The Denver Nuggets: A 1985 Story of Promise and Heartbreak

By Max Bennett

Thursday 8th February

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It was 1985, a year that saw the sharp flicker of hope and promise tango with the brutal gut-punch of disappointment for a Denver Nuggets fan. The tense anticipation, the elation, the disappointment - all of it turned out to be a wild rollercoaster ride to remember.

I was only 12 when my favorite basketball team, the Denver Nuggets, orchestrated their way into the grandeur of the Western Conference finals. As a young Denver native, I had made it a small mission to follow the Nuggets through their triumphs and tribulations, marketers and upsets, for the better part of my young life. Florida oranges were popular, but none were sweeter than the aroma of a potential Nuggets victory that would lead to that elusive NBA Championship appearance.

This was the first of 4 Western Conference Finals match ups between these two teams, with the 2020 and 2023 Conference Finals going some way to creating a modern rivalry.

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Our beloved Nuggets, the Rocky Mountain frontrunners, were girding up for the big showdown against the formidable Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers were revered across the country, their players majestic in skill and prowess, their game a seamless blend of intense strategy and flawless execution. Nothing mattered more for us than watching our team uncurl the Lakers' clenched fist of dominance.

With a keen sense of anxiety, bordered by wild excitement, we viewed those matches from the edges of our seats. Every move, shot, and rebound was a play of life and death. The dichotomy of the teams was evident - Nuggets, the underdogs in the pursuit of a defining moment versus Lakers, the behemoths with a record filled with trophies and accolades.

The Nuggets' gameplay during the Western Conference finals was indeed a sight to behold. Their on-court chemistry and intricate play formations gave glimpses of victory, and were nothing less than a testament to their skill and unwavering spirit. Yet, despite the wild cheers, fervent fist pumps, and unabated, noisy support that filled McNichols Sports Arena, our boys from Denver fell short.

The intensity and competitive spirit of the clashes were undeniable, but the Lakers' experience and star power slowly gained the upper hand. It was like watching a well-narrated saga - a slow, drawn-out battle that ended with a quiet whimper, and for a die-hard fan, it was akin to a sweet dream morphing into a disappointing reality.

The heartbreak was palpable. The eerie silence that followed the final buzzer at the end of the series still rings in my ears. For us kids in Denver, it wasn't just about losing a game or a series; it was a harsh lesson about the unforgiving nature of sports - its high highs and its very, very low lows.

Yet, amid the disappointment and dejection, there was the promise of a new era. The Denver Nuggets emerged from the series loss as stronger, more potent contenders. Their resilience, grit, and unabashed display of stellar gameplay was a revelation to fans and critics alike, turning heads and gaining respect across the NBA circuit.

In the end, what remained etched in our young hearts was not just the fateful loss but the Nuggets' vigorous drive, their pursuit of excellence, their rise from underdogs to an established powerhouse. It ultimately taught us that even in defeat, there are victories to be cherished and lessons to be learned, and that, given the fiery spirit of our Denver Nuggets, the NBA Championship isn't an elusive dream but a tangible future reality.

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