NBA Rumours

By Max Bennett

July 01, 2023

NBA Rumours

NBA Rumours & Signing Roundup: Monday July 17th 2023

Cam Whitmore named NBA Summer League MVP

First Team (5)
Keyonte George - Utah Jazz
Sam Merrill - Cleveland Cavaliers
Orlando Robinson - Miami Heat
Hunter Tyson - Denver Nuggets
Cam Whitmore - Houston Rockets (MVP)

Second Team (6) - yeah we don't know either
Max Christie - LA Lakers
Javon Freeman-Liberty - Chicago Bulls
Xavier Moon - LA Clippers
Emoni Bates - Cleveland Cavaliers
Jabari Smith Jr - Houston Rockets
Jalen Wilson - Brooklyn Nets

Harden / Sixers rift could get ugly

According to Kyle Neubeck of Philly Voice, the rift between James Harden and the 76ers is about to get ugly. Whilst the Sixers are happy to have Jimmy back, if no agreeable trade can be gotten, seems like the Harden camp aren't quite so keen, and believe Philly's trade demands and unreasonable and blocking big Jimmy H from a move away....seemingly to California.

NBA Rumours & Signing Roundup: Sunday July 16th 2023

Zion trade was never discussed according to Griffin

NOP VP David Griffin claims that they never has a single conversation regarding the trade of Zion Williamson, and what Zion's relationship with the team is as good as ever.

Bol Bol agrees Phoenix year

After being released by Orlando, the superbly named Bol Bol has agreed a single season contract with Phoenix.

NBA Rumours & Signing Roundup: Saturday July 15th 2023

Lebron news! He's changing shirt number

Lebron is changing back to wear the 23 shirt for the Lakers, after wearing #6 for a couple of seasons to honour the late great Bill Russell. The Lakers will retire the 6 shirt.

NBA Rumours & Signing Roundup: Monday July 10th 2023

Pistons agree $64m deal with Stewart

Isaiah Stewart and Detroit have agreed a 4-year $64m extension, making Stewart the first member of the draft class of 2020 to sign a non-max extension.

Pacers chasing Siakam

Marc Stein reports that the Indiana Pacers seem to be front running in the chase for Toronto's Pascal Siakam, with a legitimate trade seemingly on the table. Atlanta are also interested in a trade, but Siakam has previously indicated his preference to remain north of the border. However after the VanVleet trade, it seems the Raptors are going to give more court time to Scottie Barnes and OG Anunoby, leaving Siakam marginalised.

NBA Rumours & Signing Roundup: Sunday July 9th 2023

Brooks deal could hit $90m

Dillon Brooks could trouser a cool $90m with incentives with his new 4-dear Rockets deal according to ESPN Legend Adrian Wojnarowski, basic is $86m, incentives add $4m.

Popovich new deal is worth north of $80m

San Antonio Spurs have announced that coach Greg Popovich has signed a new 5-year deal and Woj claims it is worth over $80m. Popovich. who is also President of Basketball Operations, could apparently earn out the contract even if he doesn't actually coach the Spurs for the full 5 years.

No Dark Night for Bane as new deal is worth at least $197m

Desmond Bane's new 5-year extension with the Grizzlies will return him $197m of guaranteed money according to Tim MacMahon of ESPN, with a further $9m available in incentives. Bane who was 30th draft pick back in 2020, agreed the extension earlier this month.

NBA Rumours & Signing Roundup: Thursday July 7th 2023

Murray with $120m Hawks extension.

Dejounte Murray, traded into Atlanta from San Antonio durinf gthe 2022 off-season, has agreed a $120m 4-year extension with Hawks, benefitting from the new collective bargaining rules around extension raises.

Dame camp warns anyone but Miami - stay away

We're not sure we've ever seen this before, but Damian Lillard's agent, Aaron Goodwin has apparently issued a stark warning to other NBA Teams (eg, anyone but Miami) that if they trade for Dame this off-season, they'll be bringing in an unhappy player. Dame has is heart set on Miami.

