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By Andrew D

January 13, 2021

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On the 6th of June 1946, a milestone event in sporting history took place in New York City. The Basketball Association of America was founded, changing its name 3 years later upon merging with the National Basketball League to form the fledgling NBA. The new league consisted of 17 teams that represented both small towns and large cities all across the United States. 


Because the early years were not easy, a number of teams faltered in the 1950s, along with the number of fans. In fact, by the time of the 1954-55 season, there were actually only eight teams remaining. Then came the masterstroke, dealt by the owner of the Syracuse Nationals. Danny Biasone came up with the idea of introducing a 24-second clock to speed up the game and encourage attacking play and shooting. The idea was adopted league-wide and as a result, the game was transformed forever. Consequently, the play was faster and more exciting and fans returned in their droves. The league has never looked back since and many see Biasone as the savior of the NBA. 

Today, the NBA attracts players and legions of fans from countries all around the world and now contains the highest-paid athletes anywhere on Earth. 


Alongside a new ball sponsor in Wilson, a commemorative NBA 75th Anniversary Season logo has been commissioned for this landmark season. It is a modern take on the classic logo combined with the traditional symbol of any 75-year anniversary – the diamond. It will appear right throughout the 2021-22 season on all official NBA merchandise, inside arenas, and across media broadcasts and digital/social media. 

The NBA’s 75th-anniversary celebrations, known as ‘NBA 75’, will consist of a series of events that span the whole of the 2021-22 campaign. These events will celebrate and pay homage to 75 years of greatness, extraordinary moments, sublime talents, and iconic teams. Also, throughout the season, the league will continue to support the communities where the NBA lives and thrives, and where we find its beating heart. This unprecedented support is a legacy of the NBA that has been built up because of decades of hard work in the community. 


Right throughout the NBA 75 season, the league will feature classic matchups to celebrate the teams, players, coaches, and events that have helped build the NBA into the powerhouse juggernaut it is today.

So, there are some mouthwatering ‘classic matchups’ to look forward to, including:

For instance: on Nov 1st 2021 at 7:30 pm (ET) – the 75th anniversary of the league’s first regular-season game between the New York Knicks and the Toronto Huskies (Nov 1st 1946), the modern-day New York Knicks (NBA Eastern Conference betting odds = 34.00. NBA championship betting odds = 101.00) will take on the Toronto Raptors (NBA Eastern Conference betting odds = 51.00. NBA Championship betting odds = 101.00) 

Interestingly, only 3 teams have played in every season of the NBA since its inception. 

  • New York Knicks (NBA Eastern Conference betting odds = 34.00. NBA championship betting odds = 101.00)

  • Boston Celtics (NBA Eastern Conference betting odds = 23.00. NBA championship betting odds = 51.00)

  • Golden State Warriors (formerly Philadelphia Warriors) (NBA Western Conference betting odds = 6.50. NBA championship betting odds = 12.00)


Furthermore, Nike has created special classic edition uniforms. They commemorate the contribution of these 3 loyal stalwarts of our game, who will face each other in December.

  • Warriors @ Knicks – (head to head – 182:162) – Tuesday, Dec 14th (7:30 pm ET)

  • Warriors @ Celtics – (head to head – 137:207) – Friday, Dec 17th (7:30 pm ET)

  • Knicks @ Celtics – (head to head – 184:297) – Saturday, Dec 18th (8:30 pm ET)

In January a nod will be made to the Jan 7th, 1972. 50 years ago, the LA Lakers defeated the Atlanta Hawks to claim their 33rd successive victory. This remains the longest winning run in NBA history to this day. To commemorate this we have:

  • Atlanta @ Lakers – (head to head – 141:193) – Friday, Jan 7th (10:00 ET)


A list of the 75 greatest players in the league’s history will accompany these events. These will be announced 25 players at a time from Oct 19-21. 

A panel of current and former players, coaches, managers, team executives, and media will select the teams.

Also, check out the short film ‘NBA Lane’. More than 30 NBA players and legends commemorate the 75th season by telling some interesting and hilarious anecdotes.


Hold onto your hats folks, NBA 75 is going to be a season to remember in so many ways. 

Finally – we hope you’re as excited as we are here at The Jump Hub.

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