The Top 6 Best US Sports Betting Sites

By Andrew D

July 28, 2022

The sports betting landscape is a very different place in the United States these days.

Since the historic ruling in New Jersey, the domino effect has begun in many other states and legalized gambling is now available, or in the pipeline in many states.

For pure convenience and the range of available options, retail sports betting sites can no longer compete with online sports betting sites and so the biggest names in the business now offer both.

It is for this reason that our onus in this article is heavily skewed towards what is available remotely via online sports betting sites.

We acknowledge that there are those of you who do not have access to reliable internet connections or just prefer to do things the old-fashioned way. That’s fine.


We recognize that some states do not allow for this and we sympathize. Utahans who like to gamble really need to have a close look at their situation or get used to regular long drives…

For an in-depth understanding of the situation – read our article – ‘What states allow sports betting

Once the floodgates opened, millions of sports fans were provided access to a huge number of online sports betting sites.

So – now that there are suddenly myriad options on the table and that’s great news for sports bettors. More choice usually translates into fiercer competition among those betting sites that are vying to take your hard-earned dollars.

A competitive environment should inspire innovation and a commitment to excellent service that can only benefit us as customers.


Well, let us help you with that. We have, as dedicated, some would say “hardcore” gamblers, done all the research you will need to make your decisions.

So strap in and let us guide you through the pros and cons of our favorite US sports betting sites.

We have tried to take into consideration all the factors that we look for ourselves when choosing an online sportsbook.


  • Proof of being a legitimate, licensed business. Licensing and security are crucial. Every effort must be made to safeguard online bettors. Certainly, the latest SSL encryption is a bare minimum. The best online betting sites will be fully licensed and regulated.

  • A stylish, simple, user-friendly interface and mobile experience. The best online sportsbooks will invest time and money ,aking their sites look and feel as slick as possible. We prefer dedicated apps for our mobile devices but these are still rather thin on the ground as yet. We want to see intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that help rather than hinder our progress and cater to those less digital-savvy.

  • Top-quality customer service and trouble-shooting. Customers want reassurance that they can contact their chosen sportsbook if and when they run into trouble. The best betting sites in the USA offer 24/7 customer support. If phone options are not available we expect email and live chat services at the very least.

  • Good value betting lines with market standard vigorish. It can be difficult to compare odds between online betting sites that offer different betting options and markets. However, there are always direct comparisons to be made in straight bets or other standard betting forms.

  • A wide selection of sports and betting markets. Range of markets. The sign of a great online sportsbook is in the depth of its betting markets. They should offer a wide range of sports and betting options. From prop bets, over/under bets, parlay options (boo), and more. The more options we have as customers, the more in control and satisfied we feel.

  • Live betting and in-play options. Bettors who want to watch the live-action as it unfolds need access to live betting markets and streaming services. Streams are not yet ubiquitous, even in the top sports betting site. But we expect a high-quality, efficient system of live betting. There is simply no excuse not to have this option.

  • Good promotions and bonuses. We expect online betting sites to pull out all the stops to get you to sign up. Welcome bonuses can make a biggish difference to your bankroll but always come with conditions. Beware having to spend (and possibly lose) thousands just to gain a few hundred back for free.

  • Special Features. Some top online sportsbooks stand out from the crowd by offering special features. There is the prop building feature at MyBookie. Or the price-finder via Twitter and “Request A Bet” features elsewhere. These special features will not appeal to all but they are a good indicator to us that a sportsbook is constantly thinking about its customers and how best to engage them.

  • Multiple, straightforward payment options for deposits. No nonsense, no fees. This is usually handled well by most online sportsbooks. Funny how they can take your money so rapidly but…

  • Fast withdrawal of winnings. This is where we have to pay close attention. Those sites that are oh-so-great at snapping your hand off when you’re depositing money with them can suddenly become less efficient when it comes to giving back your winnings. Strange coincidence that. Oh, and had it better be free to withdraw. We’re looking at you MyBookie…

Our goal in this article is to provide the reader with online sportsbook reviews that will help navigate this brave new world of legal online gambling options.


After all, what is a review if not someone’s opinion of the thing in question based on their actual experience of it?