Lillard is owed $216m over the next 4 years of his contract.

Houston Holiday for Aaron

In a bit of news that for 3 seconds confused us as we thought he'd already gone to Denver (turns out we were thinking of a different Holiday), Aaron Holiday is, according to Woj, off to the Houston Rockets on a 1-year ticket.

NBA Rumours & Signing Roundup: Monday July 3rd 2023

Portland far from impressed by Miami's Dame Offer

So far at least, it seems that the Blazers are playing hard ball with the Heat over the proposed and protracted trade of Damian Lillard. According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski: "One thing so far Portland, I'm told, is not impressed with what Miami has to offer them"

Miami would have to include Tyler Herro in any trade, and Portland would send Herro out to an as-yet-unknown third team as they don't want him.

Sixers still sweet on Harden - please stay Jimmy

Woj has been busy, and is also keeping tabs on what's happening with James Harden and the Philadelphia 76ers. Reporting in the video above, that the Sixers still want to keep Harden, but are just not willing to offer a long-term contract after Jimmy H opted into his $36.5m contract. Harden feels promises were broken.

The LA Clippers are sniffing round Harden with significant interest

Magic wave bye bye to Bol Bol

RealGM are reporting that the Orlando Magic have waived 70-games-last-season Bol Bol. 7 foot 2 inch Bol made 33 starts last term, and averaged 9.1 ppg, with a shooting average on 0.546 (261 from 478).

NBA Rumours & Signing Roundup: Monday July 3rd 2023

Edwards to remain a Wolf for $260m

Anthony Edwaerds has agreed to sign a $260m, five-year extension with Minnestoa, under a Designated Rookie extension. If Edwards can make an All-Star team in 2024, he'll receive the full amount. Go Eddy.

Blazers don't want a Herro

Yes, its a bad headline. But according to Jake Fischer of Yahoo! Sports, Portland will want to shift out Tyler Herro to a third team, if they get him as part of the proposed Damiam Lillard trade to Miami. Herro is owed $120m over the next 4-seasons following his extension with Heat.

Celtics and Brown Super max negotiations on a knife edge

Boston Celtics' Jaylen Brown is eligible for a Super Max extension this off=season,. worth $270m over five-years, bit so far, no deal has been reached. "The sides are talking, this is obviously a very important, fragile deal, I know there is interest from both sides to get something done, I would expect it to head in that direction" reports Brian Windhorst on Sports Center.

NBA Rumours & Signing Roundup: Sunday July 2nd 2023

Sabonis agrees $217m five-year Kings deal

The Sacramento Kings and Domantas Sabonis have added four years and $195m to the existing deal, wrapping it all up into a tasty $217m 5-year package. All-Star Sabonis led the NBA last term in rebounds (12.3 per game) scoring an average of 19.1 points and handing out 7.3 assists per game.

DiVincenzo & Knicks agree $50m deal

The Knicks are using the Non-Taxpayer Mid-Level Exception to sign Donte DiVincenzo to a four-year $50m deal, which sees DDV reunited with his former Villanova crew Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart.

Brooks Rockets to $80m 4-year contract

Dillon Brooks, formerly of the Memphis Grizzlies has signed a tidy $80m, 4-year deal with Houston.

LaMelo having a $260m ball in Charlotte

If LaMelo Ball can make an NBA All-Star team this season, he'll be in line for a huge $260m extension on a five-year Designated Rookie contract with the Charlotte Hornets.

Bridges sign $7.9m offer with Hornets

Miles Bridges, who is suspended for the first 10 games of next season after his domestic violence arrest, has signed a $7.9m qualifying offer with Charlotte, which allows him to become a free agent next off-season.

Lakers and Reaves agree four-year $56m Early Birder

Austin Reaves is enjoying himself in LA, and has added his John Hancock to a new four-year Early Bird contract with the Lakers worth a cool $56m. Reaves came out of last season as a key player for LAL.

