a pretty significant margin of victory and there’s not much scope to win big with such low odds. You risk Indiana putting on a decent show and covering their spread to thwart your plans.

In this case, instead of laying a high stake to win back any kind of significant amount, you might choose to opt for a double bet.

You wager that Miami will win both halves:

  • Team B win - Team B win

The odds still won’t be terrifically long but the way that the stakes accumulate means your winnings will be higher if the Heat do indeed control the game from start to finish.

Even if Miami only win each half by a single point your bet will still be a winner. 

If we had taken them @ -10 (1.40) then our money would be gone.

Of course, we cold have taken a moneyline bet and simply picked Miami Heat to be the victors. But they were such heavy favourites that we would have had to lay more money than was prudent to see any kind of return. 

If you wanted to maximise your winnings then the best odds you would get would be to bet on a draw/tie at half time. But this is such a difficult thing to predict in NBA basketball that it is a very risky proposition.

As always - do your homework!

Take into account any injuries or roster changes in the two teams. How do they tend to affect the teams involved? Do they usually play more conservatively when these situations arise?

Are their gameplay dynamics altered by the inclusion or removal of certain players? How have the remaining players performed together in the past?

It all comes down to how much time and inclination you have to spend predicting your sports bets. If time is short and you are not in the position to do your research then it may be that the double result bet is not the way forward for you.

NBA betting, player plus minus

When to opt for a double result bet

As we have seen, the double result bet can be useful in situations where you are confident of the way that a team will behave but cannot find decent odds that don’t require a huge outlay to return reasonable amounts. 

The higher risk naturally brings higher potential reward. If you’ve given yourself a maximum amount to place on the game then this is one way that you can increase the amount of money you will get back.

But remember! There are now 9 potential outcomes to the match you are betting on instead of the standard 3. You might be increasing the amount of your potential win. But of course, you are simultaneously reducing the chances that you will do so.

Welcome to sports betting.

The problem with double result betting on the NBA

Ok, so ‘herein lies the rub’ as they say. 

As sports go, basketball is one of the most volatile in terms of scoring. 

It is common for teams to come from behind and the points totals are usually high and unpredictable. This all makes bookmakers very nervous and their odds can seem somewhere stingy at times as a result.

The thinking still holds that you can enhance a bet on a red-hot favourite using this type of bet. But in games where the outcome is far from certain, it is likely that unexpected scoreline will occur.

And that’s not good for us as sports bettors

Protecting your bankroll

If you haven’t set yourself a maximum amount per bet, then please go no further until you have read this article - ‘How to manage your bankroll in sports betting’.

No, seriously

It is no exaggeration to say that it is crucial to have a bankroll strategy if you are to succeed at any kind of sports betting. It restricts the amount that you are able to risk on any bet to a percentage of your overall bankroll. Thereby reducing the possibility that you will see that amount reduced to nothing.

We’ve all heard horror stories about problem gambling. People who left themselves and their families destitute and bankrupt. Protecting your bankroll in this manner will not help you with the wider implications of that, but it will help you to avoid letting things get out of hand before you know it. Follow the instructions and maintain a disciplined attitude to it and you will thank us later.

Double result betting strategy

Ok, so now that we have a grasp on what exactly double result betting is, let’s discuss strategy.

Although information and knowledge are powerful allies in sports betting, you don’t necessarily need to spend countless hours studying stats and form.

Yes, we told you to do your homework and we meant it. But there isn’t always time. As long as you are aware of why you are placing a double result bet in any given situation, then you are in a better position.

You should certainly never blindly make this type of bet. You are setting yourself up for failure that way and nobody but the online sportsbooks wants that.

The very least you should do is to study the two teams involved.

  • Find out if they tend to come out hard and fast then fade later.

  • Do they keep reserves of energy and pull off large numbers of comebacks?

  • Are they competent on the road or only reliable at home?

  • We mentioned injuries and roster changes. Check the most up-to-date news there.

Use your findings to whittle down your choices. Check your work and then place your bet!

Placing a double result bet

A double result bet is a fairly straight forward bet to place. It goes something like this:

  • Choose your game

  • Select one of the 9 available options for that game

  • Input your stake amount

  • Check your work!

Final thoughts

In the exciting, frustrating, elation, depressing world of sports betting there are lots of ways to make your day better. And lots of ways to ruin it completely.

We’ve made our feelings about parlay bets fairly clear. And some of that disdain finds its way onto the double result bet.

But not quite as much…

We will concede that there are occasions when it is a valid tactic to use. It just takes skill and a deeper understanding of the game than many people might hope to possess.

If you are interested to delve further into the complex statistical world of the NBA then we found an interesting blog you might like. Short but sweet, it talks about why you ideally want your chosen home team to be losing by a single point at halftime.

An interesting take that is worthy of two minutes of your time.

As we always say in our betting-oriented articles, pay close attention to your gambling habits. It is so easy to slide into a cycle of problem gambling that can be a nightmare to fight your way out of.

If you think you might have issues in this area, please seek the advice of anyone who will listen. You are not alone and there are people out there who will discuss the situation with you gladly.

We know that not everyone engages in sports betting for entertainment purposes only. We’re not naïve. We’ve fallen into the trap ourselves in years gone by.

But if you’re in it specifically to win money then you have chosen your pastime poorly. Statistically, that’s not going to happen.

We’re not saying “don’t lay bets” - of course we’re not. It has enhanced and enlivened our existence in many ways over the years. All we’re saying is, use some common sense.

When the fun stops, stop

Always follow the golden rules:

  • Never bet more than you can afford to lose

  • Maintain your discipline when it come to protecting your bankroll (read the article!)

  • Do not chase frustrating losses by making rash bets

  • Assess your betting regularly with an honest eye

  • When the fun stops, stop

As for double result bets? Proceed with caution but don’t take them out of your toolbox completely. 
They’re like that tiny screwdriver in the bottom that you’ve never used even once. But when you need it, it’s a life saver.

Good luck and thanks for reading.

Image Courtesy of Alamy

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