What we can say is that they will be unbiased in terms of any rewards or kickbacks from any of the companies involved. We have no affiliations to any of them other than being signed up members of the ones we prefer to use on a daily basis. If we recommend them then it is only because we genuinely believe them to be worthy of your time and money.

And we use them ourselves

Top online sports betting sites will offer up dazzling, shiny baubles to entice you inside. And they often back up those enticements with high-quality, fast-running mobile apps and quality markets.

But that is not to say that the big boys are the only ones you should consider. Even smaller betting sites can offer a wide range of betting markets these days and it might just be that they go above and beyond with their odds and promotions to try and tempt folks away from the behemoths.

During the course of researching this article, we have considered them all. Or as many of them as we possibly could that are considered to be trusted, reliable businesses. Licenses are only provided to those that are and will be displayed on any online betting site’s home page. But always be prepared to check if you are not sure.

Google, as always, is your friend in this. A few well-worded queries should reveal any issues with the site you are considering.


The days of needing to turn to offshore betting sites are gone. Legalized sports betting is still not as universally available as we’d like it to be but it’s getting there in a lot of places. Slowly, but surely.

There are simply too many legal options out there to even consider one that gives you bad vibes or just seems too good to be true. When was the last time that something too good to be true turned out to actually be true?


Sadly, there are charlatans and shysters in all walks of life. Try creating an industry that has billions of dollars swimming around in it that doesn’t attract them like flies. It can’t be done.


You’re probably going to lose your money anyway but it would be immensely frustrating to do so without ever laying so much as a moneyline bet.


We talked long and hard about this list in The Jump Hub office. Not all of it was calm or productive. We differed on what elements of a site were more important to a prospective customer.

But one thing we did agree on was that the best online betting site for a “sharp” player making big wagers might not represent the best choice for a more casual player.

This means that picking an outright winner was nigh-on impossible. What we can say is that each of the legal sports betting sites listed here will look after your money and financial details securely. They are all legitimate, licensed betting sites that have fair and transparent policies and practices when it comes to running your account.

The finer details are where things get tricky…

We will do our best to break them down logically so that you can compare and contrast them with each other. But, personal choice and preferences play a huge part in this.

Some people couldn’t care less if an app is easy to use via their mobile device because they only lay bets once a week from their laptop. Others must have fast, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate apps in order to lay rapid live bets when the action is already underway.

There are as many methods of sports wagering as there are gamblers, Read what we found and think about which elements of our research apply most to you.

At the end of the day, the sheer number of sites that will allow you to try their services for a low deposit (that they will often match) is staggering.

If you sign up with one and find that you really don’t like an element of it that we hadn’t considered, then it is no big deal to simply remove any winnings you’ve accumulated and try elsewhere.

Ok then. For those of you who don’t want the details, just our basic findings – here goes:

  • Best overall sportsbook – BetOnline

  • Excellent live betting – Bovada

  • Best for Parlays – MyBookie

  • Outstanding special features – MyBookie

  • Best value odds – BetUS

  • NBA betting specialists – MyBookie

  • Biggest welcome bonus – BetUS

  • Best site for horse racing – Xbet

Those of you in it for the long haul (respect) – here are the sites we like the best and why:



Overall, we are in general agreement that BetOnline is our favorite sports betting site. The betting markets they offer run deep.

There is a straightforward, rapid system of placing live bets.

The site gets huge props for us (as do others that we will mention here) for providing free (for those with accounts) live-streaming of games.

There is an online casino included for those of you who like to lose your money on things other than sports betting.

The deposit/withdrawal system works as it should. The site makes payments as simple as possible by accepting credit cards, debit cards, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

The odds at BetOnline tend to be highly competitive for most major sporting events. Those range from basketball, football, soccer, golf, tennis, UFC, auto racing, esports, and so on. The scope for sports bettors here is pretty overwhelmingly huge.

There is no shortage of “alternative” wagering options either. From team and individual prop bets to 3-way betting.

Key factors in us rating BetOnline so highly are these:

If you do encounter problems, there is 24/7 customer support available by live chat.

The welcome bonus for newcomers is tasty but comes with some pretty restrictive terms and conditions.