Gordon and Suns agree 2-year $6m deal

Eric Gordon as signed a two-year, $6m deal with the Phoenix Suns, after turning down interest from the Warrios and the Bucks amongst others. Gordon became a free agent after LAC opted not to guarantee his $21m contract last week.

Warriors and Joseph agree 1-year deal

Cory Joseph and the Golden State Warriors have agreed a one-year deal after Joseph left Houston having spent the last two seasons with the Rockets.

Bulls ask for $10.2m Disabled Player Exception for Ball

Lonzo Ball, long term injured is not expected to play in the 23-24 season. Chicago have therefore applied to treat him as a disabled player exception, allowing the Bulls to replace Ball and not suffer the penalty of the Luxury tax - a line Chicago is just $9m below.

Holiday in Denver

Justin Holiday who spent last season with the Hawks and the Mavs is to spend the 23-24 season in Denver after he agreed a one-year deal with the Nuggets.

$3.1m deal for Zeller and NOP

Miami Heat's Cody Zeller is to move to New Orleans on a $3.1m one-year deal to add some depth to the Pelicans center court.

Four-year, $8.76m Kings contract for Jones

Colby Jones is signing a Second Round Exception deal with Sacramento, on an $8.76m rookie deal. James was the #34 Draft pick, will have two-years guaranteed on this contract. Jones is the first player to sign under the NBA's new Second Round Exception plan.

West to East for Lonnie

Lonnie Walker is swapping the sunshine of the Los Angeles Lakers for the drizzle of the Brooklyn Nets, in a one-year deal.

Haliburton locks up a $260m five-year extension

The Indiana Pacers have Tyrese Haliburton on a new five-year, All-Star reliant-max deal worth up to $260 if TH can make anNBA All Star team this season. That's something to play for!

$55m deal for Jazz and Clarkson

Jordan Clarkson is staying in Utah thanks to sparkly new $55m three-year contract and extension. Clarkson is expected to get more court time next season following the departure of Donovan Mitchell (to Cavs)

Exum leaves Europe for Dallas

Dante Exum is returning to the NBA after a couple of seasons with Barcelona and then Partizan. He'll sign a one-year deal with Dallas.

Len and Kings agree $3.2m deal

It is a one-year contract for Alex Len and Sacramento Kings, worth $3.2m, keeping Len in Sacramento for a whopping 10-years.

Sandro and Spurs tie the knot for a year

A $2m one-year deal has been agreed between the superbly named Sandro Mamukelashvili and San Antonio, after the player ended last season with the Spurs, following his waiving by Milwaukee.

Bane and Grizzlies strike up a $207m deal

Desmond Bane and Memphis have agreed a five-year, $207m deal that will see the leagues best 3-pointer wing man, continue to ply his trade with the Grizzlies. Bane, when not being the muscle for the League of Shadows, was 30th pick in the 2020 NBA Draft.

Thunder and White agree two-year deal

Jack White, who spent last season in Denver on a two-way deal, has agreed a two-year contract with OKC.

Orlando in Miami on one-year contract

The confusingly named Orlando Robinson is staying in Florida but not with the Magic, which would make poetic sense, but with Miami, who he played on a two-way deal with last season. Oralnafg

Orlando and Moe agree $16m deal

Moe Wagner has re-signed with Orlando (Magic, not Robinson) on a two-year ticket with $16m. This means the Brothers Wagner can continue to play alongside each other, which lets face it, is lovely.

more to follow

NBA Rumours Roundup: Saturday July 1st 2023

Blazers in the driving seat as Dame demands trade

Seems like Damian Lillard has his sights set on Miami, and whilst it is understood that Portland will do their best to accommodate his wishes, Blazers GM Joe Cronin is clear where is priorities lie:

“We have been clear that we want Dame here but he notified us today he wants out and he’d prefer to play someplace else. What has not changed for us is that we’re committed to winning, and we are going to do what’s best for the team in pursuit of that goal.”

