Best NBA Jerseys of all Time

By Max Bennett

September 04, 2022

Throughout NBA history there have been some classic jerseys and some more alternative NBA uniforms.

We’ve all got our favorites

Maybe we’re biased because they represent posters we had on our walls as kids. That’s definitely true for some of the choices here.

Maybe we just love the old-school retro style.

We spent an enjoyable afternoon throwing this topic into the mix at The Jump Hub office and have come up with some of our own personal favorites.

There was literally no way that we could agree on the order they should appear in. It’s too subjective.

Suffice it to say that the list represents the coolest NBA jerseys we could think of.

They didn’t have to be worn by the most successful teams or be the ones that we saw more NBA fans donning when times were good.

They represent the best NBA jerseys of all time only in regard to their design and stylings.

We leave the judgment on the teams that wore them down to you, dear reader.

Let’s get started.


1981 – 1996

The classic “Bad boy blue” Pistons jersey is bold and pleasing to look at.


Just a simple, striking design and a really timeless look. the royal blue color scheme with the red sides and lettering make it one of our favorite NBA kits. Even if we don’t like the team…

The true beauty of a design classic is that it could fit into any time in NBA history and look great. The Pistons’ current NBA jersey wishes it was as cool as the one they rocked from 1981-’96

We just preferred it when they said “Pistons” ok?


1995 – 1999

It’s often true that people will at first mock what later goes on to become cool. The Toronto Raptors “Dino” shirt from the mid-to-late 90s was ridiculed pretty hard back in the day.

And, to be fair, it still divides opinion to this day. You can go on YouTube and find videos discussing the “worst NBA jerseys of all time” and they’ll have that cheeky dinosaur design riding high.

And they are entitled to their opinion.
As are we.

We LOVE the dino shirt. Opinions are divided on the white vs the purple here in the office but our love of the design is unanimous. That is not something we can say often so the shirt deserves its place for that alone. Bringing unity and harmony to an otherwise tumultuous environment.

Remember seeing Vince Carter rocking that bad boy for the first time?

Is it cartoonish? Sure

One thing is undeniable – the decision to go with that design was a genius marketing move. The uniforms entertained fans, especially youngsters at a time when the team itself offered very little to get excited about.

The likes of Tracy McGrady, Damon Stoudamire, and Marcus Camby also rocked this shirt and it was nothing if not ahead of its time…

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