  • Legitimate, licensed business

  • A stylish, simple, user-friendly interface and dedicated mobile app experience

  • Top-quality customer service and trouble-shooting

  • Good value betting lines with market standard vigorish

  • Huge selection of sports and betting markets

  • Variety of bets, including parlays (please, no) If bets (linked bets), and teasers (bets that the site will offer to entice you into a new market)

  • Live betting and in-play options including superb live-streaming

  • Welcome bonus – new players receive a 50% matched deposit welcome bonus (up to $1,000)* Crypto-loaded accounts receive 100% matched deposits, but the rollover increases to 14x

  • Multiple, straightforward payment options for deposits

  • Smooth withdrawal of winnings:

  • Cryptocurrencies: Within 48 hours.

  • Check: Within 7 business days.

  • Money Order: Within 7 business days.

  • Bank Wire: Within 15 business days.

  • Person-to-Person: Within 5 business days.

  • Neteller: Within 36 hours.

  • Skrill: Within 36 hours.

  • CredeCard: Within 4 business days

*The bonus does have a high ‘rollover’ stipulation of 10x!!! This means that you have to bet at least 10x your initial deposit before you are eligible to claim the welcome bonus. i.e – if you deposit $500, you will have to wager $5,000 before your ‘free’ $250 from BetOnline is released.

Not only that, but you must place those wagers within 30 days of signing up. That might be a good deal for sharp bettors who are ready and willing to drop thousands on a regular basis but is not exactly a good idea for rookie gamblers.

That significantly lessens our positive impression of the welcome bonus but not enough to put us off the site.


When it comes to live betting, one of the best online sportsbooks for US players is, undoubtedly, Bovada.

The site offers live HD-quality streaming and odds for live bets are updated in real-time. This is done in response to the action as it happens, and you will discover that new prop bets appear as your match of choice is already underway.

Alongside a deep well of markets for the usual sports, the online betting site has betting markets for less-obvious sports and events. For example, there are lines for skiing, ice skating, and even volleyball.

There aren’t many prop bets to be found for the more obscure sports but the fact that you can find them at all is pretty impressive.

Deposits are handled professionally as you would expect, using the methods listed below. Bovada has a nice policy of allowing free withdrawals on amounts as low as $10.

  • Legitimate, licensed business

  • Logical site navigation. Clean lines and simplicity rule here. User-friendly interface and pleasing mobile experience (no dedicated mobile app) Very useful collapsible system

  • Good value betting lines with market standard vigorish

  • Superb customer service and troubleshooting 24/7. High-speed phone response / live chat

  • Bovada is very active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They are regularly updated (particularly Twitter) with betting insights, prop bets, and upcoming events.

  • Outstanding live betting support and in-play options. Odds are lightning-fast for prop bets and lines that are based on events as they unfold. Site membership includes superb live-streaming of major sports.

  • Welcome bonus – new players receive a 50% matched deposit welcome bonus (up to $1,000) This requires a rollover of 5x which is significantly less than the other online betting sites in this list. The matched amount increases to 100% (up to $750) if you make your deposit using a crypto-currency*

  • Multiple, straightforward payment options for deposits

  • Smooth, extremely rapid withdrawal of winnings but there is a catch! There are only 2 options. One startlingly fast. The other is at a snail’s pace and terribly old-fashioned in the modern world. Guess which one they’re trying to steer you towards taking?

  • Bitcoin: Within 15 minutes.

  • Check: Within 15 business days.

*If you make your initial deposit using crypto-currency then Bovada will 100% match your amount (up to $750)

Other deposit methods do not receive this offer. There is another stipulation that you must lay bets with minimum odds of 2:1 or greater but it is nice to note that there is no time limit for this and we appreciate that.


BetUS takes wagers on all the major US and European sports leagues. There are also markets for less common sports and events such as snooker, regional cricket, and Aussie rules football. A racebook is in place for wagers on horse racing that includes harness races.

There are reasonably good live-betting options although no live-streaming unfortunately. Odds update quickly and betting slips can be modified to reflect the new situation easily.

There is no dedicated app but the mobile site operates seamlessly and is user-friendly.