Further reports suggest any trade between Portland and Miami would also involve a third team, with the Blazers looking to use the opportunity to clean out some undesirable contracts.

NBA Rumours Roundup: Friday June 30th 2023

Harden eyes Clippers, upset by Sixers

James Harden wants to play for the Los Angeles Clippers, and according to The Athletic's Sam Amick, the Sixers are working hard to try and accommodate his wishes.

Harden's beef with Philly is that he took a significant pay cut in the 2022-23 off season, by declining an almost $50m option, to re-sign on a muchg lower salary for a year. He and his team believed they would then enter free agency this off season, and re-sign a more lucrative long term deal. He scratches their back, they scratch his. But the sneaky Sixers appear to have actually played it as a way to test the market, and if offers didn't flood in for Harden, they could "get away" with offering a less lucrative or shorter term deal.

Amick is not the only NBA journo reporting this, so it seems to have real legs.

Is Irving trying to exit Mavs?

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that "Kyrie Irving is trying to create a market out there, it may just not be there for him"

With Irving reportedly batting his eye lids in the direction of the Phoenix Suns, despite everyone knowing Phoenix cannot match Dallas financially, it feels messy. Both Dallas and Kyrie realistically need each other reports Woj, but neither side seems to realise that at the moment.

Obviously Irving had a tumultuous season last term, including suspension for antisemitism, before a successful return to the court and a mid season move to Dallas.

Harrison Barnes agrees 3-year $54m Kings extension

Woj is also reporting, on a busy Thursday stateside, that Sacramento Kings and Harrison Barnes have agreed a $54m extension to keep the player in California. The new deal apparently includes a 10% trade kicker. Barnes was ever present for the Kings last season, and averaged a respectable 15.1 points, 4.5 rebounds and 1.6 assists.

NBA Rumours Roundup: Thursday June 29th 2023

Vucevic & Bulls agree 3 year, $60m extension

Shams Charania over at The Athletic is reporting that Nikola Vucevic is staying in Chicago after agreeing a 3 year extension worth $60m. Vucevic joined the Bulls in 2021 as part of a player trade deal that included Wendell Carter Jnr, and two picks that turned into Franz Wagner and Jett Howard.

Harden watch enters the last 24H

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski is keeping on top of the Harden-Philly-Free-Agency-Rockets story, as the countdown clock before Free Agency starts entering the final 24H.

Harden has a $35.6m option on the table, but its as yet unsigned, meaning he can enter Free Agency on Friday and either move, or sign a new, "different" deal with Philly. The player himself is said to be quite relaxed about the whole thing, which probably means he knows he's got considerable options if he chooses not to sign. The fans / haters on Twitter on the other hand are far from relaxed!

BBJ of significant interest to LAL

According to Mike Singer of the Denver Post, the LA Lakers have emerged as a team with significant interest in acquiring the skills of Bruce Brown Jnr from the Nuggets.

Whilst Denver want to keep BBJ, their problem is that they can only offer Brown $7.8m (only) for the 23-24 season, and whilst Brown could opt out, enter free agency and sign again using Early Bird rights, it seems the possibility of a bit of extra paperwork being needed has alerted the Lakers that a deal might be possible.

NBA Rumours Roundup: Wednesday June 28th 2023

Pelicans put Jonas on the block, seeking better rim coverage

Sources have told Yahoo! Sports' Jake Fischer, that the New Orleans Pelicans have decided to trade Jonas Valanciunas as they search for a better, more mobile centre. Fischer also reports that NOP have contacted Cleveland about the availability of Jarrett Allen, so a trade could be on the cards.

Harden still mulling over $35.6m option at Philly

Woj is reporting that James Harden and team haven't yet made any decision, positive or negative, on the almost $37m option available with the Sixers. This means the big beard has a couple of days to decide, and can then go into free agency, where one of the options is to negotiate a new deal...with Philly. Or move, which would seem more likely given the noise around a Harden-back-to-Houston deal.

