Golden State Tops The Forbes NBA Rich List

By DJ Arthurs

October 29, 2022

Golden State Warriors - the richest team in basketball

NBA Teams worth on average $2.9B according Forbes

Golden State Warriors have topped the latest Forbes: The Business of Basketball NBA Valuations list for the first time ever, replacing the New York Knicks who drop to 2nd.

The Warriors saw their valuation leap by 25% to an incredible $7B after a successful season on and off court. At $150M GSW brought in more than double the amount of revenue from stadium sponsorship and advertising than any other NBA franchise.

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Forbes state that on average, team valuations rose by 15% year on year, with 10 teams in total seeing their valuations rise by by 20% or more; Phoenix Suns (+50%), Washington Wizards (+30%), Miami Heat (+(30%), Philadelphia 76ers (+29%), Golden State Warriors (+25%), Toronto Raptors (+25%), Cleveland Cavaliers (+24%), Dallas Mavericks (+22%), Milwaukee Bucks (+21%) and Detroit Pistons (+20%)

No team saw their value drop year on year. The Spurs and the Kings both saw 1% growth, which was as low as the growth got.

Forbes: Top 5 NBA Team Valuations

RankTeamValuation (change)Debt/ValueRevenueOperating Income
1Warriors$7B (+25%)16%$765M$206M
2Knicks$6.1B (+5%)4%$452M$155M
3Lakers$5.9B (+7%)1%$465M$115M
4Bulls$4.1B (+12%)4%$352M$135M
5Celtics$4B (+13%5%$361M$137M

Click for full table: Forbes The Business of Basketball

Shows that even after a very poor season the Lakers can still deliver significant valuation growth, with almost no debt. Whether the 2024 ranking will look so rosy for LAL might depend of whether they can turn a season around that has started 0-4.

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