BetUS really stands out from the competition when it comes to welcome bonuses. There is a rollover free deposit match of an impressive 125% up to a maximum claim of $2,500. The only restrictions are that you have to wager that money on odds of 2.8/1 (+280) or higher within 14 days.

So, the chances are you’re going to lose most of it back to them within 2 weeks. They’re not stupid. However, this still represents an industry-best (that we can find) when it comes to welcome bonuses.

In a cutthroat world that is designed to drain you of your cash as rapidly and efficiently as possible, we’ll take that as a win

  • Legitimate, licensed business

  • Mobile-friendly website with logical navigation.

  • Excellent picks and previews.

  • Decent value betting lines with market standard vigorish

  • Attentive, helpful customer service and troubleshooting 24/7. Email /  telephone / live chat

  • Live betting is available and handled competently. Odds are quick to update and the process is streamlined and efficient.

  • Multiple, straightforward payment options for deposits

  • An industry-best welcome bonus of 125% deposit matched. This is contingent on the deposit money being wagered on odds of no less than 2.8/1 (+280) and it must all be done in the first 14 days! They giveth with one hand, while the other hand taketh away…

  • If the first deposit is done via crypto-currency, then the welcome bonus rises to an impressive 150%. This is separated 100/50 between the sportsbook and the casino. If customers take the maximum advantage possible from this deal then they can expect to receive a massive $7,500 to play with.

  • Reload bonuses also exist but do require rollover bets to become valid.

  • Up to $5,000 winnings withdrawal permitted per day. This is subject to a WITHDRAWAL FEE (unless withdrawn in crypto-currency) and is very disappointing. We feel that these sites are already making money hand over fist from their customers adn stinging them for having the audacity to win money and try to claim it is an insult.

  • Payouts are processed round-the-clock so tend to be very speedy


Although here at The Jump Hub we are primarily concerned with all things NBA and basketball in general, we acknowledge that other (lesser) sports do exist.

The Xbet sportsbook is, perhaps, top of the list of online sports betting sites when it comes to wagering on horse racing. They have markets for tracks in North America and Europe and lines for harness racing too. Somewhat controversially these days, Xbet also takes wagers on greyhound racing.

Aside from animal-cruelty-based wagering, Xbet also provides odds for all the major US and international sports markets

All-in-all a well-rounded service although there is no live streaming available. The site runs well on mobile devices, however, there is no dedicated app available as yet.

Xbet offers a smaller welcome bonus than many of the other sports betting apps and sites. But the rollover requirement we discussed earlier is a little lower at 7x.

That’s still a $3,500 requirement if you take full advantage of their offer, so we won’t start singing and dancing just yet.

They also offer to match 200% of your deposit if you plan to gamble in the casino area instead. However, the rollover requirement to be eligible for this is a staggering 40x!!!! You would, therefore, have to wager ten thousand dollars in order to receive your paltry $500 bonus.

Ok then. Let me think it over…

  • Legitimate, licensed business

  • Excellent, user-friendly site interface and seamless transitions (no dedicated mobile app)

  • Top-quality customer service and trouble-shooting

  • Good value betting lines with market standard vigorish

  • Variety guaranteed. One of the largest betting markets in North America. There is almost no sporting event you could not find action on. Also offers a ‘special wagers’ section that covers the latest betting options in US politics, religion, and novelty bets from the world of entertainment. eSports are also covered.

  • Live betting and in-play options including superb live-streaming

  • Welcome bonus – new players receive a 100% matched deposit welcome bonus (up to $500)

  • Multiple, straightforward payment options for deposits

  • Reasonably fast withdrawal of winnings. The minimum withdrawal amount for all options is $100 USD or $25 in crypto-currency:

  • Bitcoin payments take 24 hours.

  • Bank wire takes 5 to 7 business days (too long)

  • Refunds take up to 2 weeks.

  • There is also a maximum weekly withdrawal amount of $11k or only $2k if you won it in the casino area!


While it doesn’t have quite the sleek, professional feel of some of its competitors, the DraftKings’ sports betting site does everything that you want it to and is a satisfying site to interact with in many ways.

Although they started as fantasy sports specialists, DraftKings have expanded into the wider market and broadened their horizons.