Lillard on backburner as Heat wait it out

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that Miami Heat are prepared to wait patiently to see if Dame decides to seek a trade from Portland this off-season. It is no secret that Miami covet Lillard, and no secret that Lillard will head to Miami if he decides to leave the Trail Blazers, but that is the big if.

NBA Rumours Roundup: Tuesday June 27th 2023

Lillard looking at Miami if he leaves Portland

The Athletic's Sam Amick is reporting that Dame has his eyes set on the ultra low tax state of Florida, and specifically Miami Heart should he leave Portland. Lillard is in the driving seat when it comes to his future, given he is entitled to $216m over the next 4 years if he stays in Oregon.

Harden to Houston? "A serious possibility"

A source close to the player, tells Sam Amick that James Harden to the Rockets remains a serious possibility, despite adding Amen Thompson and Cam Whitmore in the draft. Houston have one of the NBA's youngest teams, so the addition of a player of Jimmy H's pedigree and status would be a welcomed balance to the team.

The beard would look good rocking around the Toyota Center.

The Athletic aren't the only source spreading the Harden to Rockets rumour.

Pistons pumping for Cam Johnson

Again over at The Athletic, this time James L Edwards III is talking about Detroit making a big play for Brooklyn's Cam Johnson. The Nets are rumoured to have offered CJ an $84m re-sign offer, which would be beaten by the Pistons $100m tabled deal.

Johnsons former coach Monty Williams is now at the Pistons, and keen to bring Johnson in as a 3 / D-Wing.

NBA Rumours Roundup: Monday June 26th 2023

Siakam going nowhere, Hawks chasing

The Raptors seem to be refusing to even consider a trade for Pascal Siakam, according to Yardbarker's Adam Taylor. With Atlanta seemingly hovering around hoping to pick up Siakam, it looks more likely that Toronto will try to hold onto the Cameroonian and build a team around the two-time All Star player. One this is for certain, the Raptors need a better, more settled season that 2022-23.

Rockets shopping list features Khris Middleton and James Harden

Houston have $60m to spend this off season, putting them right at the top of the list of teams with the most cash to splash, and according to Jonathan Feigen at the Houston Chronicle, that shopping list features some big names.

Feigen lists Khris Middleton and Brook Lopez from the Bucks, Bruce Brown from the Nuggets, Jordan Clarkson from the Jazz, Rui Hachimura and Austin Reeves from the Lakers. He also names the Nets' Cam Johnson, Warriors' Donte DiVincenzo, Grizzlies' Dillon Brooks, Raptors; Jakob Poeltl and Dwight Powell from the Mavericks. And he is not finished. Also citing media reports linking the Rockets to James Harden and Fred VanVleet, that sure is quite some list.

NBA Rumours Roundup: Sunday June 25th 2023

Five star trades - realistic options post the Draft

Grant Hughes from Bleacher Report lists out his 5 realistic post draft trades involving some big name stars:

#1 Pascal Siakam: Raptors to Blazers for Anfernee Simons, Kris Murray, Rayan Rupert, Nassir Little

#2 Damian Lillard: Blazers to Heat for Tyler Herro, Kyle Lowry, Jaime Jaquez Jnr, 2027 first round pick, 2029 first round pick

#3 Ben Simmons: Nets to Rockets, plus 2027 first round pick via Sixers, 2026 second round pick, 2028 second round pick, for Kevin Porter Jnr

#4 Paul George: Clippers to Knicks for RJ Barrett, Immanuel Quickley, 2024 first round pick, 2024 first round pick via Mavericks.

#5 Deandre Ayton: Suns to Clippers for Ivica Zubac, Nic Batum, Robert Covington

Suns determined to hold onto Ayton

On the other side of a Bleacher Report desk somewhere Chris Haynes is reporting that the Suns are planning for a season with Ayton, not without him, citing the importance of building a team around a core group of Durant, Booker, Beal (newly acquired from Washington) and Ayton.

