Ziaire Williams, Drafted by Pelicans, Traded to Grizzlies

By Trent D

August 20, 2021

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10 – Ziaire Williams (Rookie of the Year betting odds = 51.00)


Picked by – New Orleans Pelicans.

Traded to Memphis Grizzlies (NBA Championship betting odds = 276.00)

Age: 19

Measurements: 6’8” (2.03m) 185 lb (83kg)

Position: Forward


Another incredible jumper here. Figuratively and literally.

We had Ziaire Williams at number 16 pick and here he is sitting in the final top ten spot.

So what did we miss? Let’s look more closely and see what made him worthy of that position.



Ziaire Williams averaged 10.7 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 2.2 assists per game last season. He played 20 games.

At first glance, those aren’t the most impressive numbers we’ve seen.

In fact, Williams struggles for form right across the board. To succeed as a forward he’s going to need to up that 3 point shooting average from a lowly 29%

He’s expensive when it comes to turning the ball over too.

3 times a game doesn’t sound much, but when you’re involved in as many tight games as Memphis are likely to be it can be a crucial factor.



Ziaire Williams is a very flexible and athletic jump-shooter.

He leaps almost effortlessly and that’s where he gets most of his points.

Whether he spends more of his time inside the 3 point line or on the perimeter will depend on how the coach chooses to run offensive plays.

He spends a fair amount of time on the ball but seems significantly more comfortable playing in space rather than trying to navigate through defences.

Developing his skills as a decision-maker and shot creator will be a key factor for Williams moving forwards in his career.

Training with NBA professionals and learning from quality coaching staff can only improve his knack and confidence in that area.

Williams holds his own defensively but certainly lacks some physicality.

With a good feel for guarding off the ball, he can be a solid deterrent to shooters and looks reasonably aggressive in defence.

Ziaire Williams is willing to cover ground quickly to cover and contest shots.

Time will tell if he can step up his defending and versatility in the transition.


Finishing 8th in the Western Conference and 15th overall puts them dead in the middle of the pack. It’s hard for us to see how the addition of Ziaire Williams will make a huge difference to their performances this year, but he may turn out to be a useful addition to a side that is pretty solid already. They’re unlikely to trouble the top sides, and that shows in their betting odds of 56.00 to top the Western, and 81.00 for the NBA.


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