The site now offers markets on a wide variety of sports. They have competitive bonuses and other features that give sports bettors an enjoyable overall experience.

DraftKings offers deep markets for a wide range of sports. It is particularly good at providing betting coverage and markets for NCAA basketball & football.

Patrons can place a range of standard bets and check out stats for all the recent matches. The site offers picks and tips for those not too clued up about college sports.

DraftKings really lets itself down with its market odds. You will be unlikely to find the best deals here. If you’re thinking (why?) of placing some parlay bets then the difference will be negligible. But those who are running a detailed betting strategy will struggle to find any margins here.

That’s not to say that we don’t enjoy DraftKings and collectively we find ourselves here more often than most. But sharp bettors would likely have nothing to do with it.

  • Legitimate, licensed business

  • DraftKings has a dedicated mobile app that allows you to access the full functionality of the full website. It is convenient and intuitive to use with all the flexibility you need to make the app all you need to stay up to date and in control.

  • The Flash Bets feature makes betting very simple. It’s easy to find all available betting options and markets, as well as additional features that complement the mobile betting experience and offer you a worthwhile stay with DraftKings.

  • Poor value betting lines with market standard vigorish

  • Quality customer service and troubleshooting 24/7. Email / live chat options. 3 separate centers for each of the 3 gambling areas.

  • Live betting – definitely a fun way to enhance your gambling experience. Tracking large numbers of live options is easy and intuitive. Options are wide-ranging. There is no live streaming sadly.

  • Cash out! Perhaps our favorite option. If your bet is still live and is winning, the site will offer you a lesser amount to cash out there and then. These offers can sometimes be very tempting. Especially if things are getting tense in the game your money is riding on! They will also offer you a much lower amount if your bet is losing but has a chance to win if fortunes change. This is a neat way to prevent a bet from being a total loss and is something that comes into play when protecting your bankroll.

  • It seems that amounts vary from state to state so be sure to check what the offer for your location is. To qualify for the new depositor’s bonus, you need to deposit at least $5 and make the required number of wagers. Your deposit will then be matched at a rate of 20%. In other words, to get the full $500 you would need to deposit $2,500

  • This system seems to also apply to the $1,000 bonus. You get 90 days to make the required wagers. These are not odds-based as some are. They simply give you $1 of bonus money for every $25 that you bet*

*It still means that you have to bet thousands of dollars to get back a fraction of that money.

  • DraftKings Sportsbook has a number of tested and reliable deposit methods and withdrawal options. A mix of credit, debit card, and standard e-wallet methods.


Now we come to one of our favorites here in The Jump Hub office when it comes to NBA betting.

In fact, if it weren’t for a couple of deal-breaking factors, we would consider it a pretty close runner-up to BetOnline as an excellent all-rounder. Apart from a lack of ‘teaser’ or ‘if’ bets, the features that one can access at MyBookie are almost identical.

They have a vast array of betting markets and sporting events. They have a particularly good range of future betting options and that is something that interests us when betting on the NBA.

It’s nice to be able to get your “Who will be Rookie of the Year?” bet in early and focus on other, more important stuff like who the Atlanta Hawks (Go Hawks!) are looking at in the transfer market.

They also offer an impressive range of team and individual prop bets, even on the myriad regular season NBA games. This is cleverly handled with a “Prop bet builder” and you can customise your betting to your hearts’ content.

The lack of live-streaming is what really hampers MyBookie and pushes it down our list.

It’s not that we expect to be able to watch live games as we bet. It’s just that, with some other sites, we can

So, by default, that lessens the power of those that don’t have that option.

If you are some kind of masochist, then you might be interested in MyBookie’s capacity for building many-layered parlays. It allows you to mix your bets in such a way that you might have 20 bets resting on a single game.


Another site that offers to match 50% of your initial deposit (up to $1,000) but again you have to bet 10x that amount for it to become active. To get the maximum bonus you would have to deposit $2,000 and bet $20k.