Tobias Harris not heading to Phoenix

John Gambadoro, Suns insider and Arizona Sports radio host, isn't a fan of Bleacher Report rumours and calls BS on reports from BR that the Suns want a 3-team deal that would, according to BR see Tobias Harris move to Phoenix, Deandre Ayton move "elsewhere" with Philly taking some picks most likely. JG isn't a fan!

NBA Rumours Roundup: Saturday June 24th 2023

Knicks show interest in GSW's DiVincenzo

SNY's Ian Begley is reporting that NYK's management have shown serious intent to bring Donte DiVincenzo to the east coast from the Warriors. DiVincenzo has a 1 year option, and the Knicks have a no-tax payer exception with $12.2m this off season.

Sixers determined to hold onto Harden

James Harden is going nowhere, at least according to Woj at ESPN. Whilst Harden is one of several high profile free agents this off season, Philly seem intent on keeping him, but also don't seem to want to offer him a long term "max" deal. So there is certainly some negotiating to be done.

Ignore those Deandre Ayton rumours

Heavily rumoured to be on the trading block this off season, John Gambadoro of Arizona Sports 98.7 FM is reporting that the Suns will not trade Ayton. Not for the want ot trying seemingly, but Phoenix have been unable to secure a trade that interests them enough, so have switched attentions elsewhere. So, for now at least it seems Ayton is staying in Arizona.

NBA Rumours Roundup: Friday June 23rd 2023

NBA Draft 2023 is completed - Wemby to Spurs as #1 pick

As the dust settled on the 2023 NBA Draft, it will surprise no-one that Victor Wembanyama all 7ft 5 inches of him, was the #1 Draft Pick, snapped up by San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs could have conceivably traded the pick for about 9 million others, such is the expected impact Wemby will have on the team, and the NBA.

Poole to Wizards in Chris Paul trade

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that GSW are sending Jordan Poole and some future draft picks intercontinental to DC, in exchange for veteran Chris Paul making his way to the Golden State. Paul was acquired by the Wizards as part of the Bradley Beal trade with the Suns.

Ryan Rollins also makes his way eastward as part of the trade.

Zach LaVine prefers to avoid Knicks if Bulls trade

Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News is reporting that the LaVine camp has made it clear that they don't wish to ply their trade at MSG, and would prefer pretty much anywhere other than New York, if Chicago decide to trade away their four-year & $178m commitment.

NBA Rumours Roundup: Thursday June 22nd 2023

Middleton free agent after declining $40M Bucks option

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that Milwaukee Bucks forward Khris Middleton has declined the $40M contract option offered to him, and is now a free agent, with his destination yet unknown.

Celtics, Grizzlies, Wizards cementing three-team-trade

Woj is also reporting that Boston are receiving Kristaps Porzinis from Washington, who are receiving Tyus Jones from Memphis, who are receiving Marcus Smart from Boston. #merrygoround.

The Grizzlies are also sending the Celtics two picks as part of the deal, namely their own No 25 pick this year, and the traded Warriors first found pick next year.

The Wizards are also getting the No 35 pick from Boston this year, as well as Mike Muscala and Danilo Gallinari.

Chicago's Derrick Jones Jr to decline option

The Bulls forward is to become a free agent after turning down his option for the 2023/24 season according to Hoopsrumors.com . This will come as somewhat of a surprise to most Bulls fans after DJJ said this back in April:

“Like I told coach (Billy Donovan) and everybody else, I’m locked in for two years. I didn’t sign for two years for no reason. So I’m here for two years,” Jones said. “I just gotta sit down with my agent and talk to him, figure things out. But I don’t see why not. I got no other plans, yet.”

NBA Rumours Roundup: Wednesday June 21st 2023

Is Paul on way to Clippers instead of Lakers?

The latest rumour involving Chris Paul is that he won't be heading to the Lakers or the Wizards, but he will in fact be heading 'home' to LAC. Certainly that's what Brian Windhorst of ESPN and SBNation are reporting.