Yeah right

  • Legitimate, licensed business

  • A recent facelift has improved the site significantly. It now boasts a huge range of options in a user-friendly, logical manner. Overall, a smooth site to navigate (no dedicated mobile app)

  • Good value betting lines with market standard vigorish

  • Superb customer service and troubleshooting 24/7. High-speed phone response / live chat

  • Live betting: MyBookie does offer live betting but the service is very limited. There is no way to see the current live-betting options, nor any kind of tracker. There is little more than a list of upcoming games that you will be able to bet on live. Oh, and there’s no live-streaming. Fail

  • Outstanding live betting support and in-play options. Odds are lightning-fast for prop bets and lines that are based on events as they unfold. Site membership includes superb live-streaming of major sports.

  • Welcome bonus – new players receive a 50% matched deposit welcome bonus (up to $1,000) This requires a rollover of 10x

  • 10% bonus on cash deposits (up to $200 – 1x rollover)

  • 150% (up to $750) casino deposit bonus (40x rollover)

  • 8% rebate on all bets placed on horse racing

  • Multiple, straightforward payment options for deposits. Lowest amount:  $25 Highest: $10,000

  • Reasonably fast withdrawal of funds with documentation. ONLY ONE PAYOUT IS FREE – after that, you will be charged depending on your chosen method of withdrawal. This is another reason why MyBookie is not higher up the list. We find that kind of insulting. You didn’t get enough chances to take my money?

  • Bitcoin: 24 hours

  • Bank Wire: 5 to 10 business days

  • eCheck: 5 to 10 business days

  • ACH: 3 to 5 business days


As thorough as we tried to be, it was not physically possible to investigate the full potential of each site.

We gave the following sites a cursory look and read other reviews about them. In that spirit, we cannot put them in our main list but feel that they deserve mention here:

  • FanDuel

  • BetMGM

  • Caesars Sportsbook

  • PointsBet

  • BetRivers

  • WynnBet

  • Bet365

  • Borgata

  • Fubo Sportsbook


The best sports betting sites are easy to use and enjoyable to interact with. There are so many other considerations to think about, that if you’re planning to pick one or two to try out, you might as well pick the ones that you enjoy using up front and take it from there.

Use our guide here to show you the differences in the small details (sometimes they’re not so small) and assess the situation as you go.


The sports betting industry will chew you up and spit you out so fast that your head will spin if you let it.

It might feel different than sitting at a casino table and watching your dollars disappear slowly (rapidly) down through that slot in the table – but there is no real difference.

You can easily get yourself in trouble if you’re not constantly monitoring the situation and how you’re dealing with it (financially and, perhaps more importantly, emotionally).

Your primary goal when laying bets should be that it is done for entertainment purposes only.


Some of us have gone too deep in the past and had to be helped back out. It’s intoxicating and life-affirming to pit your wits against the bad guys (yes, bad guys. The bookmakers are not your friends) and come out ahead.

It spices up any game that might otherwise leave you cold to have a bit of skin in the game

Gambling hasn’t been around since the dawn of humanity for nothing.

That’s all well and good. We can slice it, dice it (pun intended) rationalize it, and analyze it any way we want. But, if we are laying fresh bets to recoup money that we could not afford to lose in the first place then the time really has come to step back and reassess.


If you think, even for a moment, that you might have an issue then please seek help. There is plenty of it out there to be found and you will not be judged for your admission of needing help. Far from it.

We have lots of rules that we impose on ourselves when it comes to wagering money on anything. Chief among them is this:


When the fun stops, stop

If you are happy and convinced that your sports betting is recreational and fun then do us a favor and read our article on what we consider to be the single most important thing you can do before you begin.

It is entitled – ‘How to manage your bankroll in sports betting‘ and is crucial to your success. It will outline the system that every sharp bettor has their own version of and give you the best chance of keeping enough money in your account to continue to lay bets.

Aside from this sterling advice, that’s all we’ve got for now

Enjoy placing your sports bets. Try to take advantage of any free bets or risk-free bets and other offers that swing the pendulum a little further in your direction.

Sports betting websites are not designed to lose money and since they made online sports betting legal, they have been falling over themselves to drag people in and empty their pockets.

That’s their job. We can’t hate them too much for it. But we can do absolutely everything in our power to make it as difficult as possible for them to do so.


TJH Team

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