Blazers target Bam trade

With plenty of mileage left in the rumours that Dame is coveted by Heat, another Portland/Miami trade deal has surfaced, with Blazersedge, and Yahoo! Sports reporting that Portland are trying to bring Miami's Bam Adebayo to Oregon, not to replace Damian Lillard, but to play with him.

Adding bam to a team already containing Dame could elevate the Blazers into serious (at least semi serious) contenders next term.

Zion Williamson to move before the NBA Draft

With the Zion / NOP relationship seemingly at an all time low, Sportsnaut are reporting, that according to veteran analyst Bill Simmons, Zion won't be at NOP come Thursday.

“The Zion thing is a real, real subplot. I had somebody tell me yesterday, that I trust, that he will not be on [the New Orleans Pelicans] on Thursday. I was like, ‘Really, I haven’t heard that.’ And he said, ‘You watch.'”

Bill Simmons

NBA Rumours Roundup: Tuesday June 20th 2023

Lakers luke warm on Chris Paul deal

So Beale is moving to Phoenix, Chris Paul is moving to Washington, and seems to be immediately tradable with many outlets reporting that Los Angeles would be the likely retirement home, sorry, team for Paul to play his trade. Well, maybe.

Harrison Faigen over at Sliverscreenandroll thinks that LAL are only interested in Paul if he agrees to take a veterans minimum contract, hardly welcoming the man with open arms...

That being said, Paul is apparently already guaranteed nearly a fullyears salary to get the trade done, perhaps shows that Paul won't be so bothered about the veteran's minimum...aside from what is says about the Lakers attitude toward him perhaps.

Victor Wembanyama arrives into Newark ahead of the draft

AP News' Tim Reynolds reports that the #1 draft pick, and future San Antonio Spurs star man has arrived on US soil from France, with a pre-draft media session booked for Wednesday June 21st.

It has been a long time since a player of Wemby's stature has arrived in the NBA, or that a #1 pick has so clearly been signposted for so long.

NBA Rumours Roundup: Monday June 19th 2023

Blazers have a big decision to make re Damian Lillard

As Portland enter draft week with the #3 overall pick, DKNation is mulling over what might happen with their franchise superstar, after many outlets report that Miami have lodged an unofficial interest in taking Dame down south.

Will they build a new team around the mercurial Lillard, or will they take the opportunity to trade and gain players and/or picks to help them build for the future? Certainly some pundits are saying Dame would prefer to stay in Portland.

Pelicans looking to move up in the draft to secure Scoot Henderson

Again over at DKNation, the well plugged in Chinmay Vaidya is reporting that New Orleans are trying to make moves to get an earlier draft pick, with their sights firmly set on point guard Scoot Henderson. Rumours that NOP are considering trading Zion Williamson for that pick boost are gaining momentum.

NBA Rumours Roundup: Sunday June 18th 2023

Bradley Beal to Suns, Chris Paul, Landry Shamet and picks traded to Wizards

DKNation reports that Washington and Phoenix have agreed a trade that sees Bradley Beal head to Arizona, with Chris Paul and Landry Shamet heading to DC. On top of Paul and Shamet, there is also believed to be the inclusion of some picks, although the detail and quantity is not yet known.

Are Jazz making draft moves to trade up for Cam Whitmore?

James Hansen over at SLCDunk is reporting that Cam Whitmore could very well be on his way to Utah, at least according to Adrian Wojnarowski on the recent Ryen Russilo podcast.

Whitmore recently trained with the Jazz, and it is widely believed that the Jazz would love to be able to add him to their line up next season.

Heat seeking Blazers' Lillard?

Once again Portland's big star is subject to a host of rumours already this off-season, however one that is gaining considerable traction, with multiple sources reporting is that losing Finalists Miami Heat have made Dame their number 1 priority.

Blazersedge.com's Joe Moore reports that TNT's Chris Haynes seems pretty sure that if Dame becomes available, he'll be heading to South Florida...

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